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    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2008 edited
    @ steve anderson
    glad to see someone putting some vinyl out. you guys are actually pretty good, not so much my style of hardcore, but still well done. i added you a while ago on the space.
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    @ joe.distort
    Thanks, man. We're excited about the new record, it's definitely a progression for us. Lots of influence from heavier stuff like Electric Wizard, and then the faster, craziness of G.I.S.M. I think the songs are turning out pretty good so far. We're working with a different guy to record too, and he's got a much better handle on what we're going for than the guy who did the last EP.

    Vinyl is the way to go. Nothing is better than getting a record slammed with foldouts, stickers, posters, and huge gorgeous art on the sleeve.
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    yeah, i always prefer vinyl-im just nerdy that way. especially designing art for bands, the difference in design is HUGE. plus you cant top colored vinyl, die cut vinyl, pic discs, etc, oplus all the awesome shit that comes with a good chunk of records.

    and the more GISM influence, the better! i heart japanese hardcore.
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    I've compiled 2-CDs of all my old (80's) material, Cryptomusicology. It will either come out as 2 CDs, one CD of mp3s plus all the artwork on the disc (a do it yourself kit, kinda, the liner notes would describe how to construct it), or I'll sell them track by track on MySpace... or two out of three. After filling closets over the years with unsold vinyl, I'm not sure I really need to release a solid object.
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    I'm a member of SWINGER EIGHT. We're a 4 piece psychedelic art rock band from Brooklyn, NY.
    We just released out 3rd album, "2:22AM" and are currently seeking a label for this record.
    It's a big record. The track "Things We Said/Just The Sounds" clocks in at 13:42 while "2:22AM" the title track, is a little over 22 minutes of sound.
    Track listing is: 1. S.of.t 2. Heavy on the Ocean 3. Things We Said/Just The Sounds 4. Shadow Song. 5. Constellation. 6. The Lower East Side. 7. The Heaviness of Rain. 8. 2:22AM

    2:22AM is on sale on ITUNES.

    Our other two releases are also on sale. "
    The Swinger Eight EP" 2002 and "A Division" 2003.
    You can get them off of Snocap on our myspace page at:

    You can download free demo's on our blog page:

    You can stream older songs on our website:

    You can stream 2:22AM and A Division on Last FM:

    You can hear some more stuff at Reverbnation:

    And you can see/hear us talk like idiots at:

    If you liked anything, send me an email through myspace or at

    Thank you.

    Chris Mis
    Swinger Eight
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    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2008
    I don't have a CD myself, but I'd like to toss out a plug for my cousin Jordan Zevon, whose first full-length CD comes out in April. His dad Warren was one of the greatest songwriters we've ever had, and Jordan's got a tough road ahead to follow in those giant-sized footsteps, but from what I've heard, I think he's doing great so far. You can hear some songs on his Myspace page.
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    One more thing:
    Here's a link to two music videos"

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    Lets try that again.

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    Video from Thin Fevers:

    Idiot Archipelago
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    Lili should totally have it, Warren. Well, maybe.

    Billy -- once I've got DSL back, I'll get her to listen to the myspace page. Cheers.

    -- W
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    My album as Freeze Etch (titled "Vessels") came out a month ago on Force Of Nature Productions... here is the video for the opening track (an ambient track created with manipulated acoustic guitar), directed by Chicago filmmaker Chris Hefner:

    "Another Moving Vessel"

    Keep an eye out, Warren... ;)
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    I don't have a CD coming out, rather a comment on the post. Warren, thanks for rambling on this particular subject, because you just verified that I'm not the only dad arranging his collections of media with an eye to future pawing.
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    Hey Warren :)

    I'll have another compilation coming out around May. I've also sent "This Puzzle" and a couple of the remixes out to a few labels in the hopes that someone might want to press it, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that one.

    The comp. will include a lot of new stuff I have been working on for awhile now (including a track with Offtandiscord!); and I'm really excited about how it's shaping up thus far. More than likely it will be another netlabel release, but in the event someone would like to actually print and distribute hard copies, I'll let you know!

    For what it's worth, I'll have the new Sinestetici + offtandiscord track on my Myspace page here in the next day or so. (
    • CommentAuthorultracore
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2008
    This is Avi from Silver Sprocket/Springman Records, the jerk who made Mr. Ellis drink a can of Sparks at ComicCon.
    I work with Rocket-Roll/punk band The Phenomenauts

    Our third CD, For All Mankind, comes out April 8th.

    It's no gimmick, The Phenomenauts really live the moto of Science And Honor. Hailing from Earth's capital of Oakland, CA, our songs deal with science fiction, science fact, and the future of humanity.
    Listen on MySpace -- one of my favorites, "Galactic Pioneers", explains how religion really got started, and "I Am Robot" is an ode to robots everywhere.
    Here are MP3s from the new album: Infinite Frontier, Man Alone.
    • CommentTimeMar 5th 2008
    I can't carry a tune in a lead lined lunchbox, but I have some friends with things coming out:

    The Black and Whites are here,

    and my friend Twinkle is here!
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    My good friend Maigan does:
    Tzadeka on Little Whore Records
    She's not on Myspace, but The People's Poets are.

    CD Release Party this friday if anyone lives in Edmonton, Alberta Canada?
    • CommentAuthorradian
    • CommentTimeMar 5th 2008
    Oh man, I should have but I've been a bit slack.
    Working out how to play live in a different band and changing jobs has pushed my final recording & mastering back.

    I'll let you know I guess.
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    Mr Ellis , your copy of the album below should be on its way this week......apologies for delay but we got burnt on some deeply stylish retro vinyl cdrs which neither record or play. That'll teach me. The rerecorded cd is now being handspun out of Cornish oak and spittle.

    Kemper Norton Collective : Season 1


    More details , listening booth and digital befriending travesty at
    • CommentTimeMar 5th 2008
    another "not-me-but..."

    paper rival- dialog. out may 20th.
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    Cheers, Kemper.

    aduckworth -- got the CDs in Libby's box today, thanks so much.