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    • CommentAuthorCatFang
    • CommentTimeMar 11th 2008 edited
    Has anyone here used a Wacom Cintiq at all? I have a Graphire at the moment (which I love) but am thinking of trading up.

    The idea of being able to draw on straight onto the screen appeals to me as well. I realise a cintiq is slightly different from the bamboo/laptop question as it is only a "monitor/tablet" and still needs a PC nearby. Unfortunately I don't think there is a wireless one yet.

    I also missed the sensory feedback of paper "drag". My low tech solution is to put a piece of paper of the right texture over the tablet (as Florence Chan also suggests). I found the disconnect between your hand being down on your tablet and your lines appearing up on the monitor the strangest thing to get used to. The best thing about drawing digitally though is the undo button. No more can the cat spill ink over my work!
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    I have the Cintiq 21UX. Bloody expensive - about $2500 US. It took a couple of weeks to completely get used to it, after using a tablet for 10 years. But once I did - there's no going back. I know 4-5 other colorists who have the same model I do, and about 6 others who have picked up the new 20WSX ($1999).

    There will never be a wireless Cintiq - it has to have a video cable going into your computer, and there really isn't much sense in making the USB connection wireless.

    My old setup - not time to clean my desk for a current shot in our new place.

    Long writeup of it all here.
    One thing that has changed is new drivers that allow you to change the orientation of the screen in Tiger and Leopard OS, so that if you rotate the Cintiq 90°, you can reconfigure your screen so the the menu bars are on top, even when you're working with the screen in vertical format.
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    I have a graphire1 that is ..really rather battered. But I like it.