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    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2008
    Well they got a mention in Doktor Sleepless a short while ago and well I used to love this band. Going back 6 or 7 years ago this was all I listened to and about 4 years ago I drifted off them and got caught in listening to lots of electronica, noise, etc. Well with the recent mention I dusted off the CDs, transfered them onto the trusty mp3 player and well its love again.

    So, as theres no thread here its time to celebrate the genius of Godspeed and associated projects (Silver Mount Zion, etc).

    For those not in the know.!_Black_Emperor
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2008 edited
    I'm a big fan of Godspeed, going back to 2000. It's been a while since I had listened to them, but after that shoutout in Dok Sleepless, I too dusted off my copies and started listening to those masterpieces again. I only have the first Silver Mount Zion album, and keep forgetting to purchase the subsequential releases. Their tour is swinging past the Detroit area this summer (can't remember which month, but I think it'll be at the Magic Stick) and I am planning on attending.
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2008
    Godspeed rules
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    ASMZ are by far the most amazing live experience i've ever come across.

    new album is coming out very very soon, if it's not out already...

    there's already a thread about Godspeed somewhere buried in the forums, so don't be suprised if this gets closed soon...
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2008
    Sorry, I did a search before starting this but northing came up. Looking at the earlier thread it doesn't really touch on the various side-projects/associated bands. Maybe we move the discussion in this direction.
    • CommentAuthorJayzor
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2008
    What do people think of their side projects? ASMZ is obviously the best-known side project, and I think they're great. But All Music Guide lists 6 other "Related Artists", none of which I really hear people talk about. I've heard one Fly Pan Am song, which I found enjoyable, and a handful of Valley of the Giants songs, which I found to be a little generic. Any recommendations of places to start with the other stuff?

    I only have the first AMSZ album myself, although I saw them in Baltimore a year and a half ago. I knew that they had incorporated vocals, but it still seemed a bit weird when all I'd heard was "He Has Left Us Alone...". I can't really decide based on one show whether or not that was a good idea. What are people's thoughts on the vocals?
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    scathing and hard to get in to at first, but incredibly honest and lyrically outstanding, so i wouldn't change the vocals for anything!
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2008
    I hated the vocals on that one track on 'He Has Left Us Alone...' but for 'Born Into Trouble...' I actually thought they worked really well. 'This is Our Punk Rock...' is my favourite Silver Mt Zion album. I didn't really like Horses in the Sky at all. I'm looking forward to the new one, out this monday.
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    I think we might've already done postrock, but I'll let this one go for now.
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    Oh -- new Silver Mt Zion out today? Off to Amazon.
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    WAIT, there's a discount if you go through southerns website... let me find the link.
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    Constellation is southern's label of the month, so there's 15% off there...
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    "Oh -- new Silver Mt Zion out today? Off to Amazon."
    Seconded. I saw them live a while back, and it was a beautiful experience.
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    No, not til March 10, bugger. Have pre-ordered.
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    psssst, the southern site is shipping as soon as they recieve them, which is yesterday.

    also it's cheaper than amazon.

    i'm going to wait until i see them live in london in april to get it off them directly.
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    Yeah, I know I shouldn't use Amazon, but One-Click plus Amazon Prime is just too easy...

    Although I am definitely going to poke around, they were previously unknown to me. Thanks.
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    oh my god there's a band called Wolfmangler. life is complete
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    If I remember correctly, two people fainted at that gig...

    Also, HMV I think is the cheapest place, and if you have a student card you get 10% off, so I got it for £8.09. However, their delivery can be very slow, my copy of the new Autechre still hasn't arrived, which is irritating.
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    I saw Godspeed the same weekend as Sigur Ros back in '01 or so. One of the more relaxing times of my life, and both visually and auidibly stunning.
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    Willow! I thought you'd left us.