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    There's usually an ah-ha! moment with character creation, drawing and description when 'voice' and artistic representation match, and the idea in my mind fits with my creation. It's a combination of discovery and recognition;
    There he is.
    There she is.
    There it is.

    Combined with a feeling of rightness and success, and some rapid-fire work, an outflow of writing or art as the muse's 'voice' and image become clear, and figuring out what it/he/she would do in a situation becomes less of a chore and more of an issue of hanging on for the ride and having the tenacity to stick it out.

    While I do like working out general plotlines, when writing, I prefer to leave the details to a game of what if. What happens if you put characters A and B together? How will they got to points 1, 2 and 3? How will they change? Why will they change? What made them the way they were?