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    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2008 edited
    I quoted Doom 2099 in an earlier post, and it occurred to me, this is the only place in my personal history that I can sing the song of myself and sing hymns to DOOM 2099.

    I have gotten somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty to thirty people to start reading comics, not often regularly, at most (at most!)- three habitual fiends. Which, I think, is a pretty decent record. ALL OF THEM ARE FANS OF WARREN ELLIS, but I can't (for the life of me!) get anyone to read DOOM 2099.

    {but most of us have here, says my imp o' perverse...}

    I have this theory stating you love most the comics you read when you are thirteen to nineteen; if you didn't read then, you aren't applicable, so I don't want to hear it. Personally, I think the quality is better now than then, but I still have a soft spot in my heart for those few things I actually liked at the time.

    So, disclaimer,
    2099 happened for me then, and being the cyberpunky sci fi kid I was, I ate that shit up with a spoon. All of it, genetically mutated corporate raider to time displaced heroes- I never read how it ended, couldn't, too painful- but I have never been able to just dish about this one awesome run with anyone in my life.

    So here are two of my favorite moments, and I want to hear yours:

    ORIGINAL DOCTOR DOOM taking over America.
    Warren said in that special it wasn't his idea. Whatever, you made it rock.
    Simply for this line:
    "We should be playing Ride of the Valkyries right now"
    Whole issue rocked, especially that last page.

    Time travel rocks. End of story. Every time it popped up, it was awesome! I laughed hard at the end of that story line.

    {but i was a bit sad though}

    Oh, and Warren,
    {if you read this far into this blowjob}
    was Dust supposed to be
    Can I die knowing who you meant to be Dust?
    Was it an established modern character at the time?
    Did you just mean to leave it open to whoever came along next?

    I seriously believed at one point in my life I would know the answer to that question...

    {ah, youth!}
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    When I first got into Warren I went on a mad eBau binge, until I'd collected almost everything with Warren's name on it -- Excalibur, Hellstorm, Lazarus Churchyard, Druid, Carnage: Mindbomb, and Doom 2099.

    I loved Doom 2099 -- not as much as Hellstorm or Druid, those were truly demented works of literature just dripping with amazing mad ideas -- but Doom 2099 was damn fine for what it was.

    So, word.