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    Please tell me I misread 'growing tulips' on the moon.
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    Well, in a sealed environ, of course. . . . Interesting idea! I see the Europeans are a bit more concerned about the future than we Americans are.
    • CommentTimeMar 9th 2008
    I'm just worried about a potential paradox here: given the ark will have the instructions for smelting metal, they're probably assuming a fairly useless post-apocalyptic society. No inherent problem there, but when you note that it says "If no receivers survived, the ark would continue transmitting the information until new ones could be built." building new ones without the ability to even smelt metal might be a problem, maybe?
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    I just had a horrific thought.... if human-kind did get wiped out in some kind of disaster, the only survivors might be people with enough money or power to build safe-vaults deep beneath the earth or afford some other survival method. Afterwards, the human race would consist of nothing but celebrities and politicians *shudder*
      CommentAuthorIan Mayor
    • CommentTimeMar 9th 2008 edited
    Tulips on the Moon. How appealing.
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    I see the Europeans are a bit more concerned about the future than we Americans are.

    The current US administration is counting on The Rapture to solve the climate crisis.
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    On the moon?

    It is hard enough for us to get there now. How is some bomb/disease/zombie/robot apocalypse survivors even going to get the hell back up there?
    The even funnier scenario would be if we got all wiped out, then some other intelligent life that evolved or visited the planet from out of town discovers this thing. How likely would it be that they would resurrect the backwards retard apes that destroyed themsleves to begin with?
    • CommentAuthornleavitt
    • CommentTimeMar 9th 2008
    Hmm, good job reading the article there, Kamisama. The moon ark described will broadcast information back to earth, where they also hope to build receiving stations that would survive. So, it's like a satellite, in fact the moon is a satellite, only it's unlikely to fall out of the sky after a few years.
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    "The information would be held in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish"
    And so of course the only people left alive after the apocalypse will speak exclusively German, Portuguese, Japanese, and obscure African dialects.
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    Oh what a fun post-apocalyptic world we will live in.