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    I don't have time to check. Hop to it, hive mind.

    -- W
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    Wed March 26 in stores.
    • CommentTimeMar 10th 2008
    Previews for what, dare I ask?
    • CommentTimeMar 10th 2008 edited
    <a href="">Diamond Comic Distributor's</a> Previews catalog, I assume (I may be wrong).

    - Z

    <em>(edited to add link)</em>
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    The question to ask is, why do you wish to know?
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    Isn't it always the last week of the month?
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    Isn't it always the last week of the month?

    Nope. Sometimes it's the week before, depending on when the Wednesday it falls on and the when next order cycle is due. Blame Diamond.
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    Comic months are, after all, defined by Wednesday.
    • CommentTimeMar 10th 2008
    Which month are you seeking? Issue 234 March 2008 with everything shipping in May 2008 came out the week of Feb 27. If you want Issue 235 April 2008 for everything shipping in June 2008, it should be out 26th of March.