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    I'm currently trying to find an artist to work on a graphic novel with me.

    I've been placing ads online (digital webbing) as that was recommended to me by professionals.

    I've been putting it out there like this: 60/40 share of profits (favoring the artist), equal share of any proceeds from adaption/options and a small page rate from me for the initial pages, 10-15 is what many of the publishers I've seen are looking for in a pitch. 25-30 dollars a page is about the range I'm at, not alot but it's about all I can afford. They own all their art, I cover duplication and submission costs.

    Is this fair? I know spec work is horrid and I've seen enough creative people fucked to not want to do that to anyone. I'm curious to see what Whitechapel has to say about this.

    I'm trying to be fair to the artist, your thoughts?
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    Ask on .