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    I've been wanting for a long time now for the wireless wire to exist. I know there are plenty of wireless things like microphones, networking, headphones, speakers etc, but wouldn't it be wonderful if there was just a wireless wire?

    Like a headphone jack with a small unit attached that codes and transmits audio data to a corresponding jack (possibly a female one) that decodes the data, instantly making any piece of audio-equipment wireless!

    I've tried searching for this, but 'wireless cable', 'wireless wire' and related searches are bastards to search through, and so far I've turned up nothing. Is my imagination running away with itself, or does this technology exist? And if not, why not?
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    weren't the japanese creating wireless electricity recently?

    too tired to dig out a link right now...
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    Yeah, I remember that thread :) Not quite what I was thinking of though.
    Btw, on another subject, thanks so much for recommending The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat to me! It was a fascinating and eye-opening read. I've now ordered RA Luria's Mind of the Mnemonist that Sacks referrs to a lot of the time, as it sounded pretty intriguing too.
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    your welcome! it is a goodun! he has a few others i think i'm going to check out in time, i love the way he writes, makes it incredibly human which you don't often find in case studies... i think the ones that stood out for me where the patients with the loss of proprioception, how hard must it be to not know where your body is??
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    Yeah, agreed! Just the concept of proprioception pretty much blew my mind in the first place.... I think the case-study of the woman who learnt to control her body without proprioception nearly brought me to tears thinking of the effort and dedication it must take just to walk, met with the misunderstandings of the public.