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    Read your post again Viro... then remember where you are.
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2008
    Bianchi works better with a writer that utilizes his talents. (as do most artists I assume.)

    I loved his work on The SHINING KNIGHT for Grant Morrison under the SEVEN SOLDIERS thing. Enough so that I picked up his WOLVERINE and found it not as much to my liking. His ASTONISHING sketches are ridiculously cool and he is obviously a tremendous talent.

    There are always books people enjoy over others, even with the same talent involved. I suggest THE SHINING KNIGHT to anyone.

    I have no doubt that Ellis teamed with Bianchi will not be anything less than wicked, and I hate the X-MEN. But I'm a sucker for good stories and good art.

    I'm more surprised that they said both are on for 24 issues. WOW.