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    First, a word about some people you may be submitting to. I submitted to Image, and they got back to me in a very timely fashion of about two weeks. They sent us a rejection email that was signed by Erik Larsen, but since they have many people who look through submissions, I'm unsure how far up the chain it really got, so who knows if that was him or just a form letter. We entered a contest held by Dark Horse in 2005 looking for new content. I received a lovely rejection letter from them... IN LATE 2007!!! To the best of my knowledge, they never announced a winner for that contest, though they announced several announce dates over those two years. Mark over at Archaia Studio Press is just about one of the nicest guys in the world. We've had a dialogue going for many conventions and even though he already knew through conversation that my book didn't fit into his publishing model, he still wanted to see it. Not sure how long they'd be getting back to someone though, as they are just buried in all the stuff they have going now. Definitely try them though, especially if your work is fantasy... Or just fantastic...

    Now, in regards to artists who take their sweet time... Man, that's a big grey area that must be traveled differently by each of us. You really have to look at the amount of time they seem willing to dedicate, the amount you have dedicated to them, your own willingness to wait for the work only they can provide... Here's my example: I'm one of those punks that wants to be Howard Chaykin (well, as far as writing goes, Steve Gerber or Alan Moore, but still...). What I mean by this is that I want to write and draw and do both really well (just my opinion of the man's work, no need to start a side discussion about it). So if I had to, I could draw Super on my own, but on my best day, I don't measure up to the guy who is drawing the book, Gilbert Cuevas. To illustrate my point, I give you these two spreads:

    I love his work, but he is taking forever at this point (many factors contributing to that one) and recently I've become unsure as to whether or not he will indeed finish (it would seem "real life" is doing it's even best to consume him). So do I just take over drawing at page 125 of a 165 page graphic novel, start over entirely, or wait him out until he dictates where this thing goes? Me, I'm gonna see what he does and go from there. In the meantime though, I'm gonna get cracking on other stuff.

    Not sure if any of the above helps anything, but there you have it. It's being written at 6 am and I'm very, very tired, so yeah...
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    I'm back. Yeah, it was really ridiculous of me to post that letter. And it doesn't really make a difference if she has never heard of the top English language comic artists out there today, as long as she does good work. I was just pissed that now I have to hire a new artist with her style (seemingly impossible), or start all over again with someone else. I realize this isn't the place to vent.

    The project is now on hiatus as I work on a short film, but I'll be back with it soon enough...

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.