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    silent running was also a fun watch for set design. for city life there was logan's run (::ducking out of the way::) or even underwater city life a la templemyure (si?) from captain nemo and the underwater city. (gadds; i have seen this movie?) speaking of submarines, around the world under the sea was a mildly amusing set piece.
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    Warhammer 40000 has amazing designs for almost everything. Far-future science fantasy is probably the best way to describe it.
    I don't even play it or do any collecting/modeling/painting. I just love to look at it.

    Warhammer 40k is wonderfully imaginative. They ran with the production design in Alien and in a perfect world we'd get another Alien movie based around the same design work or even a balls to the wall 40k movie. Seeing the flying cathedrals the different marine chapters and the brilliantly designed Predator armoured soldiers up on a cinema screen would be brilliant.
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    In design terms, there's a lot I like about the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy film adaptation.

    In everything-else terms, there's a lot to throw into the fire. But design is acceptable, yes.
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    Something tells me you're not hoping for a sequel, then..
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    Something tells me you're not hoping for a sequel, then..

    I think in the case of the Hitckhikers movie a remake would be very welcome...
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    Something tells me you're not hoping for a sequel, then..

    I'm hoping every copy ever made of that film is gathered in a pile and used to bury the whole movie crew.
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    Keeping things positive, how about "The Fifth Element"?

    Again, not looking at the story as a whole (which I think is a cute comedy but some people hate with an almost religious zeal) but the design. It's one part Gilliam rammed through Luc Besson's craziness.

    And speaking of Mr. Gilliam, his adaptation of the incredibly haunting "La Jette" was also something quite well designed. The future world that looks like it was cobbled together from the ruins of a Sears catalog is wonderful.

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    Hm. Decided not to contribute to thread drift. Will find something interesting to replace with shortly.

    Ok to make up for the dead post, some days you just have to go with the classics.

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    Don't forget the Borg err, sorry, Necron


    Although I always loved the Ork designs...
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    All the gaming talk got me thinking of RIFTS.

    It's a pen and paper game, for those who know not of such nerdiness, and it's main conceit is "You want to play a magician with a rail gun and a dragon heart? Go ahead". The wild weirdness of the designs really did convey a little kid's mentality. More cool powers, more stuff, more armor and awesome powerz!

    Beautiful and completely impractical. That's the kind of design I just love.

    Every few years they talk about making it into a movie, Michael Bay has the option apparently. But I believe it would go from the above lunacy to this...

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    RIFTS has some amazing artwork. What happened to the guys who did the art? Does anyone know who they are?
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    John Zeleznik has done a ton of work on Rifts. Palladium put out a book of his work.

    An example of his work...
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    The American Astronaut

    So damn pretty the whole ride through.
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    The Old Negro Space Programme:

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    On the topic of 40k...

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    RIFTS is one of the best concepts ever. And it has some awesome art; I've always loved that suit you posted, the one with wings.

    And David, Guardsmen totally are as mad as that motivational suggests. And Imperial tanks are just coated with guns.

    EDIT: @JTraub... dude! That space pirate with the awesome ship of dooom... What's that thing called? In english? Cos if I had remembered what it was called I was gonna point out how his ship was awesome and totally reminded me of 40k Imperial ships mixed with some sort of piratey doom submarine.
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    @Vespers: It's Captain Harlock and the Arcadia. Leiji Matsumoto also gave us the romantic designs of Space Battle Cruiser Yamoto ...

    It's funny as I'm sure that he is extremely anti-war ...

    He designed this water taxi called the Himiko — named for Japan's first mortal Shaman Queen of the Wa people ...
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    Vespers: Well, that's a Commissar (...the main reason why guardsmen have to be that crazy), so the dialogue to go with it is probably more like "CHARGE! You cowards! I DON'T CARE THAT IT'S A GIANT DEMON! Shoot it! If you run away, I'll cut your testicles off for the Emperor! YOU SEE THIS SWORD! IT CAN DICE YOUR TADGER! CHARGE!"
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    If you run away, I'll cut your testicles off for the Emperor!

    That's totally gonna be my battlecry next time I game, see if I don't.

    And @stsparky, thanks. That's really awesome.
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    I know the topic is sinking, but I couldn't let it flounder without mentioning the french movie Renaissance that came out last year.

    One part Blade Runner, one part Sin City. Fascinating flick.