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    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2008 edited
    So: if you bought new comics this week, here's your discussion thread for them.

    Rules: I'm not interested in shopping lists. I want to know what you thought about what you bought, and so do the people reading. If you've got a spoiler element to discuss, use the "hide" button in the reply menubar.

    You will, this week, divide your items into two categories.

    GLAD TO BE SEEN WITH: beautiful objects in their own right. Happy to be seen carrying them. Things that make you look tasteful, discerning, slightly ahead of your time and more attractive to the opposite sex.

    BROWN PAPER BAG JOB: things you bought despite their physical plainness or downright ugliness. You can't explain them away as a cultish love for old-school funny books, nor excuse them on the basis of kitsch value. They're just fucking funny-looking.

    Why does this appear on a Thursday? The world outside North America doesn't get their books until Thursday. And a lot of people don't go shopping until the weekend -- consider yourself as providing guidance for the Saturday shoppers.

    Off you go, then.
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    thats funny- i was going to start a thread discussing the difference between, essentially, those two categories and how we justify or explain these things to our non comic reading close associates, loved ones etc. i specifically have my best friend (who has read all of the invisibles and about five indie books) who looks through my buy pile every week with disdain. its funny that he knows enough to tell when a book is something of even mild interest to him-usually because its designed well and features no one in tights.

    GLAD/SEXY: PAX ROMANA #2-fucking finally. thanks, store. Amazing still-surprise, surprise.

    THE SWORD #6 (?)-also great. this story is compelling, even though i want to drop this book to start in trades i simply cant. The luna brothers have done this to me on three goddamn series now (i picked up the first ultra on a whim, same deal). I LOVE YOU GUYS, BUT MY WALLET HATES YOU.

    BROWN BAG/NERDY-not much of note. dont get me wrong i bought some this week but was actually let down by pretty much all of it. these past few weeks have been kinda "meh" for me with the super. COUNTDOWN, again, was alright, the narrative style was a nice effect. THE ORDER was alright too, with some good snappy writing in parts, but nothing totally great. Confusion of the week: TANGENT: SUPERMAN'S REIGN. i loved the tangent books on their initial runs, but i dont know if this book is actually good or not based off that first issue. maybe? sure. keep buying? possibly. the strength of tangent may have been that there was only one issue snapshots into this interwoven world- this mini may defeat the purpose of that.

    edit: SHIT! forgot about INVINCIBLE! that is the shining highlight of this week's brown bag books. if you have been following this book from the beginning, the amount of change and upheaval in this title is really quite great. plus this current story addresses some of the personal questions i had about the book, so thats always nice. read up, #50 is next, and Kirkman and his gaggle of artists dont fuck around on oversized fanboy love anniversary issues-they take that shit seriously!
    • CommentAuthorRoss
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2008
    There's comics that make you more attractive to the opposite sex? I must find these.


    Incredible Hercules. This book is amusing to an extreme for me, and I find the art particularly enjoyable during the ancient greece parts of the book. This is, for me, the best thing to come out this week.

    Thor: The first part of the book is a bit slow for me, although that's possibly because I saw the previews a month ago without text, and a week ago with text, for the first five pages. The rest of the book, however, was amazing. Particularly once Odin was involved.

    Brown Bag-

    Ghost Rider - This issue was just dull for me. Not Ghost Rider versus demons. Not Ghost Rider versus criminals. Ghost Rider versus angry nurses. And later ghosts. Woop.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2008
    Immortal Iron Fist - The brilliant covers alone allow me to be unashamed to be seen with it in public. that Fraction guy is on fire. ;)
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    covers on that book make it hard to trade-wait. even then, i still buy the one shots and such. grrr!
    • CommentAuthorScottS
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2008
    Glad/Sexy: Beck #11. It's really just such a good read, and I love the way Harold Sakuishi renders the effect of Koyuki singing. No lyrics, just reaction shots by everyone listening as they are all blown away. Plus, lots of references to pro-wrestling which is always a bonus.

    Thor #7 - I never really cared for Thor. I didn't like JMS on FF (I gave up on it after a few issues, and only started reading it because I wanted to see what JMS did with it). But JMS on Thor has been perfect. Some people complain about the lack of villains/fighting but I'd rather continue to see the characters develop the way they have been.

    Negima #17 - yes, there's a lot of "fan service" in the series, but I really like Ken Akamatsu's artwork regardless. The story has also gone from the rather over-long budokai to a good look at how Negi needs to be able to move forward against an enemy that isn't necessarily evil. His opponent clearly thinks she's doing the right thing, so it's nice to see the character have to really think about whether he should stop her or not.

    Brown Bag: Brave & The Bold #11. I'm not sure this should really be in the brown bag, because it was actually a better story than has been served up in this title the past few issues. However I started buying the book based on George Perez being the artist, and Jerry Ordway has stepped in to do #11 & #12 which annoys me because I thought they should have kept Perez on the book to wrap up the first years storyline. Ordway isn't a bad replacement of course, but like I said... i started buying the series because I love Perez's art.
    • CommentAuthorepalicki
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2008
    Glad to be seen with War is Hell: Final Flight of the Phantom Eagle #1. Fucking Ennis doing WAR comics! You can keep your THE BOYS and your PUNISHER MAX. War comics is where Garth is best. And Chaykin draws biplanes like biplanes ought to be drawn.

    Glad to be seen with Ex Machina #35. Another done-in-one that wasn't quite as good as the last one. I still believe this book is better than Y. And Y is really fucking good.

    Glad to be seen with Iron Fist #13. Fraction and Brubaker write my favorite Marvel comic. Not enough David Aja in this issue, though.

    FX #1 is hiding in a BROWN PAPER BAG. What the hell happened to John Byrne? For those that don't know, Byrne offered himself up for an issue's worth of commissioned pages for the bargain price of $20,000. Writer Wayne Osborne, possibly with more dollars than sense, took Byrne up on his offer. IDW picked up the book. Hey! Giant gorilla on the cover!!!
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    Glad to be seen with: Captain America #36. The montage cover is a tad silly looking this month, and it is Captain America (you would assume it be brown bag material), but dammit, Bru's on fire with this book and this month's was no exception. It has the best Bucky-as-Cap fight so far and how about that last-page shocker?! Hopefully it doesn't end up being yet another bait and switch. We'll see, we'll see...

    (picked up six other books yesterday, still have to read them)
    • CommentAuthorMidweeker
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2008
    Brown Bag - Death of The New Gods #7 - well, the raison d'etre behind this book turned out to be a bit of a squib, and the loss of two main characters was just deeply unaffecting. Seriously disappointing from Starlin.

    Brown Bag - Birds of Prey #? - What used to be a fun little book has severely nosedived under the current writer. I dunno what it was that made Gail Simone so good at these characters, but it just ain't there at the moment. Art's quite nice though.

    Glad to be seen - 2000AD Extreme #27 - wonderful old-school 2000AD, presenting the last part of Mean Arena, a strip that I loved as a kid, and it's held up remarkably well. A future sport/ Rollerball rip off, it was unbelievably violent , but really good fun, weaving the sports stuff into a Get Carter-style revenge caper. Good clean artwork too, mainly from warhorse John Richardson, with some great early Steve Dillon chucked in.

    Glad to Be Seen - Thor #7 - I can't agree more with the earlier reviewer, I 've never liked Thor much (apart from Simonson's frog stuff), but JMS is writing some of the best stuff of his career, with cover artist Djurdjevic providing the interiors this month, and doing an excellent job. Sometimes cover artists can be a little stiff on interiors, but not here.

    Glad to be seen - Iron Fist #13 - This book's kinda crept up on me, and I'm really looking forward to reading the whole storyline in one go. Just really, really good fun, and all of the artists involved have been brilliant. I really like Kano's stuff in particular, he's one of my favourite artists at the moment (go check out his Marvel Adventures FF book, it's a cracker).

    maybe more later...
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    Brown Bag:

    Grendel: Behold the Devil #5. I think the covers for this series are kinda goofy-looking. There's a deployment of frou-frou that strikes me as amateurish.

    I've been following the new Grendel mostly for auld lang syne. I remember loving the series back when it started. This new incarnation, 25 years later, is just not grabbing me the way it used to. The writing seems a bit clunky. I'm not being pulled into the story. Is that because some element is missing this time around? or because I have different tastes and expectations 25 years on? I suspect it's more of the latter.

    Glad to be Seen:

    Angel: After the Fall #5. Because I deliberately picked up the alternative cover by artist Rebecca Wrigley. See below for my opinion of the regular artist, Franco Urru.

    The storyline in Angel is fun, but I have been having a very difficult time getting past the art. I loathe it. In my view, it's muddy, sloppy visual storytelling. If I weren't so invested in the characters from having watched the show, I don't think I would have lasted beyond the first few issues. Luckily, a new artist is up for the next arc. I look forward to being able to enjoy the story without the art getting in the way.
    • CommentAuthorAg
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    Glad to be seen with: Found a copy of Sim's Judenhaus,
    which is absolutely gorgeous and mortifying: immensely detailed inks of Holocaust victims with quotes from various famous people making anti-Semitic statements (yes, Sim doesn't like that word, but it is common parlance). Some of the people I knew to have made such comments (H.L. Mencken, Martin Luther) but others surprised me (Mark Twain, Harry Truman). It was very cool because I teach history, and one of the points I try and emphasize is that Hitler was not alone in his Judenhaus, and to blame him alone ignores the fact that many supported his ideas, if not his actions. (And of course, blaming one monster and focusing on one crime, albeit a truly horrific one, seems to have convinced public education that all other war crimes and genocides (oh, sorry, "ethnic cleansings") are not worth noting. Why bother studying causes and solutions when its easy to blame one man and one political party?) The images are horrific, but they're not that different than what's in a textbook.
    Note: I don't know how much is known about this project, as I bought the store's advanced copy, so I just hid the whole thing.

    War is Hell was fun: pretty pictures and an amusing story. I also picked up some old issues of Scalped. I'd read the first arc and hadn't gotten into it, but a student convinced me to give it another try. I'm really glad I did: it's pretty gripping.

    Brown bag: None this week. That's always a nice change.
    • CommentTimeMar 21st 2008
    The only thing I bought this week was 100 Bullets #89. A great way to end the 3 part storyline and set up the remaining run of the book. An unexpected twist with a familiar character at the end makes you want to read the next one right NOW, and Risso's art is as solid as ever.
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    For the past month I have been living two hours from the closest comic book store. (Waaa! No Gravel #1 for me.) I had to go to Books-A-Million to get my fix. I left with three sexy hardcovers.


    “Stephen King’s The Dark Tower” was a good buy. The story was fine, but it really just made me more interested in picking up the actual literature. The best part about this was the art. The art is so pretty that you can hardly tell well the inks end and the colors begin. One thing though, I’m not a fan of letters that use lowercase.

    “Incognegro” is a refreshing graphic novel from Vertigo. Wow. It actually made me feel the plight of early 20th century African-Americans. I mean, there is a castration on page two. Oh me God.


    “Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corp War” was yet another DC disappointment. Every so often I purchase a superhero title in order fulfill some sick urge. Then I feel dirty afterward. Kyle Rayner becomes the new Parallax…big fucking deal. Is there a twelve step group for superhero anti-fandom?
    • CommentTimeMar 22nd 2008 edited

    Second volume of Lemire's Essex County series...very emotional and moving. Good storytelling.

    Lynd Ward's awesome novel in woodcuts. One can see how Peter Kuper, David Hine and others have been influenced by Ward. Very nice Hawthornian story,

    Frank Kozik posters etc...I've been a fan of his style for years.

    Brown Bag:

    The first two volumes of PVP...I don't know why i've been neglecting this comic. Terribly funny stuff.
    • CommentTimeMar 22nd 2008

    The recollection of the first two Lobo miniseries by Keith Giffen, Alan Grant & Simon Bisley.
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    GLAD TO BE SEEN WITH: The Wasteland. Wonderful art; brilliant story. This epi told from the point of view of the sandeaters, complete with sibilant silican language; every chapter adds further depth and nuance to this particular post-apoc vision.
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    Only bought two comics this week - the new Grendel (which I like lots, Matt Wagner draws good) and Marvel Max's War is Hell (Garth Ennis WWI fighter pilot story, usual downbeat masculine sentimentality from Garth, drawn by Howard Chakin, nice designy cover). Neither go in the brown paper bag.
    • CommentAuthorAllen
    • CommentTimeMar 22nd 2008
    Glad to be seen with:

    The Boy Who Made Silence #1. Fantastic, sureal style art and a story that I have no clue where it is going, picked it up on a whim and very happy I did. A boy falls into a body of water and is saved by an older girl but he loses his hearing in the recovery. The narration is very well written and ingenius use of word bubbles. Moves beyond just blank ones when we go into the boy's head, he starts to imagine people speaking like old comics and there are some word bubbles filled with images instead. Not much may have "happened" in the issue, but it is a must look at imo. Creator Joshua Hagler is a Xeric Grant Award winner, I think for this book (not 100% sure how that all works, I admit ignorance and about to go out so don't have the time to look things up to talk intelligently upon the subject). My only slight complaint is the size of the book, it's magazine size, which makes keeping it my already limited space a bit of a hassle, but the art deserves the given size.

    Invincible #49 Compared to The Boy probably should go into brown paper bag, but I think still holding the feel of old school superhero books while keeping things modern is well worth it and I'm far from embarressed by picking up Invincible. Things keep moving forward into big issue 50, Seismic was defeated a bit too easily, but next issue things look on the pick up as Invincible does look like things will change afterward (which every superhero book claims, but thus far when Kirkman has made such claims they have happened, helps he owns the character).

    Brown bag:

    Angel #7. I read it cause I'm a fan of the universe/characters. Nothing more, nothing less but only get these since Joss has written off on them and apporved as official, blah blah blah. It was good, it had a cliffhanger that made me curse the book and it's far from high quality stuff in the grand scheme of things. But it's fun so who cares?
    • CommentTimeMar 22nd 2008
    I almost picked The Boy Who Made Silence yesterday. Unfortunately, Forbidden Planet had only one copy, which had a creased cover, so I didn't buy it...I am not really a collector, but I care about the condition of my comics...
    • CommentAuthorSolario
    • CommentTimeMar 23rd 2008
    We get ours even later, so forgive me for mentioning stuff from last week:

    Casanova #12 was fucking brutal. Great, but absolutely brutal.

    And I think Ghost Rider is really shaping up to be fun. A bit tired of the whole JudeoChristian stuff, so it's nice to see him introduced to the 70's -xploitation movement stuff, that he seems a perfect fit for.

    Though I didn't see a quick scan from the Order from this week, which was hilarious, and much like some of the other dialog fairly meta: "Bye Order. You were a bad idea from the word Go, and I'm happy to be the one to end you."