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    So what's going on with you people tonight?

    For those newcomers who don't know the drill, Open Mic is when I stop talking and start listening. Open Mic is for venting, reporting, talking about your future, dancing, drooling and enumerating the many disturbing and yet seductive ways in which you love me.

    Tell me what and who is pissing you off this week. Tell me your ambitions. Tell me one thing you want to have done by year's end. Tell me something filthy, strange and wonderful. Tell me what you're listening to right now, tell me what's good, tell me anything you want me to know. Get something off your chest, make me laugh, or simply touch yourself furtively in the dark.

    Pictures of your face are good, for I am senile and don't always remember all 2800 of you.

    I have coffee, whisky and the world. Join me.
    • CommentTimeMar 23rd 2008 edited

    My face is beautiful. As is my frog hat.

    Tonight involves homework, promo for Tide Pool releases and mixes, and hoping my house doesn't fall down - it's windy out here. Also working on a DJ set with a friend and hoping that I get one of the summer jobs I applied for. By the end of the year it would be nice to have my megamix of all my (decent) original music done, along with a video to go along with it. That's a bit of a monumental project - it should be kind of like this - only with more animals, less spacecraft, and not as much minimal techno.
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    My face is not beautiful, though I'm trying to grow my hair out for some reason. I'm now in the baby Tyrannosaurus phase; a phase which does not please greatly.

    Our new podcast (being a roundup of nerd stuff as viewed through the lens of another forum) is up. I'm beginning to think people only listen because I get aggravated and start cursing--and I curse like a longshoreman--and I don't know how I feel about that. Not that it matters; it's an hour-and-a-half each Saturday, and people seem to dig it.

    I have a "new" camera, as I just got the missus a new one for her birthday; I hope to post in the "Outside World" thread this week.

    How's by you folks?

    EDIT: SHITFUCK I didn't read well. What I would like to have accomplished by year's end...I'd like to hae enough material for this 'zine idea I have to actually put it together. That would be nice, and I might get some good collaboration over Comic-Con week.
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    Lately I've been depressed, and I have a fair amount of projects to work on. I need to find a place to show my work for May 1st, and so far it's just been a lot of rejections. I know it's par for the course, but it doesn't make it any easier.

    Tomorrow my weekend starts, and I think I might visit the figure drawing class again.

    There's that cute boy in my phil class on Tuesday... don't know what's going to happen with that.

    Oh, and one of the residents has dementia, but because she doesn't have family, and she won't let us help her, so we can't find an A/R Guarantor for her to take care of her bills, and move her over to a more appropriate setting. So this morning I had the pleasure of her ranting at me, because her phone wasn't working. Nevermind that it was because she didn't pay her phone bill. Granted, it's likely she wouldn't be in this condition if she hadn't been carjacked and left with a concussion a couple years ago.

    edit to add a picture that isn't all that clear:
    I think surviving this semester would be fine by me.
    • CommentAuthorpi8you
    • CommentTimeMar 23rd 2008
    Tonight involves about 4 more hours of support monkey 'work' where I'll maybe get a few calls about email or internet issues before heading home to continue getting the apps on my new computer into line with the old, cursing HBO for not reairing John Adams late enough in the evening for me to watch, and probably some mix of watching anime and gaming before 4am rolls around and it becomes time to sleep. And no USB cable = no pictures.
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    Remember this picture?

    Uh huh. I'm still waiting for approval on my application.

    M1k3y suggested GoogleReader for my links for, which is awesomely convient because they won't be tied to the laptop. The laptop isn't always with me, and I can't remember all 40+ sites I have bookmarked. I'm listening to silence, because the background is filled with musings of the husband......politics, what to plant in the garden (I want more squash) and gas prices (fuck!), are tonights' topics at this moment.

    Tell me one thing you want to have done by year's end.
    - I'd like my abs to match my shoulders.

    Pictures of your face are good, for I am senile and don't always remember all 2800 of you.
    - I'm still impressed you did remember me.

    I don't have coffee (yuck) or whiskey (I have drunk this yet?), but I am eating peach cobbler. :)
    • CommentTimeMar 23rd 2008
    I haven't slept properly for the past three weeks, and approaching week four I've been told to see a doctor.

    I hate insomnia- I've never had it before; I never want to feel like this again.

    I'm not looking forward to being prodded at, but I need to sleep.

    - Z
    • CommentTimeMar 23rd 2008

    I'm good, generally:

    I've booked my SDCC, WWChicago tickets.
    I inherited my family silver.
    I've had a social life for the first time in weeks, which included meeting several nice new people.
    I'm feeling somewhat sane.
    I've fallen behind on my writing, but will start catching up.
    It's only a week till my next monthly comics pile arrives in the post.
    Finished Iain M. Banks' Matter, so shall move on to the next book in my list.

    All in all, not a bad week or so.
    • CommentTimeMar 23rd 2008

    I got a job last month, temping. It's the first job I've managed to get in 7 months before that. I never figured I was that unlucky. Everyone said my experience and CV were good, no-one understood why I wasn't getting work. So now, I temp in an office.
    I arrange meetings for nurses to attend to hand in paperwork. What really happens is that nurses call me up and shout at me about having to do paperwork, and sometimes tell me their life stories and/or burst into tears.

    I get paid to be shouted at by nurses. It sucks, and the chairs are uncomfortable.
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    Not pissed off at the moment, but yesterday --

    Was taking a late-morning shower when I heard a sound like somebody was using a jack-hammer on the back-yard patio. Could not figure out what the fuck it was -- garbage disposal going haywire, basement sump-pump going ape-shit, or someone really jack-hammering my patio? Short bursts of LOUD ack-ack-ack-ack spaced about 20-30 seconds apart. Rinsed the shampoo, ran around the house dripping wet in a towel (and getting the weird look I always get from my sons when I do that) trying to localize the sound. Nothing definite -- always seemed to be coming from an adjacent room.

    So I got dressed and ran outside to see if I could find a man with a jack-hammer. Then I heard the noise again, in a different timbre this time, and with a definite direction. I looked at my roof and mystery solved -- it was a wood-pecker sitting atop the metal chimney that comes up from my furnace, periodically hammering on it in his springtime establishing-territory ritual.

    Fucking wood-pecker, interrupting my shower and making me traumatize my kids again. I didn't shoot him because I live in town and the bullet might hit someone with a lawyer.
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    Hmm. Feeling tired right now but just enjoyed the silly but great disco ball vampire kill on TV. Am irritated by the fact there is only one more day of leisure before the grind of work starts again and even more irritated that I still haven't got a new online portfolio together to help with job apps. Must. write. code. tomorrow. Very broke until pay day, one week away, so the prospects of pub based social interaction, shiny, lickable new purchases or big screen movies are far away. Bah.
    The future should hopefully hold a job I'm not ashamed of, lots of money to pay debts, smaller clothes sizes and more beardage. Yes, I'm not ashamed of my ginger facial outburst. I also hope there's some blissful sleep for Z in the near future, poor guy.
    Pass me a large sweet coffee and a smoke...
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    I've been studying renaissance art in Northern Europe but got derailed when i discovered a publisher of prints and engravings in Antwerp in the 16th century called 'Hieronymous Cock'.

    I had to stop studying and tell everyone I know.

    "You are going to be thirty this year, you know..." was one response I received.
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    Sorry for Z, because I've been through a few bouts of chronic insomnia. Just sucks, so I hope things get better.

    New Hair!

    Big, new hair. The snow is melting. CDs and emails. And my heart goes boom-chica-boom-boom-chica-boom.

    So yeah, I'm copa-fucking-cetic. Trying hard not to be insufferable.
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    Fucking hell, I am having the worst case of breathing/allergy related problems I have had in years.

    I was a childhood asthmatic and have a usually mild case as an adult, but this last week its just been vicious and unrelentingly wheezing and tightness of chest. Going to go to my doc mid week, but until then I feel like I can barely do anything or act. I tend to BS and ignore illness as best I can (somebody is going to laugh right then at this, and I know who), but my lungs have decided they hate me this week and its becoming too damn much.

    Why the fuck do I live in Atlanta again? Need to go to a damn desert. Or a fucking archeology.

    Lets see, had a teaching gig fall through this week which would have been great, three of my friends have all had awful weeks in one way or another (including minor identity theft as a new one!), and I manged to be a total ass and insult what turned out to be friend of a friend...this is generally one of those ARGHHHHH weeks. Can it end now?
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    Take it easy on yourself man, seriously. We'll trade waiting room horror stories, but that would require that we *both* go get checked out like we're supposed to. Deal?

    @MagicSword!, @synthsapien

    Thanks; I'm okay though. Didn't mean to derail the thread, just venting. I'm tracking progress via a Blog entry, and via twitter.


    That bit about the woodpecker is hilarious.


    That sounds like my job, except replace the nurses with lawyers and paralegals. With the economic downturn the 'life stories' bit has become brutal.

    - Z
    • CommentTimeMar 23rd 2008
    Vaguely trepidatious about work tomorrow, as I spent all of last week promising to get a certain bit of work done, and never quite making it happen. Not sure if there will be repercussions/stern looks, but then again I overanalyse everything and I probably don't have anything to worry about. Except the fact that the older I get, the more ADD/OCD/Asbergers I seem to become. Meh.

    Spent Easter weekend building a file server for my plethora of [ahem] dubiously-obtained movies and music. This qualifies as fun and exciting in my world.

    Am procrastinating on a podcast I have in development (partly inspired by The4AM -- Cheers, Warren!).... I've had episode 1 half done since Christmas, but haven't gotten around to finishing production on the remaining sweepers/FX/outro. Eventually. Someday.

    Currently drinking Vodka (straight), and was listening to Nine Inch Nails earlier. (Silence now, due to a splitting headache).

    Oh dear. I'm rambling. Open mic = compelled to blather.
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    Currently trying to chill myself out by listening to Hey Mama Wolf by Devendra Banhart. It's slinky.

    The stress is because I am going to perform in Agamemnon in Sicily in less then two months, but I have no idea when I am leaving or where I will be staying because my department chair is to busy texting people on his new iphone to find out. I don't know what language the show will be in, but I don't speak Italian .... so... hope for me? Because of this trip I will be moving into a new apartment the same week that I have finals.

    On the Up side I'm teaching a special effects make-up workshop at Smith College in Northampton MA on Friday, And I just got the liquid latex that I ordered for it, which I plan on making my roommates model for me this evening. I'm thinking burns. Lots of burns all over their faces. Yes.

    me, in my bed.
    • CommentTimeMar 23rd 2008
    recent me

    My ex-wife got married on Friday and I kind of feel like a loser even though those two horrible people deserve each other. I wish things were going better for me in my own personal life so their happiness (or whatever the fuck it is) didn't bring me down.

    Had my kids for Easter and it was wonderful. I'm a totally different person when they are around and I do believe I am quite a good father if nothing else. It's just hard when they're not around.

    Trying to write more and finish this novel. It's slow going but at least I AM writing. I just wish it was faster or more or better.

    I've used the novel thing before in the what I want to do before the end of the year thing. So this time I'll say go to New Orleans or fall in love, just to change it up.

    It's days like this I wish I hadn't given up the Saxophone and could play myself some sweet tunes tonight.

    • CommentAuthorvg
    • CommentTimeMar 23rd 2008
    Ever had that one person who just won't stop fucking everything up?

    I have that person sitting somewhere mere blocks from me just now, and I hate it.

    She has filled every single spare minute of the last month of my life with persistent, passive-aggressive assbaggery. I am sick of dealing with her, of having to appease her all the time because I can't stand having people mad at me; she knows I hate that, and she uses it. I have a week off right now, so I don't have to see her...til Saturday. That last bit is fucking up my entire vacation.
    • CommentTimeMar 23rd 2008
    Is it just me or does it seem like everyone here had a really shitty week?

    I blame the moon. Or the tides.
    Or delayed effect of the Ides of March.