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    • CommentTimeMar 24th 2008 edited
    Does anyone here do TM? I've been looking into and was quoted what a thought was an extortionate amount for lessons (over £1200), is this expensive?

    Is there any one from Kent, UK or anywhere in the South East who could help me?
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    ... Just read Thoreau and Emerson....
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    yeah, books are a good place to start, read a lot and start practising and when you hit a wall and don't know what to do, THEN find someone to show you the way... i think it's better to have questions about your actual personal practise of it before following what someone else is telling you.

    and yeah, £1200 seems like a lot. a hell of a lot. most hippy's don't have proper jobs so need to charge a lot to pay for their green tea and sandals ;)
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    1) read thoreau and emmerson... in the woods.
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    That's the "course fee", it's a one-time charge, kind of like a right's license fee from the TM home office.

    I just asked a coworker of mine, who's been doing TM since the late 80's, about it and she said alot of people never pay it by dealing with an "unlicensed" instructor, not connected with the movement. She swears by TM.

    I studied Tai Chi for four years and still meditate with the same techniques. Never paid more than 10 bucks a session to learn meditation and self-defense. There are other options out there.
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    "Official" TM always sounds to me a lot like Scientology or other money-for-enlightenment type cults.

    Get on the Net, find a coupe books, and teach yourself to do it - or, find someone who does it to teach you for free. You don't need any expensive courses or "masters" for things like this.
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    I don't think there's any connection between Emerson & Thoreau (American Transcedentalism) and Maharishi Maheshi Yogi's "Transcendental Mediation" (aka TM).

    David Lynch is a big promoter of TM these days. Guess he's been doing it for years and years. Don't know it that's an endorsement, but it at least proves it doesn't make you more "normal". I doubt they're screening INLAND EMPIRE at the Maharishi University much.
    • CommentAuthorKosmopolit
    • CommentTimeMar 24th 2008
    There are many Buddhist, Hindu and Daoist organisations and individual teachers that teach various forms of meditation.

    Some of them work, some of the time, for some people.

    Many of the courses are free or very cheap.

    Transcendental Meditation on the other hand is a money-grubbing cult like Scientology.
    • CommentAuthoradrian r
    • CommentTimeMar 25th 2008 edited
    There is zero need to practice TM if your desire is to meditate. As mentioned here, there are plenty of other routes -- and the benefits of meditation seem to work across the board, regardless of which brand you choose to take up. I did classes for free run by the Gnosis Movement...but beware that anything free has a non-financial cost attached. In this case, it was the invitation to devote my life to what these guys did, cult brides and everything (and I hadn't arrived early enough to get a cute one, I'm sure). Uh-huh. That said, the meditation classes were superb, and for eight months or so I got a lot out of them -- then I had to leave because I wasn't allowed to bring my difference of perspective into the classes when they were telling us some very dogmatic stuff in the area of beliefs, having been very open until that point. Danger being, someone else helps you get into an altered state, they will define that territory for you as theirs, and maybe hang an ideology/theology from it. If it appeals, so be it...but whatever you do don't believe it without question. If not, get the hell out.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.