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    • CommentTimeMar 26th 2008 edited
    @JTraub - Image is broken, but yeah, given some of the cel-counts in certain epsiodes(some truly insane numbers), they had to save money somewhere.

    There's also the whole toned down broadcast thing, with more fanservice/nudity/gore on the DVD release, as well as some episodes bring DVD-only. Usually the bonus episodes just tack on after the final count and timeline randomly within the show, but Spice and Wolf is actually taking it a bit further by jumping from #6 to #8 on broadcast and making #7 a DVD-only oneshot between arcs(and one more like this later I think).
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    Actually episode skipping is one of the older tricks. Only about 2/3rds of Cowboy Bebop aired on TV back in the day.
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    • CommentTimeMar 26th 2008
    In Japan? Interesting, I know they skipped a few for the initial Toonami/Adult Swim run here in the US, child murder, terrorism, etc, stupid 9/11, but hadn't ever heard of similar treatment of it in Japan. A quick Wiki(I know, I know) showed this though:
    Cowboy Bebop almost did not appear on Japanese broadcast television due to its depictions of violence. It was first sent to TV Tokyo, one of the main broadcasters of anime in Japan. The show had an aborted first run from April 3, 1998 until June 19, 1998 on TV Tokyo, broadcasting only episodes 2, 3, 7 to 15 and 18.

    Later that year, the series was shown in its entirety from October 23 until April 23, 1999, on the satellite network WOWOW.[3] With the Tv Tokyo broadcast slot fiasco, the production schedule was disrupted to the extent that the last episode was delivered to WOWOW on the day of its broadcast...

    The full series has also been broadcast across Japan by the anime television network, Animax...

    Still, the DVD-only episodes really seem to be picking up steam.
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    The very end of the movie was tacked on by the director and doesn't appear in the original manga as far as I remember (which also handles the craziness a bit better, being even more odd than the movie all the way through).

    Yeah, I read some of the manga years ago and liked it better.

    On that note, Blue Spring (also by Taiyo matsumoto) is one of the best manga I've read recently :) (I know it's been out for a while).

    That's been in my stack to read for... oh, god, years probably. A dear friend of mine wrote the Anglophone transliteration.
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    And here we go.

    This is not exactly going down as classic anime, not by a long shot, it is in fact derivative fantasy defined.
    However, it is also the entire first episode posted by GONZO at release with English subtitles.

    The Tower of Druaga- The Aegis of URUK
    - for your curiosity if not actual enjoyment.

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    On the subject of most anime being hateful to anyone with half a brain, sadly true - but the good stuff is so very good that it tends to make up for the sheer ungodly shittiness of the rest of the medium, much like comics. Frankly, I've found the best way to tend my anime habit is to be a few years behind, pick up 'perfect editions' on ebay for £20 or so and watch an episode or two at a time on the good stuff to prolong the experience. Just finished Ergo Proxy, in fact, and despite the traditionally mangled late-game storytelling it's unexpectedly gone down as a favourite - not least because any series which features genetic supermen masquerading as plot-dumping gameshow hosts and deranged Walt Disney clones bent on creating a perfect world through the medium of headfucking dictatorships dolled up as theme parks fucking wins by default.
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    I liked Gurren Lagann. But I liked it more for the potted history of Giant Robot Anime in one series than any particular strength of the storytelling. Though, the relative weakeness of the story might be a function of the changing theme.

    Also, our big internet anime is based on a 20 year old video game? Great.

    Though, on the subject of recently released anime, Hakaba Kitaro was pretty good, partially because I've got a fondness for the original text and partially because of the whole slightly disturbing air to the more light hearted parts of it.
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    • CommentTimeApr 5th 2008
    Texhnolyze is a truly great anime that made nearly no splash in the US markets. Science Fiction, gangs, body hacking, crazy underground city...good stuff. Difficult storytelling and concept to get your head around though.

    I really think, like many other things the genre has grown in popularity, hence the explosion of more titles, though not necessarily good titles on all markets. Like any other genre (science fiction, fantasy, horror) the explosion of titles means discerning readers and viewers have a lot more chaff to dig through in order to find the 2% that is worth perusing.

    Considering hte Japanese DVD market: if a business model is failing it is time to try something new. Seems like that is what is going on with Gonzo, so good for them. They will have to outperform the dedicated amatuers who spend a lot of time doing hte fansubs, but why not at least try it out.
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    I haven't found anything worth while in a while from Japan. Gurren Lagenn was interesting, but I can't sit and watch it like I can most animes, because like Warren said, it's only interesting because everything else around it sucks. There is a definite decline in good anime in recent years, even Ghost in the Shell: SAC was disappointing to me. Couldn't quiet capture the same feeling I had while watching the movie. I think that it has become a saturated industry where original ideas don't sell to producers anymore and they want to go along with what's popular already. It's very disappointing because I miss watching anime like FLCL or Cowboy Bebop.

    I can't watch that whole Gonzo show... It sucks... and I feel as if I'm watching an anime that was based off of a D&D game...
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    Texhnolyze is a truly great anime that made nearly no splash in the US markets.

    It was pretty, I'll say that. I had trouble finding episodes, so I never really grasped what was happening in the show...
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    @warrenellis - Fair enough, outside of one group it was ignored by the fansub community despite the Yoshitoshi ABe designs, and missing an episode or two could really throw you off.

    I'm passing on Duruga altogether, but between the action and a reasonably decent setup, I'll be watching Blassreiter for now in the hopes that the storytelling improves or I latch onto a couple characters. So, you've got my weekly dollar for now Gonzo, but that's mostly because you're giving me the download.