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    Compelled to listen to all the boredoms I have in worship/memory of their live show on wed night. It was 100 minutes of 100% licking the eyeball of god and tripping balls.

    for the genghis tron lovers aaron spectre just put up a new minimix and the last track is his remix of regret from the newest album
    drumcorps mix for bbc4
    animosity vs drumcorps - fork grinder
    drumcorps - grist
    drumcorps - violent coast
    genghis tron - regret (aaron spectre rmx)
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    i have gotten really, really into drumcorps after reading about him on various threads on here. thanks guys!
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    Still NINE INCH NAILS "Ghosts I-IV", some Songs from the new MESHUGGAH and some songs from the new JUCIFER, plus
    LIGHT PUPIL DILATE - "Snake Wine" (Shoegaze/Postrock meets Alternative/Noise Rock meets progressive Metal/Hardcore)
    and KOSMOS - "Kosmos" (spacey Progressive/Krautrock with the Drummer from Voivod)
    plus some single Songs:
    GENGHIS TRON - "Relief"
    FIREWATER - This Is My Life
    DÄLEK - "(Subversive Script)"
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2008
    the dear hunter- act ii: the meaning of, and all things regarding ms. leading (proggy-alternative band with former lead singer of the receiving end of sirens. all their albums are supposed to have a big, connecting story. kinda like coheed and cambria. only i can't really piece together everything.)
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    The new Four Tet EP Ringer isn't bad for four quid.
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    New Four Tet?
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    New Four Tet?

    It's the main album on Bleep's front page right now.
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    Cool, thanks.
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    Cool, thanks.

    No problem. You've pointed me to more than one before now so thank you!
    • CommentTimeMar 29th 2008
    Bohren and der Club of Gore - Black Earth

    Nothing like it for late night net explorations...
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    Plaid's soundtrack to Tekkonkinkreet - hard to get hold of but worth it. Best thing they've done in years.
    • CommentAuthorThorn
    • CommentTimeMar 29th 2008
    Behemoth - The Apostasy
    Carphax Files Corp. - Revolutions Vol. 1: Dirt
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    Here's what I did on the radio and will likely be listening to all week (I don't really hear it the same when I'm on the air)...

    Smoke & Mirrors - 3/30/08
    KEUL Girdwood, Alaska

    Harry Partch - The Beginning of A Web
    Harold Nono - Waterspeakers

    Tortoise - Unknown
    Floratone - The Wanderer
    Kaki King - Air & Kilometers
    Jeff Coffin/Charlie Peacock - Rice Dice Mice
    Steuart Liebig/Stigtette- Hector

    Peter Dixon - Jackalope
    Jah Wobble & Invaders of The Heart - Lam Tang Way
    Indus Red - Serpent Danse
    Darbuki Kings - Yasser Ubetcha
    Beat Circus - The Ghost of Emma Jean
    Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha - Black Magic Woman
    Pram - Track Of The Cat

    Accordion Tribe - Utflykt M Damcykel
    Dead Can Dance - Black Sun
    Wimme - Whirling Snow
    Vershki Da Koreshki - Borbannaadyr
    Von Zamla - Antsong/Tail of Antsong
    Gentle Giant - Design
    Kate Bush - Aerial

    Alamaailman Vasarat - Kyyhylly
    IZ - Pebble
    Hurdy Gurdy - Galgen
    Richard Thompson - Needle & Thread
    Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha - Play With Fire
    Blowzabella - Death in A Fen/Brunton Town/Our Captain Cried
    A Hawk & A Hacksaw - In The River
    DAAU - Gin & Tonic
    Anja Garbarek - Spin The Context

    Art Zoyd - Epreuves d’Acier
    Kaki King - Bone Chaos in The Castle
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