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    So: if you bought new comics this week, here's your discussion thread for them.

    Rules: I'm not interested in shopping lists. I want to know what you thought about what you bought, and so do the people reading. If you've got a spoiler element to discuss, use the "hide" button in the reply menubar.

    You will, this week, divide your items into the following two categories:




    Why does this appear on a Thursday? The world outside North America doesn't get their books until Thursday. And a lot of people don't go shopping until the weekend -- consider yourself as providing guidance for the Saturday shoppers.

    Off you go, then.
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    Its good you don't want shopping lists, because this week, mine is looooooong.
    I think, what, 2 of them are your handiwork?
    You money grabbing, glorious bastard, you.

    I'll let you know once I've been into town to get the 20 (!) that are waiting for me.
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    I did read the new Garth Ennis Marvel MAX title: War is Hell.

    It is a well-written and competent piece but it smacks of Ennis' own proficiencies and his unwillingness to experiment with his own skills. It is very well crafted but ultimately safe fare for all Ennis fans.

    I really wish Ennis would go mad and do a Hernandez Bros-style police procedural story about cutesy Satanists and the wubbable puppy dogs that love them.

    War is Hell sits squarely between ME SO HORNY and FUCK YOU GI so I'll say it's a predictable IT NOW JUST YOU AN' ME, ROUNDEYE!

    Thank you for reading.


    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2008 edited
    ULTIMATE HUMAN #3 - Talkie, but fucking good in a talkie kind of way. Issue four is going to be the shit, no doubt about that. I've never been exposed to Mainstream Marvel's Pete Wisdom and Leader characters, but I am loving the Ultimate Wisdom Leader amalgam.

    ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #120 - Why can't Ultimate Spidey Bendis write those Avengers books, too? I swear, it's like night and day. But anyways, this issue appears to be a preview for the upcoming Ult X-Men arc starting with next month's #93, a book I do not read, yet this issue of Ult Spidey was still hella good. The dialogue feels spot-on (like it usually does), and I really dig Immonen's pencil work (even better than Bagley's on this book).

    TRANSHUMAN #1 - My store sold out, so I'm on the list for the re-up in the next week or two. I love the preview pages I've read on Pronea, and besides, it's fucking Hickman.

    AUTHORITY PRIME #6 - I wish I would not have purchased this miniseries. Live and learn. Luckily, it's over now. Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate it; it just didn't light my fire, at all.

    DAREDEVIL #106 - I missed Lark's pencils on this issue. Plus it felt like an unnecessary stop-gap between two arcs. All it has to offer is Ben Ulrich and Foggy Nelson worrying about Matt Murdock's state of mind, while he runs around moping and beating up street thugs (out of sadness). Blargh.

    GRAVEL #2 - Please don't kill me. I'm thinking about dropping this one. I'm just not feeling it, but I may hold out for at least one more issue to see if anything changes. The $4 cost of the book makes me want more meat to it, but all I'm getting is a "boss battle" every issue, with action scenes I find a little hard to follow. I didn't even get my fucked-up-shit fix with this particular issue.
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    ME SO HORNY- my store finally got my copy of fletcher hanks' I SHALL DESTROY ALL OF THE CIVILIZED PLANETS. holy shit this is like insanity in old school comics format. i havent gotten through all of it yet since i am crazy busy this week....more later.
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2008
    Sadly, due to the Bank Holiday, Cardiff has no comics....until tomorrow.

    So I will not get to rave and gripe about this weeks stack until then. Though I will happily gripe about the distribution of comics being marred by a national holiday three days ago...SRSLY, WTF!
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    GRAVEL #2 - Please don't kill me. I'm thinking about dropping this one. I'm just not feeling it, but I may hold out for at least one more issue to see if anything changes. The $4 cost of the book makes me want more meat to it, but all I'm getting is a "boss battle" every issue, with action scenes I find a little hard to follow. I didn't even get my fucked-up-shit fix with this particular issue.

    Can't help the cost, but hold on for "On Ilkley Moor Baht' At", which I think is the next issue, and may be more to your liking.
    • CommentAuthordeadhuman
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2008
    GRAVEL#2- Putting Bill elsewhere with everything we know about Bill. More magician through combat. Building his kingdom from beneath the ground up. Thanx for this great book.
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    Has there been a yes or no on reviewing trades we bought during the week - or is this just for floppies?
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    That's a very modest response, Warren. ;)

    Madmatt213, it's a fine line we walk with GRAVEL in that we're building on previous adventures while keeping in mind that new readers are seeing this for the first time. Warren's initial description of the ongoing monthly included the information that we'd be seeing seven issue story arcs, so, true, we've got a bit of the "boss battle" going on in the early issues for the brand new reader appeal, but as the first story arc progresses, we'll be seeing more tantalizing background bits on Gravel, the Sigsand Manuscript and Thomas Carnacki, and by the time issues #4 and #5 roll out... Let's just say that all HELL breaks loose (you should really dig it, deadhuman)! Hope you stick with us!
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    Not so much FUCK YOU GI as I CAN SEE THROUGH YOUR KUNG FU WITH EASE!, but here we go:

    I picked up Nobuhiro Watsuki's GUN BLAZE WEST, since it was one of those series I used to read in scans and never expected to see over here. Watsuki's better known for RUROUNI KENSHIN, with good reason.

    I don't remember this series being awesome, and...yeah, no, it's still not awesome. Decent shonen stuff, sure, and I love me some Westerns-what-have-speedlines, but it's not awesome. If anything, it reads like a three-quarters-assed copy of ONE PIECE with cowboys instead of pirates...

    But if you're me, that's the interesting part. See, ONE PIECE's Eiichiro Oda used to be an assistant to Watsuki. You can't really see it when you look at KENSHIN and ONE PIECE side by side, though. But here? Watsuki's traded in his angular, angry-shoujo-with-Marvel-villians KENSHIN style in for a more exaggerated and bouncier shonen style, and there's some strong similarities between it and the early ONE PIECE volumes. It's the little things; they both draw pants folds the same way*, and there's a few bits in the early volumes of OP where Oda uses some very, very Watsuki looking speedline effects that he never really uses later in the series. Mouth shapes, bad guy eyes, some costume elements, little things like that.

    The thing is, GBW came out two years after ONE PIECE. So, while I think Oda learned some stuff from his time under Watsuki, I wouldn't be surprised if Watsuki picked up some things from seeing what his ex-assistant did with those lessons. And I have a hunch that his ex-assistant's success might've prompted Watsuki to try something along these lines (of course, I dunno if OP was a hit yet by 2000, when GBW started).

    Anyway, I'll be picking up future volumes, because this shit obviously fascinates me. And too, nobody does speedlines and ink-splatter-impacts like Watsuki.

    *Also supporting Manga Pants Club theory is SHAMAN KING's Hiroyuki Takei, who was ALSO an assistant under Watsuki, is friends with Oda, and is currently slated to draw a comic series for...Stan Lee. Which is weird, because out of the creators I've been rambling about, it's Watsuki who's a giant Marvel fan.
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    Has there been a yes or no on reviewing trades we bought during the week

    Is good.
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    That's a very modest response, Warren. ;)

    Hey, if I'm blowing it, then i'm blowing it.
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    It's not so much that you're blowing it, Warren, it's just that we need to blow the readers... Hold on, maybe I should rephrase that. A statement like that could spark a whole new marketing campaign for Avatar.
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    Me So Horny:

    Transhuman #1: Jonathan Hickman is bringing a new language to comics. He sits you down in this issues, talks to you about science, about commerce, about the sausage-making that would go into getting an enhancement program up and going. He makes you laugh with killer monkeys, he makes you think with devious nerds.All this told in a style of a mockumentary. Jonathan Hickman is bringing the new.

    Small Slices: Jeff Brown in shorter stories. It's more nuanced than his other bio-work. I still like him a tiny bit better when he's not riting about himsef (Big Head) but this is still the best autobio comic creator in a very crowded field.

    All-Star Superman #10: Every issue of this is a treat. I love frank Quietley's art so much, he gets the scale of these stories so dead on and yet he's restrained, simple and elegant. Morrison is cranking out ideas on every page that would fill series for lesser artists. The marvelous thing about this series, these two find a way to make superman interesting, compelling even. They don't put him in punch-ups or try to find villains for him, he's too big for that, they just make the stories round him bigger in scope. The only superhero book I read.

    Fuck You GI:

    Apocalypse Nerd: Peter Bagge is a bit off his game here. It's not that bad, but it lacks tone (eveyone is yelling all the damn time) the characters are hard to keep straight visually and it just stops. No ending, nothing, just stops. It's a solid premise (nuclear attack on Northwest strands techies in the wilderness) but it never pays off. Not his best work.

    Pimp Stole My Money

    Gravel was sold out at my shop. Got the last Transhuman too.
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    @MojoJoseph: Same here! Bloody Zombie Jesus Day, and subesquent ensuing Bank Holidays.
    I KNEW there was another reason I hated them, other than not being able to find anywhere that sells cigarettes, and, as usual, I walk into the store on Thursday, to be reminded, by a rack of week old books.
    Oh well, I did pick up 3 weeks worth today, which was a good 10 or so. T-Bolts was in there, which is a ME SO HORNY.

    As is the Doktor Sleepless Zippo they got in!
    Comic Store: "Oh, Greg, here. I've got a Zippo to tempt you with now."
    Me: "No you don't, I've already got one"
    *Is shown Zippo"
    Me: "...Bastard."
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2008
    @ The Rascal King


    Mine was tricksy...I popped in in the morning and they had emptied the shelves for the weeks releases, so assumed the Bank Holiday had no effect. Then I go back on my lunchbreak (when the releases are finally put out), to find that a sign had been put up instead explaining that Zombie Jesus not only took away my Indie Gay Night the previous Friday (I had been all ready for a protest having been told it was due to 'fascist Christians', only to then learn it was simply the venue didn't have a liscence passed 11pm due to the holiday (dry night would have been fine with me though)), but he had also taken my comics fix, the sneaky, holey handed bastard.
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2008
    @Warren & Mike

    Perhaps I was a tad harsh on the book. I'll stick with it, as long as all hell will be breaking loose. Guess I was just bitter this month that you guys didn't mindfuck me with another reptilian sexual demon.
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    All Star Superman makes ME SO HORNY

    The book is just brilliantly written in both the massive amounts of ideas and imagination as well as the more subtle and human elements. Frank Quitely executes the artwork absolutely brilliantly. I can't think of another artist who can capture the body language of the characters so perfectly while establishing a perfectly believable world in a fantastic setting like the one Grant Morrison has crafted.

    It is the absolute pitch perfect Superman story.
    • CommentAuthorDonburiBoy
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2008
    WildStorm Whore Activate!

    Fuck You GI

    THE AUTHORITY: PRIME #6 of 6 by Christos Gage & Darick Robertson. It was okay. My biggest problem was with the art. It seemed very rough throughout, and I personally like Robertson when he has an inker that isn't Darick Robertson. When I first heard he was doing an Authority vs. StormWatch book, I thought he'd do really well, since he's detailed enough to work the mega-destruction of the Authority and gritty enough for the more street-level StormWatch crowd. As it happened, I felt that the art was really muddy, with some confusing fight sequences. Still, it's nice to have any kind of Authority these days...

    Me so horny:

    THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE AUTHORITY: HAWKSMOOR #1 of 6 by Mike Costa and Fiona Staples. This, on the other hand, was really great. It takes us back to a time before Hawksmoor was recruited by StormWatch, and he's essentially a superpowered hobo. Hobocop. It goes from wacky, over the top sci-fi, to stark, inner-city noir and doesn't lose anything. Never heard of either of these creators before, but definitely digging it. Recommended for StormWatch Vol 1 or Authority fans.

    WILDSTORM REVELATIONS #6 of 6 by Christos Gage, Scott Beatty, and Wes Craig. This has been another fun series. It's kind of like Birds of Prey in the WildStorm Universe, as three Wildcats supporting chracters race around to try and prevent the devastating apocalypse seen in WildStorm: Armageddon. It's a good little tour of the WSU, if you haven't read any of their titles and does a good job of being a compete story in itself as well as setting up next month's NUMBER OF THE BEAST, from Beatty and Chris Sprouse. It's also probably a good book to check out if you were a fan of Ellis' "Change or Die" arc.