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    HAWKSMOOR and REVELATIONS were the big surprises this week. WS:REV has only been a so-so story (with BEUTIFUL art mind you), but that last one was amazing! and HAWKSMOOR had a writer and artist i wasnt familiar with at all, and they knocked it out of the park. made me hornier than a DD cup latina prostitute. also, TRANSHUMAN was (expectedly) awesome. HICKMAN, i know youre on here: i have followed everything youve done since nightly news number one, and will do so until you give me reason not to.

    FUCK YOU GI would have to go to GREEN LANTERN-this issue was filler, plain and simple. recaps even including a multipage retelling of a scene GEOFF JOHNS ALREADY TOLD IN EARLIER ISSUES OF THIS SAME RUN! kinda pissed, since that book is usually the cream of the spandex crop.

    my store got screwed on ALLSTAR, and i didnt get time to read GRAVEL yet...
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2008 edited

    -Daredevil was a good buffer story. I think it's important to get an outside view of the guy every now and then.

    -New/Mighty Avengers just make me wish it was next week already.
    The DD Skrull reveal in NA was a bit weird, but doesn't necessarily mean Brubaker's run has been a joke this entire time....thank God.

    -Usagi Yojimbo was fun. An isolated story that reads like a long Newspaper strip with the punchline on the very last panel.

    -Gravel has fucking Ghost Horses in it, tearing shit up. WIN!

    -Ultimate Human confused me for a bit, only because I had forgotten where #2 left off. A nice, informative detour into the origins of Wisdom/Leader. (I didn't realize you created the 616 Wisdom, Warren)

    All-Star Superman was great as always. I normally can't stand the character, but Morrison/Quietly make him so interesting.


    -Ms. Marvel, I'll admit, I bought for the "Secret Invasion" header at the top. Never really bought an issue of the series before. It read too much like Sex in The City with super powers. FAIL.

    I've got Transhuman waiting for me at home.
    • CommentAuthorAllen
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2008
    I only got the new All Star Superman it was very Me So Horny. Sure it was months ago the last issue came out, and likely months until the next one, but this was a great issue as usual. Superman's will was very intriguing, good to see a human one up Superman in giving a solution to the city of Kandor while never once be condescending or negative towards Supes. The final line of the book sent a bit of chills detailing what he leaves Clark Kent, very wow. Was quite tempted to get Transhuman but I still have the first issue of Nightly News to read (I picked it up day of, it got lost in the shuffle then school kicked into high gear) so want to make sure his writing is for my taste before spendng more money, not to mention one series at a time. And waiting for Gravel's eventual trade as I'm a bit of a poor bastard.
    • CommentAuthorScottS
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2008
    ME SO HORNY for: ALL STAR SUPERMAN which continues to just be a heck of a lot of fun. Enjoyable, well written stories and gorgeous art... so far there hasn't been an issue I haven't been amused to read.

    GRAVEL - not as 'out there' as last issue, as some people have pointed out, but I like the story thus far and I'm liking Gravel as a character. I think the only problem may be that, since it's been a "boss fight" each issue, that could get a little tired if it continues each issue as he goes after another of the Minor Seven (unless he loses a few fights, which could provide a nice switch).

    JACK OF FABLES - it's a Vertigo sit-com, though this issue was slightly under par due to it focusing on the Pathetic Fallacy and Wicked John. I like them both, but as back-up players, not as the stars of the book. This issue came close to being in the FUCK YOU GI section


    The Spirit - I should like this more. Mark Evanier and Sergio Aragones can both write well, and I've been a Paul Smith fan since his run on the X books in the eighties. And yet... it's just not happening. It's a fairly solid story, but it doesn't connect for some reason. I wasn't wild about the Mike Ploog issue either, so it looks like I'll be dropping this one.
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    On Monday, 100 Bullets volumes 10 and 11 (Decayed and Once Upon a Crime) arrived at the house. I have no idea how everyone else has been reading this, but I started about 3 months ago with Volume 1 and have quickly ripped through all the collections, enjoying every fucking bit. (As I progressed through each volume I grew increasing sympathetic towards people that have been reading monthly since 2000 - can't imagine having to wait as this unfolded).

    It's tough to say who's more impressive as the series is closing out - Azzarello or Risso. (And I normally really like Patricia Mulvihill's colors, but Vertigo's insistence on printing on the most-shittiest of paper really kills her neutrals... and not to rant on about coloring too much, but most of Vertigo's books [there are obvious exceptions] lend themselves to this type of palette. Jason Aaron's books are a perfect example of this - true pieces of art that are reduced in potency because of printing on the cheap) Azzarello is in complete control of his narrative - unfolding instead of revealing - and in what is a plot driven book, made me interested in every last character. As for Risso, when I started the series I had never seen anything he had done and I found the art simple and unimpressive. Now, I question whether or not he is better than Mignola - an absolute master.

    I would recommend everyone reading this, but I know that, as usual, I'm last in line. Whatever. 100 Bullets is not too boo-coo, but pure Alabama blacksnake.
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    Working my way through the CEREBUS trades. Reading it in one go you can see the storytelling developing from the early "funny animal" parodies to something far more sophisticated. For all the satire and political commentary, I just love the idea of a cynical, world weary, misanthropic aardvark. The writer can express some pretty dark thoughts about people and the world and send them up at the same time by putting them in the mind of a funny cartoon animal. Because Cerebus is surrounded by more obvious idiots, he (and the reader) can be fooled into thinking he knows what he's doing. Only for everything to collapse into rubble around him and reveal him as the biggest kind of idiot - one who thinks he's in control (the Oliver Hardy Syndrome). Not only is it very funny but I empathise with that.

    SCARLET TRACEs (hard back) - Hugely recommended to anyone who hasn't read this. A beautifully realised world built on the War of the Worlds as Britain uses Martian technology to rule supreme and individual heroism and decency splatter like flies against institutional brutality. Played out with the same grim, unsentimental logic as Wells himself. And it looks really pretty on the nice shiny paper too.

    Ordered the first INVINCIBLE trade because I love everything else I've read by Kirkland (WALKING DEAD is my current favourite comic) but this is paper thin stuff, a tired riff on old ideas. Don't intend to buy any more unless someone tells me it gets better.
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    Working my way through the CEREBUS trades. Reading it in one go you can see the storytelling developing from the early "funny animal" parodies to something far more sophisticated. For all the satire and political commentary, I just love the idea of a cynical, world weary, misanthropic aardvark

    Stop at about ...183-4.

    Anyway so far I have only read Ultimate Human (which I bought while out today as I left it off my order), which I will put under Me So Horny without even a thought.
    I just regret we now have to return to the scientist and industrialist and not simply tell the story of crazy giant skulled British intelligence officer version of The Leader as he uses his giant fucking brain to make other spies' heads explode and possibly give martini swilling sociopaths embolisms. Wouldn't that be fun?
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    i would have to strongly encourage you to keep readin invincible...but you may still not like it. i think its up there with some of the greats right now-he's about to hit #50 and theres continual character growth the whole way.
      CommentAuthorJon Wake
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2008
    Ordered the first INVINCIBLE trade because I love everything else I've read by Kirkland (WALKING DEAD is my current favourite comic) but this is paper thin stuff, a tired riff on old ideas. Don't intend to buy any more unless someone tells me it gets better.

    Honestly, that was my reaction for the first two books. Then I hit the third book and it was a golf club to the temple. Kirkman's a writer who pays off in the long run. Then again, you still might be bored by it.
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    Thanks for the tip. Appreciate that. And will keep the faith. Kirkland hasn't let me down with this other titles.
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2008

    All Star Superman #10: Another amazing issue, Grant Morrison solidfies his place as one of my few favorite creators. This comic in my opinion is the new quintessianl Superman book it's replaced whatever happened to the man of tommorow in my heart as my all time favorite superman story. Spoiler
    Seeing a dying superman tell Lex that he's won and now it's time to ante up and do all the things he swore he could do without superman man around before his death sentence is fufilled was touching and visually rewarding.

    This Issue was great and it saddens me to know only a few issues are left.

    Gravel #2: I'm enjoying this but am pretty lost. I've never read the previous series or managed to grab gravel 0 so I have no sweet clue whats happening story wise. The action and dialogue is sound.Spoiler
    "was that ghost woman fucking horses?"
    and I think a trek to my local trade area for catching up is in order.

    Ultimate Human #3: Another great Ellis production. It's so rare we have an entire issue dedicated to a villains origin story. the Leader has a very interesting rise to power and a somewhat tragic journey there. I enjoyed the dialogue in this throughly and it leaves me wondering how one more issue will tie all this up.

    Scalped: Vol 1 Indian Country This book flew right under my radar. the coaxing of the dude at the comic shop and the cheap cover price warranted a purchase. This comic is amazing. The story is grim and gritty and full of amazing characters that seem to walk right out of a HBO series. The writing has air of Garth Ennis but very much an american version.
    A definite suggested read to all...


    Countdown #6: This is an utter waste of time. I picked up this series becuase I enjoyed 52 and hoped it could achieve similair quality. i was wrong. Its an utter waste of paper with convoluted stories that you would need to buy most of the DC books to understand. A major flaw of mine is I'm a completist and I'm locking forward to Final Crisis by Morrison so I only have 5 issues of this garbage left to go.

    Countdown to Adventure #8 As a fan of 52 I picked this up to look in one my favorite mis match of space farers with Animal Man, Starfire and Adam Strange hoping to read a good story about the next step. Sadly this is not it , I find the dialogue and story often predictable and am happy its finished.
      CommentAuthorMike Wolfer
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2008 edited
    Andre: "Was that ghost woman (spoiler)...?" I don't think that was Warren's original thought; it wasn't mine. But she does love her horses a great deal...

    If you feel a bit lost, don't worry that it is because you have missed something as a result of not reading the previous series. The GRAVEL ongoing monthly is the start of an all-new storyline and any pertinent information you need on Gravel is being dispensed in small doses throughout each issue. Catching up on the prior tales through the trades will give you a better appreciation of Gravel, however. They're not required reading, but I would recommend them (*plug*).

    Edit: Oh- You might want to grab GRAVEL #0. The events of that issue are recapped pretty well in #1 and #2, but you might want to see for yourself how the whole Sigsand quest began rather than hear it second-hand in conversation.
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    Haha Thanks Mike I was just goofing about the spoiler with Warren's previous work and the way it was mentioned often "she really loved horses" I thought it would be funny to draw attention to it. I'm still going to pick up the previous books though I'm a fan of this new one and would like to learn more. Your art is stupendous by the way real gritty and a perfect fit for the book. Thanks for clearing that up for me...and all the great work.

    EDIT: I will do that thanks Mike
    • CommentAuthorErebus
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2008 edited

    Gravel 2: So far so good. I loved the "Strange xxx" series. Re-read my copy of Strange Killings: The Body Orchid.I foresee something big coming up in the next couple of issues.Intervention by one of the Major 7,maybe?

    The ClanDestines 1 & 2 (Alan Davis): Seems like a decent start to the backstory on the freaky Destines, it's got an 80s-90seque feel to it, this mini-series does. The interesting part (which was also refreshing to note) was that, since the page layout is so clustered , there is a lot of story material and dialogue covered in the same number of pages, compared to a lot of current titles.

    Rex Mundi #10 : Arvid continues to dazzle and the Ferreyra covers are juicy as ever.


    The Boys # 16 : Ennis. Ennis. Ennis.This is getting a wee bit disappointing,
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    not new, but i just bought THE END LEAGUE 1+2. holy hell, this book absolutely rages! remender had been alright before, but this book is clearly him stepping up to the BIG BIG time. if you have been on the fence about this (like i was) i cant recommend this enough. sadly, if you only picked up the first one, it is nowhere near as crazed as number two. dont give up on it, because this book clearly has big things and smart ideas aplenty in store.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2008

    All Star Superman 10 - The scans I saw the other day melted my heart. I could not wait to get the fuck out of work so I could get it in my hands. So worth the wait. It is pure magic on each page. The destiny of this book is now cemented - among the greatest Superman runs EVER!

    Ultimate Spidey 120 - This is my marvel equivalent of all-star supes. Give me this Spidey instead of the one with the messy history. Immonen has had me since Nextwave, and I am never letting go!!!

    Ultimate Human 3 - VERY chatty! No fights. But it works, Warren! I wanna see this to the end.
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    Transhuman - Hickman's got 3 titles so far, and they're all amazing. Hickman, you are without a doubt the best new(er) writer in the business. 10 years from now when they're making big budget movies out of your stories, I'm gonna tell people that I was a fan of you since the Nightly News so I can look cool.

    New Avengers - This issue wasn't really amazing to be honest, but it was good enough to make me even more excited for Secret Invasion.

    Mighty Avengers - I keep buying this book in the hopes that it will have crucial elements relating to other titles, and I'm still waiting. This storyline has been considerably better than the past 2, but this series should be so much better.
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    All Star Superman. I might as well jump on the love-in for this book. The most common complaint for Superman is that you can't write him, as he's too powerful, but were that true fully 90% of our greatest myths and stories would never have been. Can this be superhero comics last stand? Will our caped adventurers descend into immature realism?

    Speaking of which, New Avengers and the first Mighty Avengers trade were also on my stack this week. I enjoy Bendis' work on both these titles and enjoyed them. Civil War and its satellites are an example of exactly the kind of "comics aren't for kids at all anymore" thing I hate in superhero comics, but I enjoyed it immensely regardless, and Secret Invasion sounds like it'll be fun. New Avengers, despite the controversy over this week’s issue, was nice, if very quick. Mighty Avengers was fun too, but had me wondering when all the good guys turned bad.

    So I guess to sum up. Me so horny for AS Superman. Me so-so for the Avengerses.
    • CommentAuthorpi8you
    • CommentTimeMar 29th 2008

    Transhuman 1 - Even without Hickman's art, this still looks very good, and the writing's fantastically dense as always, I particularly loved the little background nugget about what constitues cybernetic tech. And the monkeys, gotta love the monkeys.

    Ultimate Human 3 - While a little put out that it was entirely Wisdom/Leader background eating up a quarter of the book, it's a really freaking good background that gets me back to the happy, horny place.

    A little bit above FUCK YOU GI, Terminator 7, the end of the Painkiller Jane crossover, delivers a reasonably solid ending for what it is, but was never going to be spectacular.

    And rounding out the week's purchases, but sitting unread for the moment, is Welcome to the NHK 6, bound to end up in ME SO HORNY.
    • CommentTimeMar 29th 2008
    I thought both the Avengers books took a little dip this week, especially considering Mighty was seeming to get better with Bagley on it rather than Cho (turning Ultron into a sexy chick for no other reason than to let Frank draw more ass is pretty fucking stupid...). The dialog in both read a little like Bendis was rushed to writing each part of the stories, which could have been true considering how much of a workload I think he's been taking on for Secret Invasion. Both strong books, neither great examples of each.

    Regarding the Mack controversy: People are calling him the "New Greg Land", I think that's completely unfair. Mack has continually proven that he has creative and functional ability and never hid his photo referencing from anyone. It's funny, I'm used to Mack having pretty decent anatomy, and him referencing from Hughes is the only time I've seen him slip in that regard. I don't think it's OK that he used Hughes' images without express approval, but that hardly makes him anything like Greg Land. Land repeats poses and uses reference from Hustler and other derogatory publications that demean women. The problem isn't that he photo-references, it's where he references from. There's nothing wrong with photo reference, and many fantastic artists have and do photo reference for a variety of reasons.

    I don't mean to start an argument or anything...I just wanted to get that off my chest.