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    I hate to label it FUCK YOU GI, but the only thing in my holds this week was GRAVEL #2, and after reading it I was kinda in madmatt's camp. Like others here I too missed out on the Strange Kxxxx series way back when. But Wolfer has convinced me at least to finish the arc before I make up my mind on this one.

    I will also report that I was unaware of TRANSHUMAN before reading this thread but have been convinced to pick it up this weekend. Thanks to everyone who mentioned it. This sort of thing is exactly why I'm here.
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    Hellblazer 242 - Diggle has breathed fresh life back into this title.
    Ultimate Human 3 - Not that into Mainstream Marvel so I probably enjoy this more than most. Nice set up for the final issue.
    Countdown 5 - (ducks the sticks and stones being thrown by some!!) I have enjoyed the past 2 issues (and maybe about 10 of the rest). FINALLY the story seems to be going somewhere and knowing that Morrison's Final Crisis waits at the end of this makes me smile.

    Ms Marvel 25 - Bought purely for the SI banner and while it was enjoyable while it lasted, I cannot remember anything about this now. First issue of this title I have bought and probably the last
    New Avengers 39 - average but at least it has some clues for the next Marvel event
    Uncle Sam 7 - Will wait till next issue and then sit down and see if reading them all in one go helps this title make any more sense.

    Mighty Avengers 11 - I started buyig this and NA after Civil War hoping that the two titles would help me get into the Marvel U. Mostly confusion has followed, this issue added annoyance to that.

    Gravel 2 - Now this is here only because for the second month in a row, it hasnt made it to Aberdeen in the same week as the rest of the world. Last month arrived a week later up here, so I will assume that will hppen with issue 2. I really enjoyed Issue 1 but the annoyance at having to wait has got to me this week. I know I can avoid the spoilers on t'web but I have no self control!
    watch me put this in the HORNY section next week.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeMar 29th 2008
    Oh, I liked the "no smoking" sign placed on Wisdom's desk. Nice, if not sub-concious jab at the pussification of characters that smoke.
    • CommentAuthorMark Datik
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008

    Berlin #15 (Jason Lutes) - Great story that's really starting to pick up steam as the Weimar Republic is about to collapse. Lutes has done an amazing job of making each faction (whether you agree with their views or not) credible, giving the entire story a depth that seems effortless. An amazing story that I wish more people were reading.

    Palookaville #19 (Seth) - Continuing the "Clyde Fans" storyline. Tension between the brothers increases as they commit their elderly mother to an old folks home. Liked this story quite a bit as well and Seth's artwork is topnotch as always.

    Omega the Unknown #7 - This is a bit of a cheat as it doesn't come out until next week. The cover and a six page silent story are by Gary Panter. The cover's sweet and the six-pager uses a nice limited palette - red, tan, and black. It's great! His entire story is floating around on the web (that's how I saw it) and I'm mentioning this now so people won't miss out on it. I have no idea about the larger story as I haven't read capes in a looooong time, but if you're in the shop next week you should do yourself a favor and at least check this out.
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    Ultimate Human #3 - Really enjoying this series, it's great fun.

    All Star Superman #10 - Just... phew! Incredible book.

    Blue Beetle #25 - One of those classic, perfectly executed fun superhero romps down in the DC B-list. Again, more fun!

    Jack Hawksmoor #1 - Like some other folks said, this one really surprised me. Good script and great art, I didn't think it'd be anything of anything, but it looks simple and fun and good.

    New Avengers #39 - Not great, but overall I'm digging the whole Secret Invasion build up. It was a well put together book, so it's on the horny side of things.


    Mighty Avengers #11 - I've generally liked Bendis work on the Avengers books but he hasn't been nailing things for a few months now. There are just some great stories, interesting characters and nice scripts that are good, but he seems to be missing beats all the damn time and trying to juggle too much in too short a space of time. In a way it's nice he's not dragging all this shit out, but the timing and crossovers for the last few arcs have seemed more haphazard than planned. Still, they're good books, it just seems to me they could be MUCH better. New Avengers is generally a better book, and this week Mighty dipped for me, I didn't really enjoy much of this issue, it wrapped things up I guess, but too much was forced. Still I did like how both of the Avengers books this week featured characters talking about how the respective teams weren't really the Avengers.

    Countdown #5 - Yeah, sorry lairdofdarkness, but this was a wretched, wretched comic book. I can't remember another book that left me feeling so much like I wasted ten minutes of my life since... Ultimates 3 I guess. I'm pretty sure I read some of the writers talking about how when they did 52 they were flying by the seat of their pants so they had to use world war three to wrap up some of the plots and everything got a bit rushed. Well this is no improvement. Sticking all your leads into one clumsily composed lump so that you don't drop any threads is lazy writing, and the overall plot is still seeming rushed as they some to the end of the series. I love the idea of a weekly comic book with one big plot line, but DC haven't come close to pulling it off yet. This is a mess.