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    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    It's pretty hard to miss a bucket. Now, if the bucket were something that required more precise aim, like a Mountain Dew bottle or somesuch... so I guess stsparky is right about missing so as to never have to use it again.
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    further idle observations...

    On the last page, it looks from the no-tail bubble (or whatever the technical term would be) like Kirk's "we should talk" was telepathy received by Karl despite his tinfoil... maybe because they're in eyesight of each other? Or might the tinfoil damp the "signals" instead of completely blocking them, and Kirk is close enough to get through?

    I also note that whatever it is the Freakangels did regarding the "end of the world," the Whitechapel locals (or at least the cattle-herder) seem to know about it, judging by Kirk's "all things considered." And yet they still consider themselves a community with the Freakangels, as opposed to rounding up torches and pitchforks (or shotguns).

    I like that people are heading out to fish the sunken streets. I wonder where the herder is taking the cattle to graze? (goes to check maps of London for possible local parks of reasonable size)
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    I like that people are heading out to fish the sunken streets. I wonder where the herder is taking the cattle to graze?

    I'm presuming that if you go towards Bow from Whitechapel, in the general direction of Victoria Park, it's likely to get greener.
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    Totally digging every episode of Freakangels. I love the pacing, the characters, the dialogue, the suspense, the casual way totally mind blowing stuff happens. and the art by Paul (and his assistant) is fantastic. This story is building into something awesome. It is a massive treat for fridays. well done!
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    @Warrenellis Would it be any use for you if I ran around the area with a camera snapping pictures of various stuff? Graffiti, local buildings and the like? I'm guessing that you have easy reference to the famous buildings, but there are some interesting little spots around here that you might want to use.

    Just offering.
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    Paul's already done a lot of that, thanks.
    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2008
    It's funny seeing little bits of London that I pass by frequently :]
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    Warren - great work on this, probably the best webcomic currently out is fantastic.

    My question to you is - are you writing this as purely as a webcomic or as a preview of the final graphic novel? I know you have a distinct style, but reading it is quite quick, with the limited number of pages per release, is it your intention on doing it pretty traditionally? As opposed to maybe condensing the work so that there is more to pour over per panel a la Watchmen (which I think each issue could be stretched out as 3-4 page acts that would be alot to pour over each week.)

    I am now working on my own new webcomic and I am looking at a format where the webpage would be similar to a Terry and the Pirates Sunday Strip so when/if a printed version comes out 2 strips can go on one page which fit the comic book size and have a nice thick layout. I know this is a preference and style thing, but wanted to hear more about your thoughts on webcomic layouts.
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    Hmm... think we could do with a small Freakangels FAQ?
    I'm noticing the same questions about episode flow and trades come up quite a bit.

    @caseyvegas.... thanks so much about the art :) If you have a search around the Freakangels section of the forum, you'll find answers to your questions.
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008
    I think we're getting some more clues in the watchtower image of episode 7.
    A Watchtower..? Buildings that look like some monster has been gnawing at them..?
    Cool :-)
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    Hi Paul - thanks for the info - I'll check it out. Is there an answer on there for your work process/timeline/tools of the trade? Would love to see more...
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2008
    Loving Freakangels! It has terrific atmosphere and art is just bloody brilliant (I soooo dislike the overly stylised stuff that abounds these days).
    I've a thing about apocalyptic visions of London, probably because I aint seen the place for eons so , seeing these images are almost a realistic (in my mind) depiction of what should (could) be..of course when I'm over there later this year I'm going to be horribly disappointed to find the place all spic and span and in one piece...
    Oddly enough, I've presently got a carport/sundeck thingy going up in my miniscule backyard that doesn't differ too much from the observation tower...