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    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2008 edited
    Has anyone been following this?
    Rich Johnston's Lying In The Gutters column put me onto it. Here's the most recent column.

    Essentially, it's someone claiming to be a low level employee at Marvel Comics in New York (a copy boy or some such, I believe, though the level of access he has would suggest higher). This guy was blogging on LiveJournal, initially of how psyched he was to get a job at the comics giant, and later with anger at some of the stories coming out of there and how no one will listen to his ideas. In his rage, he started posting pics and spoilers of upcoming projects.

    There was some speculation that he was a plant and this is a publicity stunt...however, the things he is leaking, and when, are a little foolish to be a controlled leak. Also, his LJ was taken down and there are rumours of a witch hunt within Marvel looking for him.

    He is, however, back. And has even salvaged much of his LJ blog. You can now find him here.

    I will point out that following the link actually does lead to some pretty BIG spoilers. So SPOILER ALERT folks.

    His most recent entry? Apparently...

    Joe Q is getting sacked. BIG TIME! And it appears to be largely over the utter debacle that was OMD.

    Now, I will admit I have been very vocal in my distaste with how JoeQ managed OMD, the story and the publicity (some of his statements were simply offensive), and also how he got rid of everything Morrison set up with the X-Men books, but I would not be happy to see him go.

    Aside from a few things I disagree with, he has done a genuinely good job. And frankly, I was quite eager to get the chance to work with him (I will write for Marvel one of these days, I swear lolz).

    Of course, how true any of this is is anyone's guess.

    Frankly, this close to Secret Invasion, the idea that Marvel has been infiltrated by a leak is good marketing.

    But then, as mentioned before, some of the stuff leaked is pretty big stuff, and a lot has come true so far.

    So I was just wondering what everyone else thinks of it all, and if they have been following it?

    (BTW, I put in Internet as it's to do with a blogger, but if this is more suited elsewhere I'd entirely understand)
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2008
    Oh tempted to read...but no want spoilers...

    Anyway, as to your spoiling part:

    I agree that Joe Q has at the very most made the MU interesting again with Civil War, WWH, and from the looks of it, Secret Invasion, but because of some his fucktard mishandling (Sins Past and OMD instantly come to mind), I frankly wouldn't shed a single tear if he is getting sacked.
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2008
    Nope: Wrong forum. Not gonna reward some sad little kid that wants five minutes of fame for fucking with good people's careers, and not going to indulge gossip and hearsay.