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    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2007
    well, it's December, which as everyone knows means it's Trans-Siberian Orchestra season. Mainly I've been litening to Wizards Of Winter
    I took me ma to see them a few weeks ago, amazing show. More lazers than I've seen since contemplating Dr. Evil's one wish.

    Today's listenings:

    Stereo MC's - Deep Down and Dirty
    Empyrium - Weiland
    Delerium - Karma
    Enslaved - Ruun (can't get enough of this right now)
    Watain - Casus Luciferi
    Traffic - John Barleycorn Must Die
    The Lord Weird Slough Feg - Hardworlder
    The Legendary Pink Dots - Nemesis Online
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    still listening to the SCHOLASTIC DETH discography. its so crucial!
    "my eyes fucking bleed, my brain fucking swells!
    on theoretical concepts:my brain fucking dwells!"
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    Raising Sand by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant
    From the Corner to the Block by Galactic
    Hey Venus by Super Furry Animals
    Birth of the Cool by Miles Davis

    I work from home so constant music is the thread that holds my sanity.

    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2007
    I've been listening to a lot of Mountain Goats, recently. And, oh so nerdily, I got the Klein Four cd in the post recently, so a lot of that
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2007
    I've been trying to devour all of Soul Coughing since discovering them far too late in my life cycle.
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2007
    Weezer - The Good Life
    Presidents of the USA - Peaches
    Korn - Twist/Chi
    The Fiery Furnaces - Bitter Tea
    The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Part 1
    Emerson Lake & Palmer - Peter Gunn [Live]
    Dethklok - Murmaider
    Cake - Short Skirt, Long Jacket
    Bob Rivers - Walking Around in Women's Underwear
    The Fratellis - Baby Fratelli
    The Who - Pinball Wizard
    The Clash - London Calling
    Cream - Sunshine of Your Love
    Radiohead - Karma Police
    Third Eye Blind - Jumper
    The Eagles - Hotel California
    Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger
    Blues Traveller - Hook
    The Beatles - Octopus's Garden
    Third Eye Blind - Semi-Charmed Life
    Radiohead - Creep
    The Beta Band - Dry The Rain
    The Grateful Dead - Me and My Uncle
    The Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil
    R.E.M. - It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine!)

    All at work, over speakers. I love this job sometimes. I should see if I can get away with Mindless Self Indulgence - Stupid MF ... but for now I'm gonna dig on some Tower of Power
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    Right now I'm listening to the Rocket from the Tombs collection. Even though it's almost all covers of Stooges songs and some that became Pere Ubu songs it still makes me want to take a lot of speed and dance around my room.
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2007
    Balkan Beat Box, a former Gogol Bordello member, and a giant cast of others, doing middle eastern flavored world music. Cool stuff.
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2007
    Emerson Lake & Palmer - various tracks...
    • CommentAuthorDemarc
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2007
    Switching between VNV Nation's Judgement, Jumbo's Restaurant, and Dill's self-titled album.
    I have to listen to music by the album. If it doesn't come in a logical order, I don't know what to feel.
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    Just listened to hollow earth radio and caught brad dunn - horse of plenty.

    a genuine wow.
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    Evil stupid colleague just tortured me for 45 minutes with some hellish Green Day/Jive Bunny hybrid, and so now I'm listening to Saltbreakers by Laura Viers, which is pretty much the polar opposite of that.
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    just got the nine inch nails 8" single for survivalism and the racebannon/mara'kate split ( that someone sold to the store? awesome for me!). happy.
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    Listening to Halou's Wholeness & Separation LP at the moment
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2007
    VNV Nation's Judgement, Jumbo's Restaurant, and Dill's self-titled album.
    I have to listen to music by the album. If it doesn't come in a logical order, I don't know what to feel.
    Agreed on the album listening. I gave up shuffle play in 1995, so the wee iPuds are especially confounding to me. I love technology, just not the dumbing down of things artistic.

    Although the real reason I quoted your post is because our copy of said VNV Nation album went missing some months ago, and neither the woman nor myself have had the heart to open every other CD case in hopes of finding it. Yet.
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    oh the times i havent been able to listen to things because of that same reason...the woes of having crates and crates of music.
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2007
    Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    Jethro Tull's Christmas album

    What? I was in the mood for it today.
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    hurricane jane (Black Kids remix) by Beige

    Emily Loizeau

    Asboi Seksu

    The Black on White Affair
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2007 edited
    blood brothers-young machetes.
    thank god they got good again after the disaster that was the CRIMES album. perfect example of what happens when a hardcore band decides they want to make a living off of it: three amazing lps, then one total fucking shite. then back to the crazy stuff once they realize its just not gonna happen.
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2007
    That's the first time I've heard anyone express the opinion that Crimes wasn't their best album. The show I saw on the Crimes tour was definitely better than the last one though.

    Right now, I'm listening to the latest Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer and a mix of obscure soundtrack music a friend made.