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    From today (Monday) until Friday, Richard von Stevens VIII, creator of the brilliant DIESEL SWEETIES webcomic and newspaper strip, workaholic and 24/7 cryptoid-stabbing netizen who bleeds bacon when you cut him will be hanging out in this thread. His comics: he will show you them. Including e-books and stuff. And probably also talking about reptoids and Art Bell. He is here to take your questions and make you pay attention.

    Say hello to R Stevens now.

    -- W
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    Hello, R Stevens. By cosmic force or pure coincidence, I happen to be wearing one of your t-shirts at the moment. It says "Play Old Video Games." I'm looking forward to this thread. Welcome aboard!
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    Richard von Stevens VIII [...] bacon [...] will be hanging out in this thread.
    Does he know this, yet?

    Well, I guess he will, soon enough. Hi, Richard!
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    Yeah, we sorted it out last night while you were unconscious.
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    Hello Mr Stevens!

    How did you decide on the particular Sweeties art style, and roughly how long can it take to produce a single strip?
    • CommentAuthorMDickey
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    Hello Mr. Stevens,

    Damn fine to have you here!
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    Rich is the reason my phone is always vibrating with Twitter messages. I'd stop paying attention, but life would be less interesting.
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    Greetings! I look forward to your postings.
    • CommentAuthorrstevens
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    I'm here and making coffee LIVE on the nubber-wub. Howdy!


    Ted: It was primarily an accident. I had my first boring desk job and gave myself a month to design and start a comic strip while financially stable. (I'd been freelance before that) Robot love was the concept and I thought my inked art style was too typical and boring to get anyone to notice. A couple weeks into experimentation, I made some icons in Photoshop and the rest just happened.

    With a complete script I can theoretically do all the production on a strip in an hour or so. I've gotten a little too into editing and re-editing as I work, so a typical comic is more in the 3-hour range. There's a lot of tiny kerning, coloring and facial adjustments that I can't stop myself from doing. It is becoming an illness.
    • CommentAuthorrstevens
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    I was worried about Twittering too much a few weeks ago, but the followers keep going up. It's the closest I've got to a talk show and stand-up routine right now.

    What webcomics do you guys read aside from FREAKANGELS? Ignore mine and list some favorites as we talk.
    • CommentAuthorCraig Shaw
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008 edited
    Hello, R Stevens. I have no idea who you (yet) are, but anyone who bleeds bacon gets a chance to grab my attention.

    EDIT: My choice of webcomics are horrendously normal: CAD, Achewood, Overcompensating and Penny Arcade. Yes, I am ashamed.
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    A former colleague of mine spent about a week in the office going through the entire DS archive. Do you condone this behaviour?

    Some of my favourite webcomics are Lucid TV, Achewood and A Softer World. Yeah, I'd say those are the three.
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    One webcomic I enjoy is Randall Munroe's poorly drawn but easily relatable xkcd. Did you ever get your chance to check out the ball pit? I seethe with jealousy.
    • CommentAuthorrstevens
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    MB: We were at a talk in NYC a few weeks back where I blamed webcomics for the impending recession. So yeah, I condone that kind of behavior.

    There are worse ways to spend your days:

    drink the blood of babies
    • CommentAuthorrstevens
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    Brandon! I got to talk to Randall at a show this weekend. The ball pit is open for discussion next month if there's time at ROFL CON. What a relaxed dude he is. Very approachable.
    • CommentAuthorrstevens
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    Warren isn't kidding about reptoids and bacon. I love paranormal, conspiracy and edge science stories and will never turn away from bacon photos.
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    I must hear more on the Reptilluminati!
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    So you are the target market for this product then. Mystery solved.
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    Ooh, exciting times!

    Richard, thank you for colourful robottery you deliver daily. It does make my time on the internet a good deal more robotty. While you're here, I'd like to poke you a bit and say "More Torpor please!", because I miss that little guy.

    With regards to other webcomics, we had a discussion a few months ago on my Ell-Jay about how ace Scary Go Round is and why you're not such a big Achewood fan. I still think Scary Go Round is the business, and will continue to love Achewood, too.

    Also, I recently caught up on QC after taking a break for a few months. In about eighty strips, the action had moved forward I think 48 hours, so I'm figuring the odd burst of archive reading every few months is the best way for me to enjoy those adventures.
    • CommentAuthorrstevens
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    I see the value in Achewood, it just began to leave me a little cold when it turned into the Ray Smookles Teh Awesome and Roastbeef has Mental Illness show. If I could be guaranteed Mr. Bear, Lyle and Phillipe once a week it would be a completely different story.