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    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    • CommentAuthorrstevens
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    Speaking of the edge of the world- this story on driving the Alaska highway is one of my favorite discoveries in months.
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    Woven bacon:

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    If I could be guaranteed Mr. Bear, Lyle and Phillipe once a week it would be a completely different story.

    The original core cast do get the short end of it, which is sad. Phillipe is a delight and I do wish we could see more of the little lad.

    (Unintentional Rhyming is GO!)
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    Wooo - hellooooo thar rstevens ^_^

    I want bedding made from woven bacon.
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    Stevens and Diesel Sweeties in Whitechapel? Sweet!
    I've been reading for some time now Scary Go Round
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    Hi Richard!! Lick him, kids, he tastes like bacon!!

    I read webcomics in a sort of scattershot way, usually once every week in a big clump instead of checking every day, and I tend to read Freakangels, DS, Dinosaur Comics, A Softer World, Achewood, xkcd and whatever else random friends send me (which can be a lot!). I used to be obsessed with PBF, but haven't loved the recent ones.

    My first favorite webcomic was of course SexyLosers.
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    Hello ^_^
    I haven't read a lot of webcomics lately, but I enjoy slow wave.
    • CommentAuthordocjay
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    I must say, Diesal Sweeties is a favorite of mine. So welcome to the Ellis Jungle
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    Don't listen to Irene. Richard only tastes of pixels and regret.
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    Wow! rstevens, bravo on playing those tight pixel grids like a grand piano to make every emotional expression under the sun.

    webcomics - all mentioned plus Cat and Girl. Which is possibly my favourite.
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    I had a co-worker who looked like and acted extremely like 'indy Rock Pete' - and during the time he graced us with his presence - I got the savvier members of the crew reading the comic due to this. You've got me hooked on Octopus Pie though. Your guest strip there seemed very trippy.

    As a Jewish kid - we used sliced pastrami instead of actual bacon. I'm surprised Pete doesn't have memories of this.

    Lastly, have you noticed a connection between Reptoids and extinct volcanos?
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    If we weave a bacon quilt, what shall it be stuffed with? Bacon crumbles?

    XKCD and Penny Arcade, of course. Also Dork Tower, PvP, SinFest, Perry Bible Fellowship, and a relative newcomer, Hijinks Ensue.

    What about you, Mr. Stevens? Whose other work do you keep up with?
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    hello mr. stevens and welcome. i have listened to art bell oh from around 1997 and now coast to coast am with george. good stuff and i look forward to reading your thoughts this week.

    yup ~ bacon good!
    • CommentAuthorrstevens
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    Funny you guys should keep bringing up PVP. We may have a surprise for you later this week.


    I follow Octopus Pie, Scary Go Round, Goats and Boy on a Stick & Slither religiously. Probably about 10x that on a now-and-then basis.

    If you dig page-by-page sequential stuff like FreakAngels, you should check out Family Man and Dicebox.


    I love Mondays. This is my big, fat, long day to finish up batches of coloring, write freely and catch up on talk radio. Turning on last night's C2C in about 30 seconds if you want to play along at home.
    • CommentAuthorjhjester
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    Do you find it difficult being both the wittiest and most handsome man in webcomics? I think it was two years ago I saw you at a webcomics panel at San Diego Comicon. It was Euphoric.
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    aside from Diesel Sweeties I don't really read any other web comics, the closest I get is reading the back log of The Maakies and sometimes The Boondocks even thought neither of them are "web comics" really.
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    Hi, Mr. Stevens! Diesel Sweeties is the first thing I read in the morning, making the journey from unconsciousness to work desk a little easier.

    I also read Dresden Codak.

    Choc bacon

    I'm also considering trying this product. I've posted it elsewhere here, but feel it appropriate to post it here too, for your benefit.

    I've also wanted to ask you; How is the daily print comic working out for you?
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    Besides DS, I read Templar, Arizona; Girl Genius; PvP; Octopus Pie; Supernatural Law; Sinfest; Johnny Subconscious; Freakangels, and the Book of Biff. For a while I was following TOZO - The Public Servant, but I've recently lost interest.

    By the way, Finder has started up again after not updating for a few weeks. Fourteen new pages over the last two weeks.

    And I like the really thick-sliced, hickory-smoked bacon. I buy a 10-pound pack of it every few weeks and it usually gets eaten up quickly (my whole family loves bacon).

    Looking at webcomics, I've noticed that the unfortunate social schism between strip-comics and comic-books in the print world seems to be repeating itself on the Intertubez. This makes me sad. Do you see a way to build some bridges?
    • CommentAuthorrstevens
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2008
    "I've also wanted to ask you; How is the daily print comic working out for you?"

    It's hard work but I'm enjoying it for the most part! I still depend on my website and t-shirts for survival though.

    "Looking at webcomics, I've noticed that the unfortunate social schism between strip-comics and comic-books in the print world seems to be repeating itself on the Intertubez. This makes me sad. Do you see a way to build some bridges?"

    Do you mean that people tend to read only one comic-style or the other? I don't think it's quite as separate online as it is in the real world just due to cost, but it could be better. Strips seem to be more prevalent on the intertube simply because people like them with their morning coffee. Linkage seems to stay mostly on one side or the other, probably because the creators of one kind of strip enjoy that kind of strip.

    I bet we could blur the lines nicely if some of the comic strip types wrote longform works using their name and/or characters.