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    • CommentAuthorrstevens
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008
    Un ... limited bacon? What is this, the internet?
    • CommentAuthorboxbrown
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008
    well, rather than making this a ridiculous self-promo fest, as I am wont to do. I will discuss actual webcomics that I like. I don't follow many religiously. But, Cat and Girl has become a new obsession for me. I think the style of art is so beautiful. It's enough just to look at them. But, then the content like slaps you upside the head too. Wonderful!
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008
    damn you, sirs and ladies! attacking my senses with bacon. i was clean for 3 months.

    all the webcomics i read have been mentioned. all but: three panel soul, Smile: A Dental Drama, and apple geeks.

    someone at Dragon Con last fall took a picture of me in your 'Obscurity Hates Company' shirt, 1st edition. i shudder to think what's been done to my image since then.

    i don't have any questions. just random statements and old timey bacon.

    bacon yum
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    Any plans on making thick dead tree collections of your work? I saw you at TCAF last year and I did buy the slim Volume 1 book and enjoyed it. I just wished there was more.

    Thanks for making your archives available.
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    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2008
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    <blockquote>the one you know as ferocious_j</blockquote>Do you mean Ferocious Jon the creator of <a target="_blank" href="">Dogblog</a> and <a target="_blank" href="">Spider Death Count</a>? If he stopped at only 14 baskets <i>it was an act of kindness</i>. Mommy bacons tell stories about Jon to bacon children to get them to behave, and it works. You will notice that there is almost no bacon gang activity these days, the man has made our streets safe. These godforsaken bacon streets. He awakens aching to make bacon.

    <img src="">
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    Hate to disagree with the Big Flowchart... but opinions differ re. pants. I recall a comment from Joe Haldeman years back, where he said the best way to cook bacon was nude - that way, you don't get the heat up too high and make it spit.
    Either that or he liked nekkid cooking.

    And I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Scalzi yet.
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    Libby's introduced me to the wonders of cooking bacon on a George Foreman grill. It's actually quite good.

    Yay. Nihilist baconpunk FTW. I love me some Cat and Girl.
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2008
    Rstevens, glad to see you here. I love the PDF packages! keep 'em coming!

    Hope you stick around longer than Friday.

    On a bacon-related note, my wife tries feeding me Morningstar Farms Veggie Bacon substitute.

    she's trying to kill me.

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    Talk about cruel and unusual punishment....

    Veggie Bacon a byproduct of the 7th circle of hell...jsut not cool to serve to fellow human beings.
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    I was wondering, Mr. Stevens;

    Since you're here for the week with us, would consider whipping out one cartoon exclusively to us? :)
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2008
    Yes, give us comics!
    ...or bacon, whichever comes first.
    ...I love bacon.
    • CommentAuthorrstevens
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2008
    Oh, folks. If I wasn't constantly behind and producing to the point of broken wrists! Let me dig up some secret stuff and come back in a few.
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    There seems to be bacon here. A veritable epidemic of fry-able pork produce.


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    The name's Bacon, Crispy Bacon...
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2008
    Mr. Stevens,
    i forget that you are brilliant, then i re-read and i remember and that's really all i had to say.

    please return to non-flaccid bacon win-ness.
    • CommentAuthorrstevens
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2008
    Back to nootropics-

    I really love Piracetam. This isn't a recommendation because I don't honestly know if it works... but damn, if the placebo effect isn't wonderful. I feel like Reed Richards with less education and a permanent head injury. Life is slightly more interesting and funny with just a touch of emotional detachment. Perfect work mood.

    Why people buy illegal drugs off of street dealers when you can order nutraceuticals off the interweb is beyond me.

    One of these days I wanna do an Ibogaine and Red Bull-fueled week and write a terrible novel.
    • CommentAuthorrstevens
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2008
    Ferocious J is one of about twenty people I would save on a space arc when civilization ends. The other 19 are women. Sorry, guys.
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2008
    The other 19 are women

    "Please present functional uterus at the boarding gate."?
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2008
    Argh. The advent of the net, in some ways is a terrible thing....I used to sub to Diesel Sweeties, but times change, the net grows, computers crash and links get forgotten in the trample for input.Many thanks in pointing me back to the wholesome goodness of Diesel Bacon, oops, Sweeties...