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    • CommentAuthorasfaltkatt
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2008
    Hello people. My name is Marianne, currently residing in Oslo, and studying political science. I'm an amateur photographer and collector of the weird and shocking stuff you can find on the internet, love graphic novels and science fiction literature (when it isn't all about the tech), and hate my own ability to procrastinate by browsing forums such as this one.
    • CommentAuthorjohnmuth
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2008 edited
    My name is John. I probably did this when WC first opened, but since then I've become a little more talkative - I'm up to 60 comments! - and having made a few one friends through here now, here's my chance to make more.

    I'm not the Jon Muth that worked on Meltdown, Sandman or even the old "M" adaptation of the old Fritz Lang movie. I get asked that all the time. (I'm also not Alex Ross or Charles Vess - but am controlled by a girl genius. (Inside Joke) I am a freelance designer/illustrator. Worked on a couple comic professional's websites and my largest claim to fame is designing the karate uniforms, patches,website and pretty much everything for the one and only:
    Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris - and not me

    Which makes me the hero of every person in Ohio (where I originally came from) and no, I'm not afraid to admit it.

    Other than that, I'm about to migrate from the east coast to the west. I have a three year old - the aforementioned genius. And there's always the possibility that I may bestow upon the world, a comic with my name which may sell thousands of copies just on the name - and only for all those readers to be disappointed.

    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2008
    Hello everyone. My name is Gekko. I'm a European man, meaning, I'm so fond of Europe I like to go here and there as often as I can, from Dingle to Odessa, from Trondheim to Porto. I live in France.
    I like Palahniuck and Murakami (and many other writers) I like to learn bits of foreign language, actually languages fascinate me, their logic that is. At the moment I like the music of Fangs, of the Chromatics as well as TV on the Radio or Animal Collective, or, revival phase, Strawberry Alarm Clock and Aprhodite's child. Three of my novels have been published but I don't attract readers (which means I write shit) As a hobby I take pictures of urban insignificant sights, I might upload some of them on Sunday evenings here.
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    i don't think i ever introduced myself on this board. i'm ivan, i write comics. today i wrote skrulls and vikings and teenagers and a giant dog. i just got back from about 4 months on 14 airplanes through 5 countries in south america. the november-february archives of have quite a few pictures.

    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2008
    My name's Paul. I maintain my sanity by spending money on the creative endeavors of others. My childhood is full of stories that I enjoy telling.

    I grew up in Honduras, Central America. My father was a Baptist Missionary, and a control freak. I was home schooled by my emotionally muted mother. I recently learned that before I was born my father was arrested for soliciting gay sex from an undercover police officer in Texas. It was after this that my father went to school to become a minister/missionary, and having another kid (that's me) was my parent's way of reaffirming their relationship. I'm a post-soliciting-gay-sex-reaffirmance baby.

    When I was nineteen years old my parents divorced, and it was because my father had cheated on my mother with one of my Hispanic ex-girlfriends from Honduras. My ex and my father married soon after. I think she did it for a green card, and he did it for young nookie (he still lies to himself about being gay, or even bi). My father told me that he was keeping a calendar of all the times they had sex.
    The marriage didn't last long. She was mouthy, and one day while driving she goaded him by talking about how much better lovers Latin men were over white men. He responded by repeatedly slamming her head into the dashboard. It wasn't long after that she came at him with a pair of scissors. I'm not sure if she ever got that green card.

    That's all for now!
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    Hi, I'm Michael and i live in Adelaide, Australia. I do a variety of things (mostly half-arsed) but the most time consuming thing of the moment is taking 6 months off work to be a house dad.

    Ant and his dad.
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2008
    Hi there.

    I'm Arran.

    And I'm a robot... forged by uh... Hephaestus himself. Ya. He created me to be a... uh, super-bad, ass kicking army of one. Because he was pissed at the time.

    What? The ancient Greeks had robots. Look it up.
    white button
    I'm an ancient battle-bot.

    But you see.... I changed my programming... because I wanted to be a lover, not a world destroyer. So I became an artist/filmmaker. Because I figured that's where the love is right? Well... I've been doing this shit for the last 4... thousand years or so? And if I don't start seeing some love REAL SOON I'm going to go ahead and revert to my old god's-grudge programming and I'm going to tear this whole place apart!

    But for now I'm still a lover. So don't be scared. Just show me some love. Here's my website where you can check out the work I do with my brother.

    Ya I work with my brother... but he's not a robot... he's a um... mer... maid.

    Wild! While I was writing this 'IMA Robot' started playing on my! For real! ...Great, now nobody is going to believe a thing I say.
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    It's May - new thread, yes?
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    I live in New Zealand. I haven't had a haircut since Feb 1994.

    I've written a couple of novels that I should submit to publishers someday. I'm making a documentary. I play in a band. I blog.

    Mostly I lurk here for the book and music threads, and skim for news.
      CommentAuthorCaleb Monroe
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2008 edited
    Hello, I'm Caleb.

    Was about on occasion on The Engine, but have been doing less message boarding, more writing lately.


    My Website

    Comic Creator Services

    Comic Writer Services
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    There is a May thread availible for intros. It's hiding at the very top of the main page - although it does move on occasion. ;)

    Did you used to post on DPH? That's an unusual, very neat, name.