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    One of the all-time great noir artists has passed away:
    • CommentAuthorSteerpike
    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2008
    I'll never forget seeing Rififi at the Manhattan Film Forum. Supposedly it's being remade with Al Pacino, due out next year. Grr.
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    And Topkapi is being remade as Thomas Crown Affair Two, directed by Paul Verhoeven and with Fierce Pierce returning to have lots of OAP sex on uncomfortable looking stairs.

    I've never seen a Dassin movie, but a guy I despise tells me Topkapi is terrible. So I'm greatly looking forward to seeing it eventually.
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    Has everyone already forgotten the original NIGHT AND THE CITY?

    Dassin made one of the best downbeat London noir movies of all time.
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2008
    THIEVE'S HIGHWAY is worth a look. Richard Conte is one of my favorite actors whom nobody ever seems to pay much attention to.