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    well, since the live show thread was probably about to take a turn towards this, i figured i would head it off. as some of you know by now, i am a music nerd/snob (figured i would be honest...) and i tend to dislike the whole"finding random bands on the internet" thing. i would rather hear some word of mouth info from you guys. lets share some local bands (please please please try to keep it that way) that you feel are meritorious. include as much info as you can, with either embedded mp3s or links to band pages. i will compile a solid phoenix one shortly, feel free to go nuts on this thread. information!!! is!!!! free!!!
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    oh, you speak my language so fluently...
    bands mostly arranged in order of how well i know them:

    look what i did- post-whatever-the-fuck-you-kids-call-it-hardcore with major pop overtones. if anyone likes, my boyfriend is their "official historian", which means if you ask him nicely, he is authorized to send you any and all of their back catalog. his aim screenname is feildmouse (spelled just like that).

    born empty- superhappyfun power-pop, with bongos. also, they have lots of hair.

    paper rival- formerly known as keating. went from a very emo band to a very... indie band. don't know how else to describe them.

    spoken nerd- secular-christian whiteboy hip-hop. if i have my story straight, he grew up on tennessee's resident hippie commune.

    darla farmer- i've only seen them once, but they were awesome. they have a horn section.

    ...and because i am a supportive girlfriend, allofher twitch. he lets me mix his songs.
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    While I haven't really gotten into the local music scene around Cleveland as much as I'd like, I do have one introduction to make.
    Whitechapel, meet Mr. Gnome, Mr. Gnome, Whitechapel.
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    Originally from San Francisco, now in LA: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

    Edited to add Scissors For Lefty, another San Francisco outfit.
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    The now-defunct Stir-Fry Rattlesnake in San Diego.

    More from them.

    What the lead guitarist (Erik) is now doing...
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    Okay - I didn't mean to EMBED Youtube videos, those were just links originally...
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    I always thought pretty highly of two Hardcore/Punk acts we have around the Burgh here, The Last Hope and Caustic Christ
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    Look, I will start off with this. I am from Louisville, Kentucky (USA). I go out in this sleepy lil hamlet often. I know lots of local artists. Different vibes, and good for that. Old school faves here are Bodeco, which my friend Southside is the newest guitarist. Also, he is doing background guit for spoken word with Ron Whitehead (Nobel nominated poet, local University prof, red wine drunk and all around kook), a collaborator with Lee Ranaldo, Sigur Ros and Hunter Thompson. Fuckin' great live. Also check out J.Glenn (one man band and Hasil Adkins fanatic), Slow Break (as close and as far away to Sonic Youth in the 00's you're gonna find), Wax Fang, My Morning Jacket, Ultra Pulverize (wow dunno howta classify), Adventure, The Glasspack ohh fuckit any of these local cats probably have myspace vanity projects and their friends will lead you in the way of the city's finest. My keyboard's been drinking and I need to buy it another round.
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    Many Machines on Nine - MM9 have gone through a few stylistic changes since they formed, and the changes keep coming. They started off sounding a little bit nu-metal, but then dropped their turn-tablist and for a good while were hardcore/metal with a strong electro undercurrent. Now they're going even more electro, and you could almost call them Dance Hardcore/Metal. Talented, funny and humble guys. Even though I live about 1,000 Kms away from their homebase, I consider these guys local 'cause I've travelled down to Sydney a few times to see them.
    Also, MM9's frontman Daniel Sutherland has (had?) another project called Switchkicker. It's on the backburner for now, maybe for good, but it was awesome while it lasted.

    The Red Paintings - These guys have actually done a bit of touring in the states with Dresden Dolls (don't hold that against them), so you might have heard of them? They're sort of arty rock, they dress up in kimono's, have statues of aliens and the virgin mary on stage, have people painting at their live shows (both paid artists and people out of the crowd) and play a slightly-progressive, slightly-experimental brand of rock.
    These guys are from Brisbane, so they are actually 'local' for me.
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    Mr. Gnome puts on an awesome show.

    Columbus, Ohio is overflowing with bands. I'll post more later, but for now I'll just mention one: The Electric Grandmother

    EG plays Sitcomcore. Unfortunately, there's no way to capture the magic of a live performance.
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    I know loads of good local bands, dude. That's something the area I live doesn't have a lack of ... here we go:

    Progressive Grindcore or something like that. Maybe allready internationally known, but they're from my area and I watched their development from an early state on ...

    Post-Hardcore?/Mid90ies-Screamo?/whatever. Had to change their name from "Kill.Kim.Novak" when the actress heard of 'em. Great band. They're pretty intense, live.

    Thrash Metal. Their guitar player and main songwriter's a Brit by the way. They're very good!

    Band named after that bionic dude played by Lee Majors. It's more of a fun-thing, allthough the music's pretty good and like a Grind/Metal/Hardcoce-mixture. Together with the sometimes really silly german lyrics they're something like our local A.C. or S.O.D. ... even if not that provocative ...

    Hardcore-Band some of the Austin-guys play in as well.

    Just a good melodic, slightly progressive Metal-Band combining modern and tradtional aspects of the genre.

    The TVE Singer's 2nd Band, playing Rock'n'Roll.

    Talkin' about Rock'n'Roll - these guys are doin' something like Motörhead with Danzig-Vocals ...

    Stupid name, but great songs. Modern Kick Ass-Metal or whatever you would like to call it.

    and for those who felt of this as too much noise and testosterone-driven "heads against the wall" kind of crap, I give you ...

    ..another act with a stupid name but great music. This is more of an experimental (surprise:) electronic Act. Can't tell you an exact genre definition for what he's doin'.

    and if you like stuff like that, you should check out
    as well. Some dork from cologne I know (Hello Hofee ("lc"), If you're still googleing all day, where in the web people talk about your crap, go eat my shorts or something!) making music with his computer and actual instruments....

    I think this is enough. For now.
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    Art of Burning Water - Melvinsy/Mastodony/Heavy/Sludge London based noisy bastards. I love 'em.

    Palehorse - Doomy/Sludge twin bass metal from Londontown.

    Capricorns - Stonerish but groove ridden metal with old members of Orange Goblin, Bridge & Tunnel and Dukes of Nothing.

    They Don't Sleep - Post rocky, godspeedISH band from laandan with haunting melodies and amazing piano skillz

    Trencher - Casio Grindcore. need i say more?

    and judging by what i've seen of you before Mr Distort, i can recomend also Narwhal, Flatlands, The Mirimar Disaster, Rolo Tomassi, Manatees, The Ocean Fracture, Sika Redem, Down I Go, The Ghost of a Thousand, Snowblood, Kaddish, Crydebris, Eden Maine, Archives, Silent Front

    All good solid British metal :) and i have about a hundred more if you fancy them.
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    I really like Capricorns. Ruder Forms Survive is a favourite.
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    @offtandiscord: Oh, I think I'll have to check all those bands later.
    By the way I think Britian has always had a very creative and attractive scene regarding bands from the field of "alternative/metal" constantly since end of the 90ies.
    (have been totally love with the October File album last year, for example)
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    yeah, we've always had the bands, just never the money, which is why they never last...
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    Do you know something about the current status of Twin Zero? It has been quite since som gigs in summer ...
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    Reuben, who writes all the twinzero stuff, is busy guitaring in Johnny Truant at the moment. so pretty much on hiatus although i've not spoken to the bastard in a while so i don't know his plans...

    now they are also a fucking cracking band, especially when they manage to get two drummers and the full lineup together at the same gig.
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    Wild Stallions... They genuinely sound unique. And hillarious/brilliant.
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    Johnny Truant is of course a great band as well.
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