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    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008
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    Metal metal metal...
    Doesn't anyone listen to singer songwriters anymore?

    On that, here's my good friend Amber Room. I think you all should download and listen to Back Porch.
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    Caustic Christ

    if youre from near casutic christ, there a TON of good bands that are still together or just recently broke up. this is some good shit guys! i heart whitechapel!
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008
    I try to see as many local shows as I can. We've got a few killer bands and a lot of good ones. Its a good time to be into rock music.

    Candy Apple - Psychadelic garage with the cutest bass player north of The Bay.

    La Fin Du Monde - Instrumentally awesome art rock i guess.

    Aubrey Debauchery
    and the Puke Boots - Singer/Songwriter Aubs Debauch now has a full band!

    The Makai - metal staple.
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    how could i forget miasma? ridiculous. then of course you need to add Guapo to the list. and then also Alexander Tucker, but there is no audio online for Stargazers Assistant who consist of members of both miasma and guapo and had mr tucker as a special guest for a rare live appearance once. mmmmmm droney.
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    i was going to just go nuts and get on every good local phx band, but i decided to just keep it concise, with the best of the best. oh yeah!
    george moshington! circle pits and sing alongs, fast punk fun. their shows can get pretty out of hand, ive been: shot with fireworks, mobbed by naked dudes, pasted with flour, water, and birdseed, hit with large sandwiches and oversized cupcakes, etc... oh yeah and my friends ass being lit on fire with rubbing alcohol. im proud to have sang for these guys as a fill-in when needed.
    red queen! metallic grind/violence. they have only played one show, but these four guys have about 9 bands, four records and about five tours under their belts between them so they are pretty tight right out of the gate. very gorlock influenced, especially the drums.
    netzeah are some of the aforementioned dues, but this is more of their indie rock with loud parts band. definitely not punk or metal, but very mid 90s east coast emocore influenced.
    landmine marathonare on the verge of something big- they are metal, but coming from a grind/diy background so they are still good. i believe they recently referred to their sound as "battle shred", lots of bolt thrower and suffocation influence with brutal female vocals. also tour a lot, keep an eye out if you live on the west coast-they tend to hit you guys about twice a year.
    run with the huntedsound straight edge, but i dont think they are 100%- nice guys who play melodic boston type hardcore with massive MASSIVE sing alongs. they hit up socal a lot as well, so keep yr eyes out for that. also:movie nerds.
    warfairare blown out crust noise grind. brutal as fuck, too bad they draw a crowd of mostly retard crusty kids. with dogs. and ass flaps. (they dont like me).
    and lastly (for now, hahahaha i have a huuuge list) subvacuum of nothing are a straaaange two man prog/hardcore/violence beast. they are fucking monstrous live, and their recordings sound like a whole nother band. both are very good ways to experience them. they are very happy to be gplaying their first "big" show in a week and a half with dillinger escape plan, and i am very happy for them.

    now keep em coming!
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    KRGA is my recent local obession, to the point of releasing some of his work. Im not trying to sell yall on it, but I am really excited about his stuff. If any of these names make you happy you should check him out; Eno, Fennesz, Jeck, Hecker, Axolotl, Greg Davis, Kieth Fullerton Whitman. His newest thing has an entire disc of acoustic stuff that sounds like Fridge and Wooden Wand doing a callabo.
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    OH I should also mention Ghidorah

    Really nice tech metal made with two guitarists a cello and laptop. RIYL: Genghis Tron, Coverge, Flying Luttenbachers, Daughters....etc

    their entire debut EP is up for free on it comes with nice digital covers and everything. very highly recommended
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008
    @ offtandiscord
    Guapo is awesome. Great live band too.
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    tech metal made with two guitarists a cello and laptop

    definitely listening to this when i get home...i dont really like metal unless it has something to set it apart from the average.
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    Six Gallery is playing at Monster House tomorrow, they're good, you should go.

    Also, to make up for my lack of exposure in Cleveland, I present fun bands in Athens, Ohio.
    Red Dahlia After gaining and subsequently losing a soap-eating loon of a bass player, they're perhaps the tightest group in the area no matter who is filling in on a specific part.
    Southeast Engine Americana, with a guitar player that makes you think of Robbie Robertson pre-being-a-shitheel.
    Esskyma Obligatory bump of former co-workers who like to rock out, also, having heard them attempt, the music is best without vocals.
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008
    Great, great lists.
    Thanks so much. I'm a music whore. Can never seem to get enough.
    Those ought to keep me sated for a bit.

    Not much new music around these parts (Eugene, Oregon), but Middian, from the ashes of Yob, are fantastic.
    • CommentAuthorBatmensch
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008
    I think my favorite Bay Area band is Von Iva. Sort of minimalist disco/punk. I don't think recordings capture the power of the live show, which is wonderful.
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    @ Dezknife -- I love that someone mentioned Aubrey Debauchery! I got to see her and the Puke Boots last week, and they blew me away! Very different from her old "singer-songwriter who's slept with EVERYONE" thing. (Plus, she's a dear, and it was good to see her again.)

    I definitely recommend her too, even though I'm not from Chico.
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    I just got home to Portland, Oregon, and I don't really know where to start.

    So I'll start with Run On Sentence, whose album blew me away last week. It's a mix of old genres, swing and folk and blues and lots of styles I have trouble putting my finger on. As far as the MySpace songs go, "Carrie Pt. II" is upbeat and something the Asylum Street Spankers or even Squirrel Nut Zippers could cover, "Afterlife Pt. 1" is just awesome, and "Stonewall" is really a sad portrait of the sort of dudes we all used to hang out with before they hit a critical mass of fucking up.

    Day of Lions just put out their first album with an actual band backing Gena Gastaldi, but her gorgeous voice still carries it. It's kind of bittersweet folk-pop.

    Speaking of bittersweet, Per Se is a great mix of it and bubblegummy-yet-very-clever pop songs. It's one girl with her guitar, looping pedal, and a set of home-made wings she wears, and she will do stuff like write a song where the first phrase of each line is the last phrase of the line before it. "Adeline sits and eats her fries and shake/ But she can't shake the thought that astronauts are watching her with eyes of blue./ Blue as ice that will encase the next Ice Age/ And ages later tapes and microfiche are all that's left of me and you."

    The Builders and the Butchers are the golden child of the current dark rootsy movement that Run On Sentence are part of. Militantly acoustic music that's like rock and roll invented by kids in the South during the Great Depression. And it's all about death, and graves, and lakes, and how all true love will leave you on your knees in the rain. Probably my favorite Portland band.

    Though Loch Lomond is right up there. Epic chamber folk, with a lead singer whose voice can be hugely towering or incredibly fragile.

    Fist of Dishonor is a ninja rock band. Their shows alternate between battles with Mexican wrestlers and kung fu badasses, and really catchy, fun songs about being a ninja. "My baby's a ninja, I expect him to be untrue/ I know it's just the way of the clan when he/ Uses the last of my shampoo." And speaking of Portland's big persona band movement, there's The Metal Shakespeare Company (formerly Dagger of the Mind), who sing soliloquies from Shakespeare while playing power metal. And they've got authentic Elizabethan stage banter (when the drum set brakes: "Fetch us your hammer and tongs!").

    Fuck. I'm going to have to come back to this thread. THERE'S TOO MUCH AWESOME.
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    Joe -- How do you define a 'local band'? If it's just a band from around where I live I could list bands like Nazareth, Micheal Buble, Nickleback, Gob, Dave Mathews Band, Bif Naked, Spirit of the West... at least, I'm pretty sure they're all from around my parts... if you're looking for little heard of local bands why do they need to be local? I have a lot of nearly unheard of bands that I love to listen to but none of them are from anywhere near me... Oh, one other question to help me narrow this down a little for you... What kind of music do you listen to? (examples as well as genres would be really helpful. Thank you).
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008
    @Thom Attic - I've heard of Six Gallery. I'll have to check them out sometime... I wonder if they've played Andyman's. Their genre's suited to it. We've played with Red Dahlia a few times. I remember their days as a trio.
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    savant- you know when you go to a show, and there are 2-3 (or 5-6, grrrr) locals opening? thats what i mean. bands that you actually see on a regular basis. i listen to a fuckton of lesser/unknown bands from all over (check my record crates...), so i dont want that-im interested because people that see a lot of live music tend to be more involved in their local scene, and i trust their opinions much, much more. also, i realized while reading through these that, for the most part, im not even looking for new bands for ME, but i am interested in people spreading the word on their localized scenes. i do like to get a look at what all of us are getting up to musically, as i am giant nerd for this stuff. its like small peeks into other cities/towns when done right. as far as my tastes, well: punk, hardcore, grind, powerviolence, emoviolence, acoustic, pop, keyboard driven synth weirdness, aggressive electronics, shit, last week i saw a polka band. i am very into the music scene, so my tastes almost dont matter.

    and we continue!!!!!NOW!!!!!!!!!
    • CommentAuthorHythlodaeus
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2008 edited
    Avoiding the obvious (65daysofstatic are technically a good local band, but they don't seem such close neighbours when they're globetrotting with The Cure...), there's plenty to be found in Leeds and Sheffield:

    Corleone - Tense, brooding vocals mixed with a potent dose of sinister instrumental rock.

    Slow Club - As appreciated by Mr. Ellis, if I'm not mistaken. Upbeat, albeit occasionally acerbic, witty acoustic pop duo. Boy-girl lyrical harmonies, idiosyncratic percussion and lovely people. Much fun. They're doing a residency at Enterprise in Camden at the moment, so Londoners should seize the opportunity to see them.

    Nat Johnson - Monkey Swallows the Universe called it a day last winter, but Nat Johnson's peddling a similar vein of folk-pop on her own now.

    I'd second the Rolo Tomassi recommendation - Trencher were mentioned earlier in the thread; Rolo Tomassi are in many respects similar to Trencher, except in that I actually find them listenable. Glitch-punk fronted by a petite teen girl making the kind of noises one more normally associates with enraged bears.

    These Monsters - On record, lovely, nigh-ambient, jazz-influenced post-rock. Somehow this translates in live performances to a frenetic, pacy and altogether darker experience, but an equally enticing one.

    Plenty more, but those will do for starters.
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    a big thumbs up to These Monsters, still not managed to see them live yet which i am very ashamed of.