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    i was supposed to see 65 days of static last summer with HOT CROSS, but they broke up, and there was no way i was going to go to a show where hot cross was going to play but cancelled. it would be like opening a wound. i seriously loved that band. i still havent heard 65 days though.
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    not to be a twat or anything, this in my music, by me, in manchester.
    and hello to everyone as this is my first post.

    thank you, there are other bands/artists in manchester i also recommend but that can come later
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    well that didn't work.
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    I went to a Kimya Dawson concert recently in Durham, NC and it was headlined by some terrific local bands including Paleface and Midtown Dickens (one of my personal favorites. They whipped everything from an accordion to a washboard to a trombone out. During a live show). Listen to their song called "Big Screen"
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    @Joe -- Thanks for the clarification... Regrettably, I don't go to very many live shows... and now that I think about it, I've been to more concerts to see the opening act as opposed to seeing the actual headlining band... weird. (But none of the opening acts were local bands.)
    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2008
    I am sortof a live music junkie (and struggling musician myself):

    LOZEN Amazing two-girl heavy-ass rock and roll from Tacoma (not local to me right now but they stayed on our floor if that counts)

    NEPTUNE Another band that is non-local to me (but, like, what does "local" even mean anymore? We're all neighbors on Secondlife anyway, right?) They make all their own instruments out of fucking metal.

    GAY WITCH ABORTION Not only one of the best band names ever, but pretty fucking incredible shredding/drumming.

    KNIFE WORLD Another kick ass helping of shreddery from my home base. (Check out the song SunBeam)

    HUGE RAT ATTACKS God there is so much of this shit in Minneapolis, must be something in the water. Psychedelic whathefuck. Great song titles including "Robosexual Cyborgasm" and "Oh Shit Pt. 2: Oh No Nevermind, It's Chill, I Was Just Hallucinating"

    GAY BEAST Incredible local keyboard freakout shit.

    BROTHERS QUETICO folk rock meets shellac. nice beards too!

    :::THEMES::: AAAANd, a bit of shameless self promotion to round it out.
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    but, like, what does "local" even mean anymore

    it, like, still means the same thing it always has. bands from YOUR general vicinity that play shows. that you see sometimes. when they play aforementioned shows.
    i have had kids from many states and countries sleep on my floor, that doesnt make swedish thrash kids "local". please continue as normal.

    in your case, a prime example of that would be bands like the FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES and the bands that play shows with them.
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    if youre from near casutic christ, there a TON of good bands that are still together or just recently broke up.

    Yeah, they're from like 20 miles outside the Burgh here if I understand correctly. I saw them play once at a place down here called "The Roboto Project". It's just a little hole in the wall that literally only holds. like, 60 ppl that we occasionally get bands to play in for like $7 a pop. Usually it's just local acts, but sometimes we get some "names" down there. I saw None More Black play there two years ago. Great times.
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    Two awesome Sydney bands that I can't recommend enough, Meniscus and Sleepmakeswaves

    Saw them both on Saturday night (third or fourth time seeing Sleepmakeswaves, first time seeing Meniscus). Both are similar, prog-rock/post acts with touches of electronics and straight up alt-pop. First saw Sleepmakeswaves opening for Pelican and have to say I think I enjoyed their set more than the headliners (and I'm a big Pelican fan!)
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    @ pete martin:

    I'm right there with you about the singer/songwriters. I grew up on Jim Croce and similar things. I enjoy local punkrock, when they dont suck, but I also enjoy gettin out to see other varieties. I don't think I've seen a good singer/songwriter bit around where I live though(Portland, OR) Its mostly indie/punk/metal. Though my room mate who is in a band ( and was at a wednesday punk show, and for some reason they had a hippie-ish duet go on stage. They felt all embarrased and out of place at first but once they got to playin all the punks went in and started dancing according to the music style. Gotta tell you it was pretty funny to see about 12 blue mohawks and 20 studded jackets swaying to the rythym.
    A classic rock style band that I saw at a bar around here (forgive the myspace address >.>) Royal Houser at Who are phenomenal.
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    I kept meaning to add a post to this thread, but every time I tried, it fucked up somehow, probably due to my clumsiness.

    White Ghost Shivers - Vaudeville classics and new jazzy goodness performed by former punk rockers and metalheads. Complete with slide-whistles, and a giant, 6'8" gent with a tiny banjo and/or ukelele. They sing songs about cocaine, ghosts, hookers, and love in the time of syphilis. They occasionally put on a punk show, doing all their songs with speedy drums, crunchy guitars, and plenty of screaming.

    Shotgun Party - Three piece outfit that plays country jazz, and a kickin' happy hour every Wednesday in Austin. Highly recommended.

    Buttercup - San Antonio-based pop group that has a cult following, and puts on some of the most interesting shows I've seen in a while. One show, they weren't even set up in the venue, and people were confused. They then let one person into the back room at a time, and played one song for each person. Cool stuff.

    Goodnight Goddess - Formerly known as Slider. Fist-pumping arena rock, and a damn fine live show.

    Skyblue 72 - Awesome rock outfit, with the hottest female drummer, who also happens to be the lead singer. That, and they're just some damn fine people.
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    From Denver, Colorado, the bands that essentially comprise what's being called 'the Denver Sound,' though probably only by people who live here:

    Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots (now broken up, but with a decent body of work).

    Red Cloud

    Ghost Bufallo

    Slim Cessna's Auto Club

    and last but totally best Bad Luck City

    This is what Americana really sounds like.
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    We Are Hex
    one of indy's best bands. music for brooding lurkers.

    electro duo making some hot fkn trax. check out "m/s/t/r/b/l/s/t/r"

    Small Arms Fire
    tight energetic three piece. they perhaps sounds like a threeway between the Pixies, Wire, and maybe a bit of Bloc Party. (dont let the Bloc Party refrence scare you off)

    Sisters is a new band here. ex-members of muncie riot girl/punk/freakout band Ari Ari. they want it all.

    Golden Tongues
    click only if you love reverb.

    Gerald R. Stokes
    this odd human being has been kicking around for a while with tons of (mostly electronic) bands. Formerly of New Orleans noise troop The Ghettobotz,ex-Retard Nation etc etc. For fans of LOUD ABUSIVE SOUNDS
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    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2008
    Black Whales Indie band that made it to the top 15 local bands in the latest KEXP poll.

    The Slants Asian dance rock. Made some waves by turning down Bodog Music's 'One Million Dollar Recording Contract' which they considered incompatible with the direction they wanted to go.
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    Chicago Tacopunch Style

    Lets start off with the local band that makes me shake my ass to the max

    Parsley Flakes - dance punk to the extreme (and performers of one of the best phil collins era genesis covers ever)

    Saskrotch - chiptunes/idm wonder. Every song makes me want to put two fingers in the air and shake my rave booty

    Gutter Butter DJs - my favorite djs in chichi

    Yeah Big + Kid Static - fun ass party rappers (on tour now)

    Teith - post shoegaze live electronics bliss pockets

    Protman - IDM king w/ amazing live shows involving alternate musical control methods. (The last one had 1 wireless xbox controller, 1 ddr pad, and 1 guitar hero controller)

    Right Eye Rita - post modern cabaret

    Magic is Kuntmaster - glam electro noise ( think throbbing gristle in high fashion gowns possessed by a black unicorn from hell)

    Bobby Conn - glam rock showtunes

    Lotto Ball Show - crunch and bunch weirdness (al la mode residentens)

    Vyle - back scratch your ass make pressure appear club hop. Has a 12 coming out on trouble and bass.

    Sir.Vixx- rough and ready punky breakcore

    Redemer - circuit bent synth heavy tribal drumming spazz metal

    The Electric Beach - fun ass freegan punk kids w/ hearts of gold

    Bloody Minded - Chicago noise kings

    Animal Law - rock band that sounds like the end of the world spawned by the nightmares of mgwai

    Sounds Happy- circuit bent circus

    Cyanotic - seriously the best industrial band formed 2000+.

    subduxtion - post industrial idm glitch amegia crash

    Biocarbon 13 - stomp bang clang chicago industrial / coldwave

    I'm tired now but seriously there's too many great local chicago bands to name

    These are my peeps from MI in the Detroit/A2 Orbit that I love to play with
    Traits - 300bpm Ragga-gum and bubble-cum
    System of Adon - rough and ready post punk breakcore
    Blaerg - autechre + jazzbreaks + deathmetal = hyperprysm glitch for your mind and your ass
    Xrin Arms - psychadelic soul grindcore
    Split Horizon - post-autechre all hardware bass heavy detroit boom bap
    Noxious1 - noisy face melting breaks
    Metria IDM and doom metal in a crunchy post modern classical shell
    J-Stat - sounds like robocop w/ an Arp2600 for a penis
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    taco- did you ever get to see THREATENER ? jesus, they fucking destroy. well, before they broke up...
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    Most likely not. The name doesn't ring a bell but the myspace you linked too is pretty awesome. I'll drain the rest of this 312 in memory of an awesome band I never knew. I need to go to more hardcore shows but I haven't quite found the nitch for them yet in town.

    I'll toss in another band to make up for it

    Bongripper - never has a stoner metal band given sleep as much competition for king of the awesome hill as bongripper and these guys get better and better each time I see them.
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    A little late on this, but Here are some links:

    Thin Fevers (a band I play in)- Just released a free EP download, available on the site.

    Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos - New record out on Epic in July I think.


    Myriad more-
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    Olympia has a fucking wonderful music scene.
    We've got, as far as I can remember, Kimya Dawson, Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, Jesus was a slave ship... damn I can't think right now.