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    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2008
    Freya Hanly & That Brutal Moon is a Perth band here in Australia that play sorta modern funky folky poprock'n'cola. Intelligent, honest lyrics and engaging melodic structures. Honestly, my favourite musician kickin' around at the moment, local or otherwise, and I gotta say its a damn priveledge to have her as a close friend too. The one person I miss above all others from back home. She's got an album and an EP out, and is a few months away from her second album launch.
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    Olympia has a fucking wonderful music scene. we've got

    ill tell you what you've got- some fucking madness known as SEX/VID.
    seriously, if you like anything that sounds sorta like a modern VOID, go see this band. they dont really tour and i would be jealous of you in a severe fasion.
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    Actually, SEX/VID is playing soon... I've never seen them.