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    Out today in the USA and elsewhere, Thursday in all other places (except Denmark, according to one Whitechapeler last week).

    Thoughts, comments, etc?


    Carry on, me beauties.

    -- W
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    I actually posted this already in the "Stan Lee is a loathsome sexual predator" thread, but this thread seems more apropos:

    Anna Mercury #1 - I fully admit that I didn't really know what to make of this one as I was reading it. The communications back and forth with the unseen launchpad were intriguing, and I liked the glimpses we had at New Ataraxia (especially the design of the lifter), but I just really wasn't sure how it was coalescing. But the last page reveal was excellent. I absolutely can't wait to see the avenues you'll be able to take with a protagonist who's aware of the fictional reality surrounding her. I love the idea of ultraviolence and depravity being kosher, as, y'know... it's imaginary. Though we've not seen the rules laid out for fictionauts, so that may not be the case. In any case, fascinating stuff, I look forward to more, and I already really love Anna's hair. It makes me want to listen to the B-52's.
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008
    Having never bought an Avatar book before I am happy to say that this is my first. Plus, I liked it. Really interesting twist at the end. Definetely has me looking forward to the next issue.
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    I've got to admit, I thought this was a bit of a non- or slow-starter until I got to the last page, at which point I immediately wanted the next issue. I've read straight-up action romps with hot chicks before, so it was a case of "too familiar ground" coupled with a cast of one (plus unseen support and one guy who was obviously going to be gone by issue's end) and I didn't see anything to excite me. Then I did, and now I'm really looking forward to seeing where this is going.
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008
    There are times when I will pick up at least one issue of a title based on the cover (in a perfect world, always number one). I know this is partially shallow of me, but I do also appreciate good covers, even if I hate what's inside (and the reverse is true as well.) All 4 variants were enticing in their own ways, and seeing them side by side immediately had my mind racing as to where this was going to go. (I like suprises when I can get them in the hopes that the suprise will be one I like--I've been avoiding of late any info on up and coming titles just to maintain the potential of suprise.) But the version by Massafera both held my gaze and beckoned me in a way that couldn't be refused.

    To those who know me, it's a no brainer that I am a huge fan of layered fetish attire. So seeing all those luscious layers on Anna made my week, no matter what I was to find inside. Who cares if she's sweating to death and could pass out as a result? At least she's got somewhat practical boots, heel wise. She looks sexy! And I'm not typically a fan of big hair, however, I have made an exception here. She wears it well and then some, although I do prefer the shots where it has a bit of curl, as opposed to the harder edged look (the wind does what it will, though).

    And, given certain promises made to be elsewhere tonight, I had to wait a whole four and a half hours to crack open the cover to devour what was within--I hate rush reading anything. I was not disappointed.

    Intrigue starts us off right from the door, some of the coded speech was a bit to adjust to at first, but by page two, I was sailing through it right into the splash. My only complaint about the splash is it was a bit dull, even for a night scene. No, I'm not looking to be neoned to death, but the overall look was a bit flatter than I would have liked in tone and depth perception. Not the end of the world, and still, with that sharp logo and tagline, a nice double spread.

    Had a bit of a giggle from the terribly obvious shape of her un-hooked grappling hook and line set up (I think there's a better word for the device, but can't think of it right now.), and I'm still not quite sure how the thing stays attached to the line, but oh well, funny all the same. And further down on the pages, she smiles too when I'm still smirking at the above. It's always great to see that some people don't have to be grim all the time to do their dark deeds.

    Then we get introduced to a bit of potential double agent or double cross or both scene when she encounters the members of number three safehouse. This ramps the pace back up after our carefree moment, and brings us in deeper at the same time. (And why does watching a tooth get knocked out always work for me? I'll never know, but it was weird to see it pop out when she seemed to be slicing rather than bludgeoning--maybe it was already loose.) No matter what is going down, the lady is in control ("Yes, Mistress."), and not afraid to use her foes' gender related weak spots to her advantage.

    And now we usher in the Sheol side of the story. (I much preferred the tones on this splash transition--still subtle, but not so flat.) And then the mystery builds. There's that nagging reminder about energy usage again. Superhuman? Mutant? Cybergal? Super soldier? What? And then before you can say "psychic mind fuck", her newly brainwashed minion is doling out the distraction so she can hitch a ride to a backstabbing pseudoneutral threatening outerspace location.

    And what do we see when she's searching for a way inside? Can it be? A range of four separate emotions on the same page! Is it possible? Let me check that again. Yep, it is.

    And then, bam, the end. The Wizard's curtain has been drawn wisde open. The reveal at the end was both disappointing and promising at the same time. Disappointing because it has the potential to open the door of "all things possible" just for the sake of doing them, and promising because it has the potential to open the door of "all things possible" and handling it with panache and taking the potential element of suprise to a new level.

    And I so had plans to write a different review tonight on a totally different title. What can I say? I'm already hooked.
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    *#!*# character limit!!!

    Continued from previous:

    A few quick last minute thoughts: I'm not sure if Facundo Percio did the inking, or Paul Duffield, but I definitely liked some of the ranges that were played with in terms of dead on shadows versus gradients, some of which should be credited to Duffield as the grades seem more often depicted through color. Overall, since I prefer seeing depth and texture, there were some really nice touches here and there, and as a general rule, except where already noted, I liked the look. (That hair! You can actually see pieces instead of just one big poof.)

    I'm still very happily stunned with the cover. The hair alone is just a rich eye candy treat. (Yes, I know, enough about the hair--this is the last time I mention it, I promise.) And the peek at her outfit only makes me wish I could see how he would have handled her from head to toe.

    One thing I'm still trying to figure out though...leather, PVC or latex? I'd guess latex mostly due to the coloration, but it seems a bit looser fitting, like PVC often is..what's she's supposed to be wearing? But sometimes folks overstylize leather too, so I really don't know.
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    @comicsgal: T'was Facundo did the (gorgeous) inking, I'm pretty sure! (I haven't touched a pen in years, everything I do is in pencil) :) I've done a run of covers for this, but no other involvement.
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2008
    Loved the first issue. I am always in awe of Warren's ability to create whole new worlds and I appreciate that everything he has done at Avatar is different from each other.

    ANNA MERCURY did seem like great style with a straight-forward plot until of course the last page which now raises quite a few questions I can't wait to get answered. Anna herself is a wonderful character and looks quite brilliant on the page and being a man I find it hard to say, but I love Anna's hair. Facundo is simply amazing and the scenes of Anna flying through the air and landing on rooftops or on the monorail were fantastic, being more of a dancer than an acrobat.

    Avatar just owns finding new artist talent. All these names I've never heard of illustrating the Hell out of some comic pages, it's damn exciting.

    I also got Duffield's cover because thanks to FreakAngels I am having a love affair with his art.

    Can't wait for issue #2.

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    The concept of visiting and interacting with fictional worlds rocked my world when Warren used it in Planetary, and I'm glad he's revisiting it in more detail. I keep saying I won't pick up Warren's stuff in singles anymore, because I know I'm going to grab the trade, and I keep breaking that promise.

    Did I say that I loved it? I loved it!
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2008
    I enjoyed it, particularly the idea that Anna is an established persona in the city, working with sleeper cells - it reminds me of something from Brazil or 1984. However, as Anna reminds me of drag queen I know, I thought the twist at the end would be her wig flying off and her adjusting her bollocks.
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2008
    The Good News: My retailer sold-out of issue one.

    The Bad News: It happened before I got to his shoppe. Dammit.

    The Inbetween: He's getting me a copy from his other location for next week.
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2008
    @Duffield: Thanks for the clarification! I noted in on my blog. I thought because you were given credit for "regular cover art and color" that it means you did the inside colors as well.
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    I love all your books especially those currently being published by Avatar. The books include :ANNA MERCURY, BLACK SUMMER,DOKTOR SLEEPLESS and GRAVEL. Avatar has also published Garth Ennis's books which have also been great. I missed Transmetropolitan and would like to buy all the Graphic Novels. Please let me know where I can purchase them. Anna Mercury is a great read and a great piece of art work. Facundo Percio is an artist excellance! You are my favorite writer along with Garth Ennis and Mark Millar. I enjoyed his WANTED and his run on THE ULTIMATES. I hope his take on Fantastic Four is equally as good.
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    *grumble*...I'll have to wait a couple of months for this then..i mean I only got Fell #9 last week!
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    I pick it up today because there were no BLACK SUMMERs or DOKTOR SLEEPLESSeses in my comick shoppe.

    Not their fault, in fact. They haven't had any Avatar stuff for almost two months now apart from a single issue of GRAVEL (they ordered ten).

    Guy at the end, smoking inside? Tsk, can't do that in the UK.
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    Pete -- what's your local comics store?
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    @ Pete - if you drop me a line with more info and your store, I will personally ask my distributor what the problem is. We'll get it sorted for you.
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    @ Pete - if you drop me a line with more info and your store, I will personally ask my distributor what the problem is. We'll get it sorted for you.

    I hope everyone understands how Avatar got to be the great publishing company that it is.
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2008 edited
    Spider-man could learn a thing or two from Anna about swinging around town.

    ..with a vibrator!!

    Great issue.
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    @Mr Christensen