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    "Greetings! Face front, faithful fuckpuppets! I am your host for this evening, the merely magnificent, phallically phenomenal and effervescently erotic Stan Lee!

    "And when I am not dramatically decanting myself into the beds of terrifically tumescent and marvellously moist True Believers all over these Erotic States Of America and bringing them to outstandingly overwhelming orgasms with the purposefully pulsating penetrations of Stan's Sword (which is privately known as "Excelsior!"), I like to know what comics you bought this week, and what you thought of them. Do not give me your shopping list, effendi: tell me what you thought of the books, and what they made you think of.

    "Now take your clothes off, bitch."

    Your categories for this week's purchases are:






    -- W
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008

    (even if I found it scary on some level)
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008 edited
    A bit of my soul just flaked off from reading the Stan Lee bit. 'sfunny, though.

    My first read of the night was:

    Anna Mercury #1 - I fully admit that I didn't really know what to make of this one as I was reading it. The communications back and forth with the unseen launchpad were intriguing, and I liked the glimpses we had at New Ataraxia (especially the design of the lifter), but I just really wasn't sure how it was coalescing. But the last page reveal was excellent. I absolutely can't wait to see the avenues you'll be able to take with a protagonist who's aware of the fictional reality surrounding her. I love the idea of ultraviolence and depravity being kosher, as, y'know... it's imaginary. Though we've not seen the rules laid out for fictionauts, so that may not be the case. In any case, fascinating stuff, I look forward to more, and I already really love Anna's hair. It makes me want to listen to the B-52's.
    Kate Pierson
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008

    THE WALKING DEAD: I was unsure if this issue was coming out, and GODDAMN. Everything's different now. I can't write more because NO ONE should be spoiled on this was just far too awesome.

    THE BOYS: Some issues are fantastic, others simply move the stories along. This was one of the latter.

    LOGAN: If you're not reading this, you should. By far the best Wolverine story I've read in ages, and will more than likely rank with the Claremont/Miller or Barry Windsor Smith Wolvie stories. Even if you're not a capes person, this is still a really good book.

    I didn't really read any FUCKPUPPETS books, but somewhere between was SECRET INVASION. It's refreshing to read something that isn't trite fluff like WORLD WAR HULK or a convoluted mess like SECRET WAR (I like stuff by others involved with those stories, they were both failures independent of creative teams in my opinion). INVASION is written by Bendis, who is the guy that should write event books. He makes them bearable. Yu's art is very clean and it helps the book (and my opinion of his art) quite a bit. The story seems genuine within the universe, and not forced into a mold it doesn't fit like other recent events mentioned. I'm genuinely interested in who is and is not a Skrull.

    (MAJOR SPOILER) I will admit that it came as no surprise that Hank Pym is a Skrull. He hasn't changed his persona or beaten his wife in some time, so it made sense it wasn't him. It also adds another dynamic to CIVIL WAR, where he was the only one like "Hey, guys, I don't think it's such a good idea to commit all these atrocities. You don't agree with me? Oh. I guess I'll just hang out over here then..."

    I didn't read anything that would be in FUCKPUPPETS today
    • CommentAuthorTensai808
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008

    Warren, what would SL say to you were he to see this?
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    The Boys #17 - God, I enjoy The Boys. Nice to see Hughie and Annie consummate things, though the reveal in the mirror caught me totally off guard. Those two crazy kids just can't catch a break. And I fear for the hamster.
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    Warren, what would SL say to you were he to see this?

    "I'm partially blind and can't read small print."
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    Cemetery Blues #3 - completely missed the first two but this one was easy to jump right into. Fun and funny. Decapitated priests and evil cuddly things.

    Scalped #16 - Yes, it's as good as they say.

    Dead Space #1 - meh.
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    Not to be a pandering pants-pisser, but the best new comic I read this week was "Fell #9". By far the best Fell to date... and they've all been pretty dern good.

    Speaking of Templesmith, "Dead Space" #1 caught my attention. Been a while since I've read a comic that had anything close to a genuine Sci-fi feel.

    And I'm just about to crack open the long-awaited, "My Inner Bimbo" issues 2 & 3... but I'm guessing I'll love 'em.
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    This April on ACT-I-VATE
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    And the final two purchases of the week were Scalped and Casanova, and both were excellent. Scalped has only gotten better since the first issue, and as far as the renaissance we're seeing in crime comics right now, I'd place it behind only Criminal. Because I believe that Criminal is written specifically for me. Jason Aaron really knows how to create some dread.

    I loved the flashbacks in Casanova, as well as the exploration of what makes a person "real." I'm not sure if I believe in such a thing as a soul, but the whole idea that we can somehow live forever through downloading the contents of our minds and creating replacement bodies has always seemed off to me. Why the fuck should I care if there's a thing that looks exactly like me and knows everything I know kicking around after I'm dead? I'm dead, and nothing's going to change that. So maybe I do believe in a soul. Or maybe not. In any case, any $2 I spend that has me contemplating the nature of existence has to be a good thing.
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008 edited

    Y THE LAST MAN : I just read 35 issues in a day and finished slaying the beast all at once. It was great. We laid in bed, smoked cigarettes, and talked about Jesus afterwards.

    THE BOYS 16 : I've been iffy about this comic from the start. It's either hit or miss, it seems like Ennis tries to take things too over the top sometimes (ala Dicks) and forgets what really makes his stories win - the quiet character moments. That's what this issue was, and it restored my faith in the series. I give it two feltched gerbils up.

    YOUNG LIARS : Lapham is back! It's no Stray Bullets, but it's still pretty good. Like a handjob from an orangutan.

    ALL STAR SUPERMAN 10 : Wow. Just wow. I haven't picked up a true superhero comic in years, but I can't help myself from this one. I'm glad I didn't have to wait months between issues since I just picked up the series. I'm glad I grabbed that ASS.

    CROSSING MIDNIGHT 15, 16, 17 - I think Mike Carey is one of the most under appreciated writers working today. That's all. Read the series.

    Me, for not keeping up with Scalped like I should.
    • CommentAuthorwryterra
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008
    My only purchase was 'Clubbing' from Minx Books. It's a curious little one-off ostensibly about a teenage goffic caught with a fake id and sent to the countryside to live with her grandparents on their golfcourse for the summer by her parents as punishment. That's not so much a spoiler as a tiny bit of the back blurb. Anyway, lottie with her stupidly overpriced and easily broken platforms, internet addiction and palm is a very real character, which is why I bought it, she reminds me of far too many people I know. The back blurb mention of murder also intrigued me.

    What the backpage doesn't say is


    peculiar lovecraftian twist.

    On the whole, an outstandingly outrageous orgasm. Though connecting the phrase 'outstandingly outrageous orgasm' with 'teenage (underage) goffic' leaves me feeling vaguely crawly and unpleasant. I blame Stan Lee.
    • CommentAuthorepalicki
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008 edited
    EDIT: It does say "no shopping lists." I'm an idiot, sorry.


    ANNA MERCURY #1 - It's off to a great start. I'd already figured out the what, having read the CBR interview and seen the preview pages, and I'm looking forward to the remainder of the series for the how and the why. The Ryp wrap cover is now the wallpaper on my desktop.
    SCALPED #16 - This and DMZ are tied for best Vertigo monthly, now that Y has ended. It's good, as always, but acknowledging the reality behind how Aaron portrays life on the rez always leaves me feeling more than a little depressed.
    CASANOVA v.2 #13 - I * heart * Matt Fraction. It's too bad that he's already married. And that neither of us is gay.
    BUFFY: SEASON 8 #13 - Another solid effort from Drew Goddard. Working on LOST, in what BKV said was one of the most brutal writers' rooms ever, seems to have made Goddard even better.


    Me, for allowing Marvel's marketing dept. to convince me that I actually care who the Skrulls are...
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    No shopping lists. What you thought about what you bought, please.
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    Anna Mercury #1 - enjoyed the hell out of it. pacing was intense. Constellation Project is a wet dream job if ever there was one. anna, when using her powers on jacob has such a kathy griffin look i was blown away.

    Dead Space #1 - enjoyed this as well. and I agree, nice to have science fiction in a comic. i am hoping this story will just take off. should be a fun trip.
    • CommentAuthorPablo
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008
    I don't get my comics until a couple of days from now, but...Jesus Christ, that first post was disturbing...
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    Creamed my pants over:
    Kick-Ass #2 -- It's funny to watch a kid want to be a superhero and have the living shit beaten out of him. It's also the first comic that I can remember where I have actually liked John Romita Sr.'s art.
    Anna Mercury #1 -- Initially reminds me of Dark Blue except that the protagonist is aware of what's going on. I was surprised at how quickly I picked up on it being in a (for lack of a better word) imaginary world. I think it was Anna using up power that gave it away to me.
    Secret Invasion #1 -- I think the only reason I really enjoyed this is because I was actually expecting it to be complete and utter crap. I've been thinking about dropping all Marvel books unless they're written by authors I truly enjoy. I'm also looking forward to see who's a Skrull and hoping that every character that has ever died and come back to life without a reasonable excuse is a Skrull.

    Young X-Men #1 -- More mutants coming up out of nowhere? Wasn't the point of M-Day to get rid of the random mutants and to, essentially, force writers to use the established characters? Seriously, Wolfcub? Why not just use one of the other werewolf like characters in the book instead? Mind you, the guy with the tattoo power seemed kind of interesting. Personally, I think they could've used Sketch instead (she appeared in 2 issues of X-Men a few years ago... she really stood out to me back then).

    Somewhere in between:
    The Twelve #4 -- I like seeing really old characters brought back and the writer has them with the anachronisms that they should have. (ie: having someone out stopping crime but not thinking that an African American is worth helping) as opposed to when writers forget what the general attitude was toward various people back in the day (ie: Captain America in The Ultimates saying "Do you think this A stands for France?" -- In Captains era France was respected for their role in The War and he likely wouldn't think they were cowards). Anyways, I have high hopes for this series and it seems like it will turn out really well as a full series as opposed to great individual issues.
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2008
    Outstandingly Overwhelming Orgasms: The Boys 16

    Read it, then gaze at the cover. Pretty priceless.
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    Amazing Spider-Man #555-
    I loved the art in this issue, and i think zeb wells has a good handle on Spidey's voice. I do think that the characterization of wolverine was a bit too laid back and funny to actually seem like him, overall though, the issue was good and again, chris bachelo on art is God-like.

    Secret Invasion #1-
    I think it's a solid starting point for a story that could either be amazing, or utter crap. I do not like Yu's art here though, it doesn't seem like a good fit.

    Project Superpowers #2-
    This has been a solid story thus far, and continues to be, i am enjoying the art a great deal, as well as the use of these obscure old characters. The introduction of Samson did seem a bit hokey though.