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      CommentAuthorGreg SBB!
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    Secret Invasion 1 - Coming at this with no baggage, having not been reading any of the lead-ins, I quite enjoyed this. Yu's art was lovely, even if *everyone* looked mildly Skrull-like (although, I guess that may be intentional). Bendis' writing was pretty good, although IIRC the dialogue was a little clunky in parts. I'll be picking up the main story but no additional tie-ins save maybe X-Factor.

    Anna Mercury 1 - As I mentioned in the main thread, I loved this. The reveal was ace and ensures it'll be an interesting series. Facundo's art is great - his faces when people are getting smacked around are fun.

    Omega The Unknown 7 - Regardless of whether you think this title should exist or not, OTU continues to be the kind of solid, off-beat book Marvel should be doing more of. I hope Lethem does some more comicbook work after this wraps up.


    Young X-Men 1 - Fucking terrible. So disappointed. Took a potentially excellent premise, some interesting remnants from Kyle/Yost's New X-Men and brutally raped it of any interest or dynamism. Had it been written by retarded chimps, drawn by Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Foot and coloured by someone blind from birth it'd have been infinitely better than this train-wreck. Still, at least they didn't call it New Mutants like they were going to and drag that through the mud too (although, I guess Liefeld got there first on that one).
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    Anna Mercury - loved the electrogravitation idea + magnetism as the next big thing (altho I was wondering how the physics would work - cos y'know electro- and magnetic kinda go together - until the Big Twist)

    Buffy: Wolves at the Gate 2 - sharp, witty, violent; well rounded in all senses and Jeanty's artwork is outstanding on the action scenes

    Transhuman - maybe a little too much narrative not enough action but Hickman's stuff is always so intelligent and intriguing
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    i will not be using your classifactions, sir, as i find all the comics from this week kind of... "eh".

    anna mercury #1: feeling a bit lost, but i suppose that feeling will subside after issue 2. right? otherwise, liking where it's going, and anna's hair makes me jealous.

    new warriors #10: started reading this because jubilee and chamber are in it, staying with it because... it's interesting? if i knew more about the marvel status quo, i'd probably be more interested. but, especially with the latest issues, it's got a bit of intrigue and such that might actually affect the whole post-civil-war thing, if anyone's paying attention.

    secret invasion #1: my boyfriend bought this. i am thoroughly confused, and i don't really care about anything that's happening. it did have it's moments, though. probably all the moments you're thinking of.

    i missed gravel #2, and it's sold out at the shop. so... bleh.
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    Okay I've been working on this comic, I half write half ink but fully pencil this bitch. My inker has a coke problem which is problem matic. LOL but we move through. Here is a splash of the first eight pages unformatted. In which you will not be able to tell what were doing but let me show you anyways.

    all eight pages of inc

    Yeah they are more like Ralph Steadman, or R. Crumb illustration, but thats not around very much now so thats good. I Hope. IF I went the way of Maus illustration I would be killed so we can't hit that yet. They aren't scanned yet or even formatted or even figured if they will be straight to web or published yet. But we will figure that out after the circle jerk is over. LOL
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    Facundo's art is great - his faces when people are getting smacked around are fun.

    Yeah, fun pushing into silly territory where it is impossible for someone to get hit about the face without losing a tooth.
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    Okay. Here are my new comics, then.


    All Star Superman #10. Y'know, I always like Quitely's art, but, man, he's just gotten better and better. And ditto to what most everyone's said about this one.

    Angel and the Ape #1-4. Why a sixteen-year old comic was on the racks of the local store (not in the back issues, see) I have no idea. Even the store owner asked where on Earth I found those. Glad I did, though, because Phil Foglio's artwork is one of my favorite things, and the story's pretty entertaining, in that Silver-Age kinda wacky way. Side note: for a book that appears to be marketed to the all-ages kinda crowd, there's an awful lot of talk about the possibility of superhuman woman on gorilla sex.

    Metal Men #7. This book's just crazy. I enjoy the hell out of every issue, but I do have to complain that the artwork, while good-looking, isn't always real clear.

    Casanova #13. What's to not like? I started reading with this volume, and just recently got the original series, so until just before I read this issue, I had no idea Ruby Seychelle was a robot.

    Punisher War Journal #18. It amazes me every time I buy one of these that a Punisher book is this good. Great story, but I'm just not as much into Chaykin's art as I used to be, and I miss the artist who was on the book during the Kraven story.


    Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four. Joe R. Lansdale writes a story about the Thing traveling to the Old West and fighting a crooked traveling sideshow while teamed up with a steam-powered cyborg cowboy. I had to get it on general principle.

    Somehow, I missed Anna Mercury. I'll be sure to rectify that within the next couple of days.
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    Hell Yeah! Actually it was not as awesome as the two collections before, but that's difficult anyway. It has, as always, been great entertainment with moments you wouldn't have expceted. Thumbs up.

    FUCKPUPPET: Punisher War Journal Vol. 2 TPB
    Didn't like it. Wasn't amazed by the storytelling and felt of the plotlines as completely boring. Sorry, Mr. Fraction. Dig Cassanova very much, but this was just ... nothing.