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    Ok, so I've never seen of this and I've never actually even thought of this...


    I want someone to build a website/service that will email you when a website or file that matches certain characteristics is scanned by google (or other search engine) robots. I'll give you an example of this in use. Lets say that I want to know if the MTV Television show "Daria" is ever released onto video, dvd, or high def. So I go to a website, lets call it '' and I enter in a series of search queries that I feel would return the desired information if in fact that information ever comes to exist on the net. In my example I might do a search for "Daria release date" or "Daria dvd release" and "MTV Daria video"... I enter in my email and how long I'm willing to wait for this information. If Daria EVER comes out on video I'd like to know, so I'll select indefinitely. Now, the service just starts making those searches on a regular basis (maybe once every hour, just to prevent overload) and when a website that ranks high in all of those searches shows up, it gets sent off to the user.

    In this way, a person would be capable of googling the future... sort of.
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    Google has something similar, don't they?
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    Well motherfuck google. GET OUT OF MY BRAIN.