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    • CommentAuthorWinther
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2008
    With the constant threats of ritual murder and sexual abuse, it'll be a miracle if the poor guy hasn't been scared away. Let's hope he's made of tougher stuff.

    Welcome, Peter. Really, there's not much reason to be afraid.

    Still, best to remember, if the worst should happen, that you'll be more likely to attract help by yelling "fire" instead of "rape".
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2008
    Welcome, Peter. I doff my imaginary digital hat in your direction.
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    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2008
    Hah! After Andre's comment, I knew that would come up. If it didn't, I was gonna say it myself.

    Peter, we're mostly good guys here really, and It's lucky you can't see me giggling as I type that. Oh, wait... shit.
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    errr.. Hello

    Imagine my surprise when I scrolled down to see my name in a thread... started by Mr. Ellis himself!
    Thanks (?) for the welcome.....

    to be perfectly honest you guys SCARE THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME....but I'm the kinda guy that needs that in in his life.

    I tend to read far more then I actually post (I believe the term is lurker? or have I just admitted to being some deviant sex perve?....mind you that would put in me in good company for the looks of things)
    but I'll be around.

    Thanks again, all
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2008
    Don't be concerned, we're harmless-- kind of..

    ..and yes, many of us lurk.

    And yes, it does put you in good company.

    Welcome to WhiteChapel, Peter.

    - Z
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    Wow. He's actually real. i was beinning to think maybe he was an urban legend or something.

    Welcome Peter, and yes even though many of us are quite harmless and fellow most likely should continue with at least some modicum of healthy fear....for your own good.

    And of course it's always best to avoid the arse eels.
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    Don't be afraid; we don't bite hard. :)
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2008
    Unless asked.
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2008
    I don't know about that, Ted, I think some of these folks would probably make you beg first--

    --Peter, where are you going? Stop running, I was <em>kidding!</em>
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