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    Were in the archaic revival if you know what that is getting at. Hunter gathering is at the foremost in that topic. Or coupling societies, IE sharing societies. So I purpose this and allot of people would say thats bullshit, but the archaic revival is about sharing. So I would say the archaic revival shown the most is through down loading those illegal torrents. Fuck aren't people hunting and gathering them and then sharing them. Well yeah. So yet again our imaginations or better yet Terrence mkennna's imagination has surpassed and is starting to come to resuscitation. Another subject of imagination surpassing realty. YEah anyways what are your thoughts on this idea. Anyways the idea about Archaic Revival in my eyes is through the Torrents or the illegal downloads of information. WHat do you think about this. IS it bullshit or are you nodding your head?

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    In the original hunter-gatherer societies, sharing within the tribe was extensive. However, between tribes, the most likely peaceful outcome was value-for-value trade, and the most likely general outcome was warfare.

    Within the tribe, there were feelings of mutual camaraderie, of we-thrive-or-die together. Everyone personally knew everyone else. This tended to discourage free-loading or otherwise gaming the sharing-system.

    We don't have tribes anymore. We can have clusters of close friends, in which the sharing pattern will generally emerge, but among millions of strangers connected only by their Internet access? Not hardly.
    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2008
    Okay. I can see where your coming from on that. Couldn't the internet be a global tribe, that goes beyond the personal expeirence. Hence the avatar or name that has nothing to do with you. So I'm purposing this is an extension of the hunter gather, or coupling societies ideals. Sorry if I came accross as saying it was the exact same. I do agree there are many differences but the sharing is still there. If you equate the whole globe that is influencing this culture via the internet as a tribe then its actually quite similar. Its just in cyber space, not in terms of immidiate space. Anyways i was throughing it out there. Hopefully your eyes didn't bleed to bad from my horrible writing, or drunken state. thanks for the feed back.
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    I found, and find, McKenna a fascinating thinker. Despite agreeing with him on very little. The Archaic Revival was a case in point. Not least because it seemed to mean little more than lots of seriously stoned naked hippies fucking each other in a field. To McKenna, in large part, Archaic Revival meant polyamorous, orgiastic, pre-property feminine-lead tribal societies.

    Archaic Revival, in McKenna's conception, had nothing to do with hunting. The man was a Buddhist -- he wasn't hunting shit.
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2008
    I agree warren, what do you think of the idea. About the association to global internet community, and illegal torrents being that sharing possibility. Yes I like the feminine goddess's as well, and hope you hit on that in the next wolfskin. Or maybe not. The idea here honestly is our science fiction if you will or rather our imaginations influencing our society. Would we be using star trek communicators if there was never a star trek. I understand we really can't answer that. Yeah now I'm confusing myself.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.