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    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2008 edited
    check this out:
    Straczynski is working with two film makers on a new science fiction television series. Straczynski won't reveal his collaborators' names, but he says that they have created some of the biggest SF movies in the last twenty years and that any three of their movies added together have a box office gross of over two billion dollars. They have created the show and written the first three scripts. Straczynski says that the show will revolutionize the form. The project went to the networks for auction in September 2007. A sizeable offer would be required to fund this ambitious project. Many were interested in the project but were hesitant because it could be considered controversial and weird. An apparently firm proposed offer was derailed by the start of the writers' strike.

    Straczynski and the other two creators decided to finance the project themselves, beginning with a ten-hour miniseries. By doing this they will protect themselves from being forced to compromise on any creative issues.

    Sounds ... promising!

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    • CommentAuthorfro
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2008
    Any indication of what it'll be about? It'd be great to see something original but that pitch he did for a Star Trek reboot a few years ago also sounded very good.
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    Straczynski has always been hit and miss for me, some great work, like Rising Stars, and I quite enjoyed his recent Silver Surfer series, but I generally can't abide cheap sci-fi TV...

    Does look promising though...
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    but I generally can't abide cheap sci-fi TV...

    Me either. But after the not-so-good first season Babylon 5 became very, very great.

    @fro: That's all, that's out on that topic at the moment. Found it here
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    I'm not looking forward to this at all for some reason.

    JMS makes me wary.
      CommentAuthorJoe Paoli
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2008
    I'll watch it. Can't have too much SF TV. The more that gets made, the more that'll get made. This sounds promising.
    • CommentAuthorJoe B
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    @ Wangerman:
    It isn't Babylon 5: Lost Tales, it's already done.
    But I'm impressed with what was good with B5 to give him a shot on this.
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    @Joe: Yeah, I know. I own that DVD. But maybe there's still more B5 direct-to-DVD- films to come. JMS said that Warner were pleased with the sales so there's green light for more ...
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    I never watched Babylon 5, but maybe I should start. His Thor run is freaking amazing. His Spider-Man stuff was so-so, but he's such a high-maintenance character, I can't fault him for that.

    Anybody remember reports of George Lucas trying to change the way movies/shows are made, budget wise? I seem to recall something a couple years back when rumblings of a live action Star Wars tv show were first making the rounds. Something about the actors he wants to have hired on being paid in chicken feed. (I don't want this thread closed on account of my inquiry, so let's keep away from the Lucas hate, people!)
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    I seem to remember seeing the first post about this show from JMS about a year ago - i.e. just before his star suddenly ascended in Hollywood when Eastwood picked up his script for The Changeling. Not heard a peep about it since.

    And I seriously believe everyone should watch Babylon 5.
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2008
    Maybe he's bringing back Murder She Wrote, but in space.
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    Joe's a nice guy. He gets a free pass from me on whatever he does next.
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    And I seriously believe everyone should watch Babylon 5

    B5 remains a strong story marred by the weight of studio and network interference and JMS clearing pushing himself. I have trouble re-watching it, but I never missed it back in the day.
    He sometimes gets a hard time about the dialog, but looking at his comic scripts is not an issue you see there, people don't consider how crazy it was for him to write nearly every episode in the last 2/3rds himself.

    What I hope happens with his new project is he takes a more Whedon like role, where he writes key episodes and touches up or oversees the rest of a season. B5 always benefited when voices like PAD or Gaiman worked on an episode.
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    @JTraub: True words, sir. But when B5 succeeded, it was magnificent - and even the failures were interesting.
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    I would watch it too. I loved Babylon 5 and enjoyed most of his work, so I'd definitely give this a look-see.
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    Babylon 5 is worth watching, if for nothing else, the characters of Londo and G'Kar. Straczynski managed to make that pair of characters run the gamut from comic to dramatic to tragic all in the span of the series. I'm always curious to see what he's coming up with next.
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    characters of Londo

    Peter Jurasik tells a great bit about how he went as a guest to a German con in full Londo get-up and....let say, made some fun.

    B5 had quite a few stand outs, Claudia Christian comes to mind, but Jurasik and Katsulas owned the show.
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2008
    anyone else getting the vibe he is working with Wachowskis?
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    This scene does it all for me. Just two guys, in a broken elevator, who hate each other. The way they play it, just perfect.

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    anyone else getting the vibe he is working with Wachowskis

    Nah, that would seem a very off couple match and not fit well I think.