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    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2008
    Spicy hot Spanish-themed food should be attempted in Los Angeles. The theory is that one can't get good 'Mexican' in San Francisco. Though, you could get dandy Basque cuisine in Santa Barbara and Bakersfield. I can recommend some secret places like Pepy's Galley in Venice where you can get grilled salmon, scrambled eggs, two kinds of salsa, guacamole for breakfast. Opinions run strong, but the best Sushi is at Sushi King in Santa Monica.
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    If you happen to be going anywhere along the coast, Monterey (especially the Aquarium) is always a good stop. Big Sur is beautiful. That entire area of coastline is beautiful. If you might be anywhere near central-California, Yosemite is gorgeous as well. There was lots of rain and snow this year, so the waterfalls should be spectacular.

    Granted, none of these places are in LA or SF, but if you're traveling between the two, these are some places you can stop by.
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    in LA, theres a ton of great stuff to do. i would recommend you try to make it to little tokyo to just wander around. the stores have stuff straight from japan, the food is awesomely weird, etc, etc
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    If you are feeling brave, here's a few good SF bars to try out:

    Zeitgeist - 199 Valencia St - Good pool table, backyard with barbecue, various local color. South of Market.
    Lucky 13 - 2140 Market St - One of the best punk jukeboxes around, more local color, gets kinda crowded at night. Castro.
    Delirium - 3139 16th St - Small and colorful, down the street from good local food (Picaro's, Pork Store, taqueria, etc), area is a little harsh for the timid, but not unsafe. Mission District.
    Elbo Room - 647 Valencia St - Nice space, okay pool table, live music at night, location not as questionable as Delirium. Mission District.

    I also throw in a vote for the Ferry Building - great place - also try out Cioppino's at 400 Jefferson St, down the way from Fisherman's Wharf, good microbrew and one of the best examples of cioppino (a spicy seafood stew invented by San Francisco Italian fishermen) around. North Beach has little to recommend as far as Italian food, unless you find a sidestreet mom-and-pop place, and Chinatown is fun and colorful to see but not to have dinner. I second the Japantown suggestion, although much of it is basically a glorified indoor mall, but there are some nifty things to be had there. Cruise up and down Geary St between 19th and the sea for various Chinese dim sum and Russian shops of interest.

    If you are into photography, the Palace of Fine Arts is nice, and across Marina Blvd from the Palace is Marina Green with one of the best shots of Golden Gate Bridge around. Take California St west until it ends, and you'll find a set of concrete stairs that lead up to the Lincoln Golf Course (which used to be the city's cemetery, and they never moved the bodies!), here is a great place for cityscape shots. Fort Point under Golden Gate Bridge. Land's End and Sutro Baths and Cliff House off to the northwest of the city.

    And Lonely Planet Guide has the best listings for the city, I think....

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.