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    "If Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton had a love child, it would be the world of Fiction Clemens. The comic is a full meal, every page will fill your eyes and mind like few comics can." --MICHAEL OEMING

    The release of "Fiction Clemens" issue 1 is just around the corner (hits the shelves in May), so I thought I'd post here and perk up some ears.

    Fiction Clemens is a 3-part mini series from Ape Entertainment about a low-talking cactus rancher who gets caught up in a cosmic conspiracy to drag the Old West into the Space Age.

    The book is... well, bizarre. And if you're looking for something different, this is the story for you.

    NEWSARAMA writes of issue 1:
    "A futuristic western meets Alice in Wonderland or perhaps OZ, and that really doesn't do the overall insanity of the book justice...There's nothing quite like Fiction Clemens on the market."

    But the truth is, they ain't seen nothin' yet...

    For more information, check out, or any of the reviews/interviews below:

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    GEEKSPEAK RADIO Podcast with creator, Josh Wagner

    Fiction Clemens
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    Fiction Clemens issue 1 hit racks this Week (5/14). If any of you picked this up, I'd be grateful to hear opinions.

    If not, well doggonnit, you're missing out! Get ye back to thy comic book store!!

    "I still don't think I've fully conveyed just what a delight this comic is. About all I can do is urge you to buy [Fiction Clemens]--this is something fresh, hilarious and entertaining, exactly the kind of quirky project the non-major comic publishers should be offering us, and the kind of story that makes reading comics worthwhile." and