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    • CommentTimeApr 24th 2008
    thanks Aleph! Keep us posted. Yet to source some myself, but it's on my ToDo list :) and your insight will be very handy
    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2008
    I've been trying Piracetam and noticed great changes in my head. I wouldn't say the "IQ test before and after" is a good test - I didn't find it increased my intelligence (how the hell could it do that anyway?). Rather it cleared out all the gunk and sloth, I felt far more mentally active and focussed, just getting up and getting things done. Basically using my existing abilities far better.
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    Thanks for all your info. Keeping an eye peeled for your Aniricetam results...
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    Finished a week's test, results are mostly positive. Will update fully when time allows.
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2008 edited
    Ok, so. Apologies for the delay; it's been busy this week. People come to town, people leave town. Like ya do.

    To recap: the 2400mg Piracetam and 250mg Choline daily routine more or less worked in the background (at least for me); seemed to be more for the long-term benefits than the immediate whiz-bang.

    8000mg Piracetam and 500mg Choline brings what might not be so accurately called "whiz-bang" as "oooh, hey". Less of the nervous crackle of your traditional caffeine and like energizers, a much more calm , with-it sense. Relaxed but still very motivated. I like Luke’s description;
    “[r]ather it cleared out all the gunk and sloth […] more mentally active and focused, just getting up and getting things done. Basically using my existing abilities far better”.

    Aniracetam tests had a very similar effect. Tried 2250mg Ani (3x750mg) and 500mg Choline during the week last week, resting on the weekend. The effect was nearly identical to the 8000mg Piracetam test, save for:

    1) It seemed a bit more subtle, and
    2) It lasted nearly all day

    Given that I’ve done reading / informal research on the matter, I suppose the placebo effect can’t be discounted in the results. That said, in comparison, I think the claim that Aniracetam as a fat-soluble molecule has a longer duration of effect than Piracetam (water-soluble) seems justified, though I question slightly the claims (not really easy to verify exact numbers between sources anyway) that Ani is four to eight times as potent as its water-soluble cousin. I might give it 3x, but again, that’s personal experience. Your mileage may vary.
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    Thank you for the input! I'll look into it as my next option.
    • CommentAuthorkevin
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2008
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    By all means! It's fairly informal, but feel free to quote as desired.

    I keep on hearing bits about Modafinil / Provigil (purported to curtail needs for sleep, as well as for general memory / attention enhancement); anyone have any experience? It's prescription; I've not had the chance (or justifiable need) to try it.
    • CommentAuthorKosmopolit
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2008
    So just out of curiosity has anyone here tried Oxytocin?
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    So, I've been doing research, and I found this:

    One potential problem with aniracetam that has been discussed is excitotoxicity. In an animal model of multiple sclerosis, aniracetam increased the onset and duration of symptoms, and this has been presumed to be due to the effects of aniracetam on AMPA transmission, since AMPA antagonists are therapeutic in this condition. However, the effect of aniracetam in worsening this condition was referred to as "slight" [35]. Aniracetam has not been found to induce seizures. In fact it has slight antiepileptic action [3], but it is possible that it may interfere with some antiepileptic drugs.

    They keep testing me for MS, which always comes up negative, but which is what has ignited my interest in keeping my brain as fine tuned as possible. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should or should not avoid, given the information above?

    Will my GP doc think me wacky if I ask him for Modafinil? Is this a very unknown sort of drug to bring up to a regular doctor?
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    Safest choice, of course, is to not make use of Aniracetam at all. Looking to see if I can find any additional information on the subject; I haven't seen any reports of similar concerns for Piracetam, so it may be worth examining that option. Idebenone is a non-racetam nootropic that's listed as having a beneficial effect for those experiencing myelination problems, so that may be worth checking out as well. Of course, as a caveat, talk to your doctor or GP before starting any new supplement you're not 100% certain about. But, as far as research, that's where I'd begin looking.

    I'm not certain about the Modafinil; tough to gauge if that's gaining in popularity enough yet to raise red flags if someone comes in and asks for it specifically. I'm all but certain most doctors/GPs know of it by now, though.
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    ImmInst Forums - Racetams Ban

    tl;dr - One bad overseas shipment has the FDA jumpy, which has affected supply of some but not all -racetams.

    In case anyone else was wondering what's been happening over the past few months.
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    They're made from peanuts now?
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    Heh. If you're trying to find Aniracetam, it may as well be, though it's by no means impossible. Pir- and Oxi- appear to be mostly unaffected (or at the very least available without needing to scour all the t00bs). There was a bit around the beginning of Dec., though, where it was tough to find any of them.
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    What are the differences between Choline Bitartrate and Choline Citrate in regard to use with Piracetam?
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    I've only ever used choline bitartrate for supplementation, primarily since it's the least expensive. I've had no issues, and it takes care of the slight queasiness one can feel taking a -racetam w/o Choline supplements just fine for me. YMMV, of course.

    Two threads where the merits and downsides to both (as well as CDP Choline and Alpha GPC) are discussed are below:

    Choline citrate vs. bitartrate

    ImmInst Forums - what type of choline?

    Really good question; I'll probably try some of the other choline supplements next time I'm out, and report back on any significant differences.
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    Just ordered some aniracetam and choline citrate, I'll let you all know how it goes.

    I was wondering, I read in a few places that racetams help with anxiety, do you think it would help a friend that needs to take xanex every night?
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    I have no practical experience with nootropics, only knowledge gained from reading, so I'm wondering if any of you with firsthand knowledge can tell me if there are any undesired effects from the -acetams/choline supplements when using recreational substances, such as alcohol, nicotine, THC, etc.?
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    How do you guys take your aniracetam? What should I mix it with? Does it matter. It's fat soluble so does that make a difference?
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    @J. Thaddeus

    I can't speak for or against the -racetams with regard to easing anxiety; no personal experience in that regard.

    I have tried each of the three (seemingly) most popular -racetams (Pir, Ani, Oxi) in both powder and pill form. Pill form is obv. the easiest for folks who aren't fond of the taste of the powder (bitter, but not ridiculously so), but is consequently more expensive than just bulk powder.
    Some folks swear by taking the powder with fruit juice; I've tried both this and in milk (both moo and soy variety). Similar results all around; nothing really masks the flavor totally, so you may as well mix it in whatever you're drinking anyway. Ani being fat-soluble seems to go better with milk, though, whereas the other two dissolve readily in most anything. No real difference in efficacy to worry about, though; just a matter of how comfortable you are with a mouthful of powder at the end.


    The -racetams / choline are (unsurprisingly) listed as acetylcholinergic; these are (if internet research is to be believed) the same pathways that nicotine operates on. Personally it's had some desirable effects with regard to lessening nicotine dependence, though it's not a whiz-bang insta-fix by any means. As always, your mileage may vary.