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    It's a kind of thing that could be starting a good narrative...

    In one of the regular inner yards of multi-stored buildings in St. Petersburg there is a whole collection of Middle-American Mayan statues standing under open air and not protected by anybody, left all by themselves.

    The story of them appearing there starts in 19th century when Academy of St. Petersburg sent a group of explorers to Middle America. They visited through all of Yucatan, collected different things for St. Petersburg’s museums. By the way they noticed and bought a set of Mayan idols from Chichen Itza ruins. Upon the return of expedition smaller objects were placed into museums but nobody has found a good place for those Mayan statues and they were left all by themselves in the back yard, dug into ground.

    A few years passed and Soviet Revolution happened, all the museums were messed up, all the buildings were nationalized by Soviets and were used for a totally different purpose then before. In many churches warehouses were founded as the result of total atheism of new Russian authorities, and many museum were turned into something else as a result of ignorance.

    So hundred years passed and those 1500 year old Mayan deities stand, abandoned and not worshiped by anyone except accidental Russian teens searching for a place to have a beer outside in some public backyard.

    Via English Russia.
    • CommentAuthorCaBil
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2008
    Amusedly, NOVA just a couple of days ago showed "Cracking the Mayan Code." It is about the various attempts to decode Mayan hieroglyphics and included the story of the sole Soviet researcher, toiling in obscurity during the Cold War behind the Iron Curtain. He discovered the phonetic aspects of the language but was barely recognized at the time because Cold War tension.
    • CommentAuthorKosmopolit
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2008
    Similarly, there's a priest in East Germany with a library of thousands of East German scientific journals. After the fall of the Berlin Wall they were assumed to be worthless and libraries just threw them out along with all the biographies of Honecker and Brezhnev. The priest literally picked them up at rubbish dumps. Most of their contents have never even been properly cataloged.