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      CommentAuthorGreg SBB!
    • CommentTimeApr 11th 2008 edited
    The backmatter of the new issue of Doktor Sleepless reprints Warren's Burst Culture article (if you don't have the comic the original article's here, I strongly recommend you check it out again). Rereading the article has really set my brain alight with the possibility of applying the rules of Burst Culture/Flash Fiction to a range of things. One of the most exciting concepts is Warren's first assertion:

    The hurdle to credible publishing on the web, now, is the nine dollars it costs to buy a domain name from GoDaddy, which can be mapped on to a free Tumblr or Blogger space.

    All of which begs the questions:
    What are your thought on Burst Culture?
    Why aren't we all creating Burst Culture web publishing ventures?
    Who already does?

    To start there's:
    already exists, although appears to be written in haiku.
    365 Tomorrows, which Warren mentions in his piece.
    Burst, "playwriting in easy to swallow portions"
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    Why aren't we all creating Burst Culture web publishing ventures?

    I think we already are, though "publishing" can mean many different things, and attempts to narrow that definition tend to come from an Old Media mindset.

    Every day, tens of thousands of people post fiction, art, music and video to the web, while thousands of sites discover, parse and collate that content around an unfathomably diverse range of themes.

    I think the term "Burst Culture" is useful as an analytical tool for existing content, moreso than a cohesive concept to strive to implement.
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    I think burst culture is a reasonably good notepad for ideas. It's maturing, and ideally I'd like to see it mapped onto a larger stories: burst mosaics, where people puzzle together greater stories from their individual thoughtbubbles.

    I mean, that's what we've tried at 50.YFN, and it's worked to varying degress.

    Elephant Words is also a good one, out around England way.
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    Even though they recently passed on a short story I submitted, Pequin.0rg is a good example of burst culture. 1000 word stories.
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    i think to a lesser extent, even this board contributes to this concept.
    also, since my bands songs are like a minute long, i would say that counts.