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    Hi everyone. I've just dropped by to let you know that my first book is going to the printers soon, just in time for the Bristol show, and we have a review copy to send out to those who'd like one.

    The book is called CAGES. It's a sci-fi tale about three children struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world full of monsters, robots and mad science. It's written by me and illustrated by Melanie Cook. It also features a fantastic wrap-around cover by Jonathan Hickman and a foreword by the Ben Templesmith.

    So if you're a reviewer or a blogger and you'd like to check out the book, let me know, either in this discussion or by email to, and I'll happily send you a link to a digital copy.


      CommentAuthormuse hick
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2008
    skull cull

    above is a link to my site -- if you'd like to check it out to see whether or not you'd like me to put the book on there. i checked out the first 10 pages and am really digging the art and the whole concept, and the cover is brilliant.
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    Nowadays, I'm writing about SF for my doctorate degree (and other studies of thsi kind). So, I'm will be very pleased to read any kind of SF narratives. And this CAGES sounds very full of promises.

    My email:
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeApr 14th 2008
    I don't have a blog, per se, but I do have an account in a place called Newsvine, that includes reviews of stuff.

    Here it is.

    If you think it's an acceptable place to review it, you e-mail me at:
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    looks cool :) I've got a table at Bristol, so I might pop by and pick up a copy!
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    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    Good luck with it. Not worried about sharing a title with Dave McKean's seminal graphic novel?
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    hey, i review independent/diy comics for MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL- if you dont know what that is, it is the world longest running independent punk/hardcore zine (issue 300 out this month!). basically, if you are into reaching 10,000 monthly readers who already support DIY projects, email me and i will get you my info.
    • CommentAuthorDracko
    • CommentTimeApr 14th 2008
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    Will this be coming to Europe?
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    Xander thanks for the peek. i just contacted my comic supplier and now have a subscription to Cages. good luck and knock them out.
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    Thanks for the great response, folks!

    Dracko: Yep, definitely. At the very least, it'll be available in the UK.

    Paul: Thanks!

    morganagrom: Yeah, I just know I'm going to get asked that a few more times. Long story short: We weren't aware of McKean's book when we started the project. A name change was idly considered several times, but it just ended up sticking. I think I might have to put an apology to Mr McKean in the introduction. :)
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    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    Can't wait for your followup books, From Hell and Bone. :)
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2008
    Love to review, although I do write more about fashion/lifestyle.
      CommentAuthormuse hick
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2008

    I posted my review today. Really loved it.
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    Posted my review o'er there. After reading the book; there's nothing bad I can say about it. It's good, it's solid work, and was a joy to read.
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    Thankyou both. They're fantastic reviews, and we really appreciate it!

    If anyone else out there is still interested in a copy, shoot me an email at

    If you'd like to check out the book first, this gallery contains the first 10 pages.
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    Quick update: has been overhauled to make it a bit more readable. There are also three early reviews up.
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    And if anyone is curious, cover inspired by John Lucero!

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    thanks for the send, i will try to get to this in the next day or two. cover is fucking gorgeous though!
    note: the book editor at MRR has been dodging me lately ( she's new) so it might be a little bit before i get anything new printed, two of my past columns are still "backlogged"....just a heads up.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2008
    Sorry for not doing the review yet--school's been a pain in the arse--but I'm going to try to read it and put a review up in the next few days. :)