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    • CommentAuthorMidweeker
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2008
    The Long Blondes album, Couples, ahead of seeing them on Saturday. Quite different from the last album, I need to listen to it a lot more and get my head round the change in sound. I'm not sure how the new and old songs will blend, live.
    Also rather liking the new Wiley mix, Wearing My Rolex, which has a very Orbital/Spooky sound to it.
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    songs that played while i was reading around whitechapel today.

    roland s. howard- dead radio
    wovenhand- oil on panel
    einstruzende neubauten- salamandrina
    m. gira- where does your body end?
    shellac- didn't we deserve a look at you the way you really are?
    new model army- here comes the war
    8 eyed spy- looking for someone
    iggy pop- baby
    nico- it has not taken long
    leonard cohen- dress rehersal rag
    16 horsepower- strawfoot
    • CommentAuthorBozz
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2008
    I've been listening to "All your favourite people in one place" by Medications. They're what became of a brilliant band called Faraquet and sound quite similar, but often venture into Mars Volta like riffing.
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    Combat Rock - The Clash
    Where Are You Baby? - Betty Boo ("I've used up all my tissues/'cos there's much more seriouser issues")
    Hong Kong Gardens/Kiss Them For Me - the Banshees
    Our Love To Admire - Interpol
    A Pain That I'm Used To/Lilian - Depeche Mode
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2008
    A muxtape someone sent me.
      CommentAuthorDebacle Sam
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2008 edited
    just got back from my sisters wedding and found the new Bulbs CD in my mailbox!


    Bulbs - Light Ships

    its on Pete Swansons (Yellow Swans - RIP) new label Freedom to Spend, mutant techno meets Mouthus is the closest and most simple way to describe what i am hearing, nothing but goodness so far.
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    Boredoms - Super Roots 9 finally showed up in the US, so, that.
    • CommentAuthorAzmoooo
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2008 edited
    Vitas - Dedication

    Apparently one of the biggest pop stars in Russia atm, Vitas has the most insane countertenor voice i've ever heard.
    Plus he looks way too calm when he sings.
    Dude thoroughly creeps the shit out of me (2:36 onwards).

    EDIT: Last YouTube spam from me, I promise
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2008
    Are you sure that's a human?
    • CommentAuthorAzmoooo
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2008
    If he ever comes to Australia, I'll check for evidence of a belly button
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2008 edited
    I love that song so much:

    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2008
    DJ Kicks - Fourtet
    • CommentAuthormarc
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2008
    Used to DJ at a radio station in the '80's where we pulled our own music and when something hit top 40, it got pulled from rotation and locked away. So lately, I've been re discovering the '80's, and we ain't talkin' Kajagoogoo. Some of what I liked then sounds like absolute rubbish now, and some of the crappy stuff sounds better now.

    SInce I don't watch TV at all, someone loaned me their DVD of the Venture Brothers. It looks like Foetus Jim Thirwell does the theme music. It suits the cartoon, and sent me back to "Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel."
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2008
    lots of gnarls barkley (i'm awaiting the moment when i realize "run" will never be as popular as "crazy", and that moment will be sad. the whole new album is better than "crazy"), very interested in getting the new nick cave, after hearing it all played before a show a few days ago (and both bands that played are ones to check out)...
    the rest is mostly shuffled.
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    and sent me back to "Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel."

    he had such a bizarre sound back then. the music he made for richard kern's "submit to me now" is some of my favorite foetus stuff.

    just for shits and giggles, here's a young jim thirlwell under the moniker "clint ruin" singing suicide's "ghost rider" with marc almond of soft cell.

    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2008
    Boredoms - Vision Creation Newsun
    Just discovered it, and I like what I'm hearing so far..a little too much arpeggiator though.

    AFX - Chosen Lords
    A mid-afternoon regular. It just makes me smile.
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    @ Bozz - There was a time when I just could not stop listening to "Safe and Sorry" off Medications self titled one. Helluva band.

    For me: bunch of J-pop from 1969 all the way through to 2008. Shiina Ringo, Inoue Yosui, Otsuka Ai, Zazen Boys.
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    morning jamzzzz

    ORCHID-chaos is me (mutha fuckin chaos violence)
    ERASE ERRATA-nightlife (dance punk yumminess)
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2008 edited
    @heil - That new Gnarls is out of this world. Sadly, I think it runs deeper than what you said, though; I think that their popularity is just people latching on to their catchy, upbeat, danceworthy vibe, but I feel like there's an undercurrent of true artistry and genius that's missed by the average listener.

    I've been banging Guilty Simpson's Ode to the Ghetto since it dropped a few weeks ago. Really refreshing, stellar rap -- I love his delivery, and he's backed by the likes of Madlib, Oh No and Black Milk on the beats, so the overall package is excellent.

    Aside from that, a friend of mine just gave me a copy of Orgone's debut CD, and it is fucking unbelievable. They're a funk/soul outfit from LA, and I was blown away by how authentically they've managed to capture the sound and spirit of the late 70s. If it weren't for the song titles, I could've easily mistaken this for a reissue of some long lost Stax masterpiece.
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    I'm really enjoying Nick Cave's new album at the moment.