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    I just saw Contumacy come in, so -- who've we got from the grid here?
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007 edited
    Lichten Etchegaray, sender of bizarre transmissions and boring-ass av.

    Lichten Etchegaray
    the underground hellpit in The Wastelands is awesome.

    I can never get my screenshots to rez this well in most of the sims I visit.
    • CommentAuthorhank
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007
    Savage Zenovka
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    Hugo Zephaniah, although I haven't been in SL for a bit.
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    Hey all, I started in SL back in July '04 although not been as active lately as I used to be. Name inworld is Zero Therian , feel free to shout hi sometime!
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007
    Janette Deakins, creator of the wonderful Fake Doctor's Association. I'm never on anymore though since I sold my soul for work.
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    Ms Ordinal Malaprop, variously of Caledon, New Babbage and Alua, at your service, gentlefolk, for all manner of Virtual Mechanics and Contraptioneering.
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    Erik Commons in-world too. Doctor. Reverend. Atheist. Futurist. Director. Cinematographer. Technologist. Transhumanist. Cinephile.

    I blog over here.

    This is what my avatar usually looks like but especially when he's forming new religions/cults in Saijo City.
    Erik Commons Publicity Photo
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    Something's actually happening in Saijo City?
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007
    Trevor Sloane, member Army of Filth. Haven't had a lot of time to be on the grid of late, but have lots of ideas, yessireebob.
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    I'm in SL as Sandusky Kayvon, almost always in the Wastelands sims working on too many things at one time, usually builds of some sort but also the rarely published Salvaged Times newspaper for the sims. Hey, paper and ink are hard to come by in these parts. It's edited by myself and Aki Shichiroji (who does all the layouts) with a few writers on board.
    Here i am with my primary build, the Relic Excavation...which will finally be finished to one extent or another soon.
    Also, when a certain blood lust hits me, i'm hunting humans in the I Am Legend combat sims.
    Relic Excavation
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    I've only spent about 1/2 an hour lurking about the tutorial area with a very basic avatar but this makes me want to dive deep into the rabbit hole...awesome looking stuff guys and ladies.
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    Me am Vijay Uggla, animation wallah of OmniPotent animations

    and Im kinda sick of appearing in product ads inspired by my customers' oddball requests:
    Thats Me
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    Svetlana Qinan, online and horrified by the pic above! I seem to lead a significantly less exciting SL life than everyone else here... ;)

    Also I seem to have no idea how to post a picture here :P

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    I am Aki Shichiroji in world.

    I work for a content creation company in world and make various things on my personal time, including a build in the Wastelands (@ Fort Stygian), scifi avatars, clothing, hair, and trees.

    Steven/Sandusky and I work on an in-world newspaper for the Wastelands and have also collaborated on various other projects thus far.

    I also host and manage a small lounge where people can enjoy a wide range of music. I have also been known to DJ once in a while, though far less frequently of late due to various reasons.

    Looking out at the coast
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    Dont worry you're not the only one who lives a boring SL, well at least I have no clue as to this form of SL psychporn... thank goodness lol

    Easiest way to get a photo here is to use a photobucket account and then just copy/paste the code :)
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    Ahhh... So the damn thing has to be pre-posted online somewhere... got it. Thanks!
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    Saijo City 48, 230, 46 I am Opensource Obscure in Second Life.
    Some interests:
    - OpenSim (I host a test island outside of Second Life, feel free to visit it, you can use the usual SL client)
    - libsecondlife (I don't actually code, but I enjoy following those guys' work about bots and more)
    - Saijo City (I'd say it can be a nice hanging zone for some people here)
    - playing with SL tools that interact with the interwebs outside SL itself - example: if you use Twitter you have to try the wonderful TwitterBox by Ordinal Malaprop, that will let you use Twitter from inside SL. It's free, open-source and easy to use.
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    I really need to try Twitterbox soon...