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    My eMusic subscription rolls over in a couple days, and I wanted to download some Muslimgauze albums, but I don't know where to start. I know a few people here know a thing or two about him - so what would be the two or three Muslimgauze albums to start with?
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    Fatah Guerrilla: Chechnya Over Dub

    the sons of arqa remix muslimgauze album too
    and shedloads more
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2008
    A worthwhile question - there is so much out there it's easy to get boggled. I second frenchbloke's suggestions!
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    @frenchbloke: Thanks!

    @Zoetica: Yeah, when I looked at what was available, I knew I had to get some help. Bryn Jones defined prolific.
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    Zul'm (1992) -- Very easily digestible and organic-sounding record with a very open sound. Not a bad entry point.
    Coup D'etat / Abu Nidal (1987) -- A little more industrial drum machine presence here, but refrains from being overly harsh/distorted. Even a little dancefloor appeal here.
    Sufiq (1997) -- This was my entry point. A good balance of just about all of his styles, even though it's just an EP.
    Iran (1988) -- His first CD release. Some very extended jams here, but worth the price of admission for the first track alone.

    ...I have about a dozen Muslimgauze releases, and these are the ones I consistently enjoy, though of course he has one of the most ridiculous discographies in the universe, and it's really anyone's guess where the best place to begin is. I generally tend to prefer his more organic stuff to his harsher/electronics-based stuff, but Sufiq is a perfect example of where there is a lot of interesting crossover. Also, I would recommend this disc I have called Hamas Arc, but it's not really a proper release, in that it apparently recycles some tracks from another release and puts them together awkwardly with completely different material... I don't know how the disc compares to the original sources, but it's enjoyable as well.
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    bandit queen is rather good, as is the 0/pan sonic remix
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2008
    Some personal favourites:

    Abu Nidal

    Blue Mosque

    Lo-Fi India Abuze
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    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2008
    The Japanese Rape Division Remix of Muslimgauze's Hamas Cinema Gaza Strip,
    now available for free download HERE:

    Unfinshed Mosque
    Veiled Sisters
    Speaker of Turkish
    Box of Silk and Dogs 9 Disc set
    Tandoori Dog 4 LP set
    Hams Cinema Gaza Strip
    Wish of the Flayed (New Internet Only release out on 2/2008)

    Czech them ALL OUT!
    Ure Thrall

    P.S. And all you Muslimgauuze fans would TRULY ENJOY my own CD (Dedicated to Bryn Jones) titled
    on TESCO