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    "Hi. I'm Garth Ennis, well-brought-up young man and fine comics writer by day, wanton and voracious Irish ladyboy by night. And when I'm not pulling a train with the local rugby club or dancing myself dizzy night after night on semen-drenched tabletops in the vile depths of the Brooklyn sexual underworld, I like to know what comics you bought this week, and what you thought of them. Don't just give me your shopping list; tell me what you thought of the books, and what they made you think of."

    Your categories for the week's purchases are:




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    ahahahahahah, fuck that just made me laugh my ass off at work....
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    Savage Sword of Conan, 500 pages of gore and sweaty flesh and dark gods, is hitting all the buttons which must mean spring is here. Sometimes a man needs his pleasures to be simple. Definitely not well bought up. IRISH but in a good way.

    And any change of getting this young man's phone number for the weekend?
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    WELL BROUGHT UP: My well brought up comic of the week is the first Criminal tpb. This buy was heavily influenced by the residency of Ed Brubaker. I had seen this book sitting on the shelves of my local comic shop many times. I even flipped through it once admiring the flat color pallet, but finally decided to give it a spin. Now I've got another tpb for my pull list.

    IRISH: My irish comic this week is also a Conan comic. I was browsing the singles shelf (mostly looking to see if my local shop had started carrying any more Avatar books) when Conan: The Frazetta Cover Series #1 demanded I take a closer look. This is my childhood dream come true. As a kid, I would buy any copy of the old marvel Conan Magazine I could find at the local swap meet. It was always the covers that got me and no matter how good the stories within may have been it never had ANYTHING to do with the cover. The idea to do stories about the Frazetta covers seems so simple and genius it shocks me we had to wait over 35 years for them.
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    THESE are the review threads I love.
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    The Hellboy Library Tome vol 1 is bigger than the DC Absolutes and can kill small animals. Or large ones, if used properly. I will take it rather than a knife on my next jaunt into the wilderness to degrade a bear.

    DMZ is still one of my favourite books. I'm buying all the trades up again because that's how I like to re-read a series.
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    The Sword - Had never really given the brothers Luna a try before this, but it is a very good read. A nice mix of bucolic pages mixed with evisceration pages. Definitely hard to predict, page by page, although the overall theme is that of any revenge movie / comic / book you have ever read.

    Light week, otherwise.
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    CAPTAIN AMERICA #37 - Part One of Act Three of the [spoiler] "Death of Captain America" starts off quite well with a breather issue (no Buck-Cap kicking ass or getting ass kicked), but the tension is really ramping up with Red Skull's plan to take down America. What Bru is doing with the villain should be a lesson to all cape writers; this is how you make an antiquated antagonist into a wholely credible, real-world threat (except that he still has a blood-red skull for a head).

    I was one, of many, that purchased the fabled HELLBOY LIBRARY EDITION VOL 1 BABY KILLER. Before going to my store, I told myself not to buy it and prayed it wouldn't be on the shelf when I got there. But it was. So I looked at it, gazed upon it and subsequently drooled a little. Fortunately, I was able to escape from the store with only five floppies in my hand. I then got home and told my girlfriend about the BABY KILLER and how I didn't buy it. She told me I was being silly and demanded I go back to make the purchase. So I did. We had falafel wraps from Falafel King afterwards.

    Don't have anything for ENGLISH IRISH, and I got a pretty good-looking pile of comics sitting at home, so doubt I'll have any to complain about this week. If I remember, I'll post most reviews tomorrow after reading the rest of my purchases.
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    THE SWORD was probably my favorite book of the week- every issue is better than the last, and despite the lack of bare breasts and flesh eating, i am actually liking this better than GIRLS (which i still like tremendously, dont get me wrong).

    my store got its copies of SUBURBAN GLAMOUR #4, which had an ending i seriously didnt see coming, liked this book a lot. it was decepitvely simple, but felt like a real teenage comic ( unlike say, KICKASS, which i do like, but it is very clearly an old man trying to write younger people).

    was pleasantly surprised by XMEN:DWS, which i got only for the fraction/mckelvie story, but ended up enjoying for the most part. havent bought a "traditional" x book in ages, so it was definitely not expected. i wont be picking up any of the series previewed, but it was a nice one shot diversion.

    a LOOOOOT of fucking shit came out this week that i read in the store. bleh. no need to waste time on that.

    i have the SCALPED vol2 and FAKER trades waiting for me to finish my grocery shopping and sit down with a good buzz on.
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    The Killing Joke: Deluxe Edition Yes, I am one of those fools that has never read this before, and you know what, I can see why it's considered a classic. It's more than just a classic comic, it's a classic story. Alan Moore always wows me.

    X-Men: Divided We Stand #1 - Lots of pretty good short stories, letting us know where some of my favourite characters are after the Messiah CompleX. It's just a shame that they nearly all end so sad! The art throughout is absolutely brilliant, and storywise great particularly Fraction's and Yost's contibutions.

    Captain Marvel #5 I don't get it. Really. Odd. The series was great so far, but this one just...ended and didn't really feel at all resolved. Art was kinda nice though.

    Annihilation: Conquest #6 - Again, big anti-climax, really didn't like how Nova was used to come rushing in as an almost-deus-ex-machina (seriously, if you weren't also reading the Nova series, you wouldn't know where the hell he just came from or how), it was good to see that it finally relied on the series own spotlighted characters. But still, the series had been going alright, but this issue felt like a letdown. Looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy though.
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    All I bought was the BATMAN/GRENDEL collection. I grew up on Grendel - it was the first "mature" comic I remember buying - and I like how Wagner does Batman, so I like this book a lot. It's WELL BROUGHT UP.

    I think I'd read parts of each story before; I know I have the second issue of the first series somewhere, and I flipped through some of the second series at some point, but I've never read the whole of eaither before.

    Obviously I'm the perfect audience for this, but I'm especially happy that there seems to be an effort to get all or most of Wagner's Grendel work back in print in some form or another.
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    the BATMAN/GRENDEL collection

    I always loved that first series - Wagner at the peak of his "how many panels can I stuff on a page and still make this as clear as filtered water to read" talents. Probably my favorite comic to feature The Batman.

    That said, I thought the second series was weak when it was first released, and time hasn't been kind to it. Seems to do everything wrong that the first one did right - focuses on the big-action-fight instead of the lives of real people and introduces convoluted continuity elements that leaves the uninitiated unsatisfied. A prime example of re-mining material which has already given up its worth.
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    hellblazer #8937989090908 (most recent issue--hey i'm working...allegedly)
    the last three issues i thought were kind of, well, IRISH. this first of a 2-part story was pretty good tho. Being an athiest, i find it funny that i'm completely interested in things that creatively explore the christian 'mythology' as it were. a room in the vatican that is hidden from god's eye, where sins may be commited freely with no repercussions to the soul. a demon materialized and trapped in the room trying to get out, thanks to a priest banging the hell out of some girl. and of course, our anti-hero coming in to save the day, as it were...

    doktor sleepless #6
    so that's what those H plates were for...

    this isn't a recent book, but has bugged the living hell out of me since i read the final issue (and maybe something for another thread), but was anyone else completely disappointed at the end of neil gaiman's Eternals? big huge buildup to a confrontation, went flaccid. like after too much whiskey. i felt used.
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    DMZ: Small story here, focusing on Matty buying in on the party line of a self-styled revolutionary. Bad things in the offing, I like seeing Matty get his nose bloodied.

    Aqua Leung: A very weird book, looking part Paul Pope, part Scott Pilgrim. Not comparisons I make lightly. It's gorgeous and strange and scary and funny. I've read it twice in 2 days.

    Green Arrow-Year One: Picked this up because I love Andy Diggle and Jock. Still mourning "The Losers". It reads like an action movie, quick and clever. A bit of a lay out for the hardcover of this, but it reads so well I imagine this will be a book I pass on to people who like movies but "don't read comics". Expense justified.

    Grendel: Behold the Devil: The kinetic nature of Grendel makes this a great book. Truly disturbing images of hyper-violence.

    Grendel: Behold the Devil: This is issue 6 of 8. Honestly, it feels a bit stretched. Alot of padding on the B story with the reporter and cop (who are not coming to a good end I gather) makes this feel a bit long in the tooth.
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    this isn't a recent book, but has bugged the living hell out of me since i read the final issue (and maybe something for another thread), but was anyone else completely disappointed at the end of neil gaiman's Eternals? big huge buildup to a confrontation, went flaccid. like after too much whiskey. i felt used.

    totally agree. in fact, besides the high concept (not the actual execution) of 1602, i dont really think gaiman has lived up to any hype in a while....
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    X-MEN: DIVIDED WE STAND #1: I have to say, I bought this for Jamie McKelvie's contribution to art, and totally forgot he was illustrating a Fraction story. After seeing his work on Phonogram and Suburban Glamour, I was BLOWN AWAY by the way his style seemed to morph (not to mention his Nightcrawler was just the right kind of creepy/devilish). It's like Wind Waker's cell-shaded Link to Twilight Princess' more realistic version, both good, but WOW.

    From now on, anything McKelvie does, I'm buying it, even Warren's upcoming "Internet Jesus Skullf*&@'s Got-No-Legs Boy."

    As to the stories themselves, I really liked all of them. They were snapshots of the mutants' new world- and for the first time I get what "Divided We Stand" is about: diaspora. These mutants are the last of their species, and they've just been sent back into the world after knowing some measure of community/family for the first time in a lot of their lives. Understandably, many are not taking to it well. It was a really welcome change from the emotionless clusterf*&@ that was "Messiah Complex" and its pretty tame fallout.

    IRISH: Uh, actually, that was all I bought this week.
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    uh, what?
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    I caught up on issues 2 and 3 of the abe sapien mini series and the latest issue of doktor sleepless this week.

    the abe sapien books have a really good and wierd atmoshere to them with beautiful art, infact its the first non mignola art on a mignola book that ive liked, and i like the use of verse in the story.

    doktor sleepless was great, its good to have some exlanation as it was starting to feel like lost a bit and was starting to drag on a bit... but i figure warren is trying to go with a bit of lost-ish storytelling style with this series. but this has been the first line of his i've collected the individual issues for and waiting for more info each month has been harder than i expected!
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    Well-brought-up Young Men:

    Avengers: the Initiative - Even though the KIA storyline is beginning to drag, this is the final bit of that story. This series is fun, with characters I care about (even the newbies), and I feel like Christos Gage is injecting the needed amount of ginseng to keep the book rolling. Art by Caselli is lovely... sadly the minimal-anime Kristiansen imitation will be back to handle art chores on future issues. My only question remains: When Hardball and Komodo fuck, does her tail get in the way?

    Captain America - Again, the Bru presents a masterful mix of political-meta-fascism smasheroo. I greatly enjoyed the dialog and chemistry of Falcon and Bucky. Is Sharon's baby to be a bastard, or is the man in the tube her baby-daddy? Steve Epting brings this book to life with his work's realism, and the man draws the best Red Skull ever. Oh, yeah... fuck Tony Stark's facist ass.

    War Is Hell - I've always felt that Ennis' best works are his war stories. Of course, the glory and majesty of it all only works properly when the enemy is an easy target for condemnation, like the Nazis. I don't think I'd enjoy an Iraq-based story by anyone. Even BKV's tale gave me an unpleasant feeling. Anyway, the upper-crust of the military giving the main character a chance to look like an idiot was hilarious. Chaykin's art is well-suited for this title, and echoes the vibe Ennis is producing on every page.

    Hellblazer - Diggle writes the best Constantine since... um... Warren. Seriously, the man has a perfect grasp of who JC is. Arrogance, confidence, smart-assedness, knowledge, and just a bit of bullshit. Not much of a fan of Camuncoli's spandex work, but, the man's pencils worked well with this bit of sacreligious arcana. So far, this issue is my favorite of Diggle's thus far. Just the right amounts of every needed element, plus the return of someone from Johnny's past.

    Irish Ladyboys

    X-Factor - Peter David is better than this. A run-of-the-mill issue about the team getting stuck in one of Arcade's murderworlds. No characterization. No interesting quips. No team dynamic. If I wanted to read shite like this, I'd pick up a Marvel Tales book.

    Superman - What? Hmm? *opens eyes* Yawwwwwwwwnn. So, when does Robinson take over?

    (Was the picspam meant as a commentary on the New Avengers, or is it just some random jackassery?)