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    I am keeping track of a French sci-fi series called "Sillage", published in France by Editions Delcourt. In English "Sillage" would mean "Backwash". The scénarios are written by Jean-David Morvan and the awsome art is from Philippe Buchet. Below is the cover of the 3rd album in the series.

    Cover of Album #3


    The heroine is a human girl called Nävis, who is found on a forest planet that is about to be terraformed into a desert to make it a new home for another species. She may have Irish ancestors, but all we know for sure is that she is an orphan. Homeless, she is taken aboard of the Convoy where she is well brought up (trained in Martial arts, etc.). It is recognized that she has a unique gift that makes her very useful and gets her winding up into various adventures with a high secret agent level.

    Nävis in Album #1

    I especially like the way the pages are drawn; not in your avarage linear cartoony way. I found an example for the most recent album online (below). I find the scénarios pretty good up to albums #4/5, when a kind of metal fatigue seems to set in. I can't help myself though -- buying all new albums that come out.

    Example page lay out
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    monkey says :

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    Check... would never have thought of looking for "Wake" :)
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    Powers Annual 2008: A nice little interlude as Walker has flashbacks to his distant past and is really an excuse for Omeing to crack out another brutal and bloody superpowered caveman throwdown. Oh and there's some damn hell ass man-monkey penis too. I hope its not just a throwaway with something about the virus having existed in less overt formats for millenia - much as I love brutal delvings into Walker's mind. Lovely visual storytelling.

    Capt America: Fun romps as ever but the Clint meets Bucky struck me as filler and I'm still hoping its not actually HIM.

    DMZ: Its always good - but I find myself oft annoyed by whiny Matty and Matty being a prick to Zee is just infuriating, which is half the point I know but I have LOW tolerence for characters being annoying - only made it 3 chapters into Atonement before deciding I hated all these aresholes and gave up.
    The emotional battle lines that are being drawn are quality though - gotta bring the family into it to really twist the knife.
    What I'm left wondering is why is Matty worth the struggle for the parties involved?
    See- good comics, they gets the brain working.
    Praising the art and design any more at this stage would be getting close to inappropriate displays of affection.

    Faker trade: 4 issues in and this is really gorgeous stuff - I'm new to Jock (don't judge) - with a nice little story that I'm perfectly happy to have shelled out a tenner for. The personal statements at the back of the volume are very funny. The story subtext of everyone in college being pretty much a bit of a fraud resonates with me based on memories and in general. Only the shadowy corporate military industrial plot device rubs me wrong but it serves to have the nice story and beautiful art move along.
    I get HUGE shades of Donna Tartt's The Secret History mixed with B movie goodness and more sex from this which is fine by me.
    (Again the these people are cunts problem rears its head)

    Usagi Yojimbo Vol 5: Lone Goat and Kid: genius. No GENIUS. The way he uses the panel structure of Lone Wolf is pretty slick.
    I've been reading much later volumes up until now - this one arrived from Amazon with Mario Kart - and it's just wonderful that it really has always been this good. Stan Lee's intro is a chuckle too.

    No Irish - apart from your humble poster himself, ya amadeach Sassanachs - this week despite the odd misgiving.
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    You already got Mario Kart?! Blargh! Wouldn't have thought the UK would get that before the US of A.
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    @ Madmatt213

    Well we don't even have a RELEASE DATE for Smash Bros, AND NEVER EVER EVER GOT CHRONO TRIGGER so excuse me if fail to shed a tear on that one.
    The game has dually remided me what its like to be 12 and exciteable and 20 and exceptionally high.
    But Kart, Lone Goat and Kid, Powers, DMZ -GREAT week for stuff really.

    Have just finished Faker on my lunch break. Really liked where the tone went in the end - as I'd made my peace with the military industrial etc by then.
    I'd love to see another mini set during the trip outbreak.
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    Serenity: Better Days #2: Like the last one, it's a solid, if not amazing, issue. There are some great moments when the characters fantasise about the possibilites their newfound wealth opens up (The Radiant Cobb = WIN), and Brett Matthews continues to make these people feel as real as they did on screen. Still, it still isn't a complete home run. While I'm withholding final judgement until I've read the last issue, this miniseries, like Those Left Behind reads like a pretty good episode of the series, and I keep wanting a fucking mindblowingly great one. But even under the weight of my (possibly much too) heavy expectations, it's a good read, and I always enjoy spending time with these characters.

    newuniversal: Everything Went White TPB: Speaking of mindblowing awesomeness... I'm not sure how this series managed to fly so completely under my radar. But consider me enlightened. I'm utterly taken with every aspect of this comic, and you can add one in the queue for 1959 and Shockfront.


    Young Liars #2: Loved the first issue. This one - not so much. It's a flashback story, but it doesn't really shed any new light on the story or its characters. It seems hurried and jumbled, and it makes the main character look like a maniac who reacts with extreme violence or suicidal behavior at the slightest problem; thinking about downing a bottle of insecticide when his band breaks up, putting a gun to his head when his friend takes a girl to the concert instead of him, and then bashing some guy, who's just taking out the trash, in the back of the head with a fucking brick just to sneak into said concert. Having song lyrics running through the entire comic didn't work for me either, and the events mirroring the lyrics felt forced and awkward. I'm hoping the series gets back on track next issue, when it returns to the main story.
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    I hadn't had a chance to hit the comic store for several weeks, so this week was a bit of catch-up.


    All-Star Superman #10: Loved this, but I find it interesting that it took ten issues before we actually saw Superman visibly ill. I was starting to think that the disease was a red herring, or that his experiences in later issues might've mitigated it. Also, I find myself wondering -- does Grant Morrison own the Leo Quintum character? If not, then will DC try to adapt the character into the mainstream DC universe since he's worked so well here?

    PS 238 #30: A fun, simple issue. My wife and I really enjoy the "84" character, as she seems very much a real person, personality wise.

    The Brave & The Bold #12: Just a good fun adventure and fight. Superman's kryptonite con was a nice touch, as was watching the relationships between the various Challengers unfold. A fantastic epilogue, too. Hopefully the next storyline will be fun too!

    Nothing particularly Irish this week.
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    wow, im not trying to argue (since its all about personal taste anyway) but i have not heard one person say anything bad about YOUNG LIARS- then again, almost everyone i have spoken to already loves Laphams prior work, so that may say something about our pre-conditioning...
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    Joe, as I said, #1 was great. And I'm still picking up #3. It's just this one issue that felt like a misfire. Based on what I saw in the first issue, I still think this could be a great series.
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    understandable- i wasnt trying to be a dick or anything, just surprised.
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    I thought Young Liars #2 was very well brought up.
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    See, I go the other way on Young Liars. I thought the first issue was a bit bloated and stumbly, whereas the second issue fired off like gangbusters for me.

    And for what it's worth, I love all of Lapham's previous b/w work - not wild about his Daredevil.
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    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2008
    I have to say I had the same kind of reaction to Young Liars #2. I really enjoyed the first issue, but the second was just didn't have the same kind of vibe. I'll continue to pick it up based on the strength of the first issue though.
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    Just proves once again that it's all down to personal tastes. The more I think about it, the more I think the way that the song lyrics are used is the major reason I don't like this issue. It feels like something you might do in movies or television, but it just doesn't work as well (for me, at least) in comics. Even in movies, I'd find the action mirroring the song like that pretty heavy-handed. Here I can't even choose to ignore the music, I'm having the lyrics shoved in my face in every. single. panel.

    But, again, still looking forward to next issue.

    And Joe, reading my last reply now, it somehow comes off as kind of annoyed or stand-offish... If you read it like that, sorry, wasn't at all the intention.
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    its cool, as i explained to someone on last weeks thread i dont take things too serious on here. especially with the complete lack of inflection that typed words have. word!!!
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    -IRON MAN #28: I honestly am enjoying this book more than Cap, and Cap is fucking great! Iron Man vs. The Mandarin in his Silver Centurion armor! Dugan and Maria Hill kicking ass! The action! The intrigue! The cliffhanger! The art! I love this comic!

    -CAPTAIN AMERICA #37: Another sweet issue. Not much action, a lot of set up, but never a dull moment. Some good character moments and a nice cliffhanger to boot!

    -BRAVE AND THE BOLD #12: This is superhero comics done right. A perfect blend of silver-age concepts and contemporary storytelling. Superman is a man with a plan and I love it when he's written like this instead of some crybaby. Best part was when Rex said "I think he's finished!" and Superman punches Megistus in the face saying "He put the entire world in danger. I'll decide when he's finished." That's the Superman I want to read about. I love this book, and I was really bummed to hear Waid is leaving at #16.

    -X-FACTOR #30: My favorite comic from Marvel and always at the very top of my "to read" pile, and another great issue. Arcade stories are always fun and zany but PAD brings that humanistic approach and deep character study as usual and balances the two into one amazing comic.

    -AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE #11: Talk about supercharged. That was one pulse-pounding non-stop full-out balls-to-the-wall action-packed issue. What I love about this book is no one is above the C-List and everyone is expendable. Not to say I want to see people die, but when serious threats go down like KIA you never know who is going to survive. Slott has really made me care about every character in this group and given the size of the cast, that's a pretty impressive feat. There's a whole mess of suspense and one issue is more action-packed than any recent crossover. This is the best Avengers book on the market and KIA already seemed like a bigger threat than the Skrulls in this 4 issue arc.

    -The cover to Avengers: The Initiative #11, barf.
    -My shop forgot to put ASM #557 in my box and I forgot it came out. >:(
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    -My shop forgot to put ASM #557 in my box and I forgot it came out. >:(

    There was a delay on this issue in some areas, so it probably comes out next week for you.
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    DMZ #30 - Just as enjoyable as ever, the spook show is on, and the ending threw it up over the top.

    Seven Soldiers of Victory Vol 1-2 - J.H. Wiliams, Simone Bianchi, subway pirates, Zatanna's midget homunculus stalker boyfriend, what's not to love here? Looking forward to adding the second half to the collection.

    Detective Comics #842 - Not a bad book, just the wait to find a copy.
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    Hmm... I've been reading the Walking Dead (which I thought would suck, but is actually awesome), and A few old issues of Heavy Metal. None of the bookstores/comic shops out here have Dave Stewart's Walk In, which I have been hunting for like a crackhead searching for that next score.
    OH! and I started reading the graphic autobiography of Malcolm X. I am totally hoping to read the original book soon.